10 Airline Promo Products That Can Fly Your Brand
10 Airline Promo Products That Can Fly Your Brand

The first-ever flight by Wright Brothers gave birth to a big industry we know today as the airline industry. The airlines business has turned out to be a billion-dollar business and today it is operated in every part of the world.

According to a survey by Statista, the revenue of commercial airlines worldwide reached $865 billion in 2019. Obviously, the numbers are too tempting for any new commercial airline business that wants to launch its airline.

But the success of any business depends on its ability to market itself to its consumers. For this purpose, it needs an audience. They are the people who will likely to hire their services and become their clients. To reach that audience, promo products can be excellent items to promote a brand.

Here are some of the best promo products any airline business can give away to people to expand its size of clientele:

1.    Miniature Airplane

A miniature airplane is the best promo item for people who frequently fly by plane. You can use a specific model of an aircraft as a promotional item, most probably a jumbo aircraft.The livery of your airline on tail and fuselage of the airline will keep onlookers awareabout your airlines.

2.    Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are used by airline companies as cue to help passengers identify their luggage. To make it a more promotional item and more than just a label, you can imprint the littlecustom patcheson tagsof your airline company which will increase visibility of your brand every timethe tag will change hands.

custom iron on patches
custom iron on patches

3.    Lanyard and Badge Holder

A lanyard and badge holder are essential items of airline uniformsstaff that they constantly wear to show their identity. In other words, they will be your moving advertisers on the airport and anywhere they go.These items are part of onboarding kit of airline employees.

So if you haven’t yet added these items in the employee onboarding kit, it is time to make them the compulsory items to include in the kit.

A logoed lanyard and badge holder will catch eyes of the onlookers and attract the attention of passersby who will take notice of your brand and might give it a try the next time they plant to travel.

4.    Travel Neck Pillow

Traveling can be stressful, especially when you are boarding a long-haul flight. During those long flights, a travel neck pillow can provide relief to your passengers and keep them at ease throughout the entire journey. By giving away neck pillows that have the custom made patches of your brand on its front panels, you will not only be giving comfort to the passengers but will also letting the others know your brand.

5.    Sleeping Mask

Being airborne not only makes people uncomfortable, it also keeps them awaken during the long flights. To help your sleepy passengers get a good sleep, you can gift them a sleeping mask that they can wear to take power naps during a flight and in between the different stopovers.

And to make it a promotional item of your brand, you can just print a logo on both panels of the mask. Once the passenger puts it on and goes in sleep mode, he will promote your brands to hundreds of people who willcatch a glimpse of him.

6.    Mascot

Mascots are commonly seen in advertisements where they promote a new service of an airlines or an upcoming event.Many airlines have their mascots to represent their brands in the public.

If you also have a mascot, you can use it as a promotional object and give them to your valued clients who can put it in their room as a decoration item or place it on their office desk.So whenever they fix their eyes on it, they will relive the experience of traveling with your airline and will retain your brand name in their memories.

7.    Glass Shield

Every airline offers someprivileges to its regular clients who frequently fly from its airline. You can make those clients feeleven more special by offering them a glass shield. It would serve as a token of appreciation to your allvalued clients who only trust your service to travel to different countries and cities.

custom iron on patches
custom iron on patches

8.    Aviator Sunglasses

Your flight captains are the most important people in your company. They are responsible for flying people safely to their destinations. So they have to be appreciated at every given opportunity. The best gift you can give them is a pair of aviator sunglasses that they can wear during their flights.

You can ordercustomizedUVA and UVBaviator sunglasses to keep them protected from the ultraviolet rays in the cockpit.Since a pilot is the face of your company, it will also add an element of style to your brand and will make your captains look chic and stylish.

9.    Stuffed Toys

Children are the restless passengers in a flight and they want to be entertained during the entire flight time. While some hooked on to their seatscreens, somewant extra fun. For those pesky kids, you can offer different stuffed toys that they can play during the flight.

At home, they can pass on these stuffed toys to their friendswho will in turn share them with their family members. The more the hands change, the more will it promote your brands to all the adults living in a family.

10.   Travel Kit

Tourists make a large proportion of travelers who fly to other places for sightseeing and other recreational activities. To treatthose frequent travelers on the flight, you can gift them a set of travel kit that can include items like a water bottle, towel, sun screen, lip balm, first aidset, travel adapter and etc.

All these things will make perfect accessories during the stay of your clients in a particular country and they will keepflashing the logo of your brand to thousands of people.

An airline is as good or bad as theflying experience it offers to its clients. With these promo products, you can not only create an excellent flying experience for your clients but you can also let hundreds of other people know your brand.

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