10 Amazing Giveaway Ideas for a Jaw dropping On Boarding Experience
10 Amazing Giveaway Ideas for a Jaw dropping On Boarding Experience

Employees are the most critical assets of any organization. As a matter of fact, it is the only deciding factors between successful and unsuccessful organization. Think about any top brand of the world: Google, Apple, CocaCola, Toyota, Samsung, and Mercedes-Benz. These organizations are best because they hire one of the best human resources of the world.

When employees hire the best talent, they think: I have found the perfect candidate, and he has signed the joining letter. You feel happy because you can check that off your list and move on…right?

No. The new-hire onboarding process is just as important. As the old adage goes, First impressions are usually the last impressions. This is the number one mistake that most employers make: Not properly on-boarding the new employee.

According to a survey by Statista, the majority of new employees anticipated that a smooth on-boarding process would speed up the feeling of being at ease in the company for new employees. Clearly, what you do with new hires in on-boarding process impacts not only how fast they feel like home, but also whether or not they will stay with your company.

Also, companies that give importance to on-boarding experience superior employee engagement, improved employee retention, and have an easier time attracting the talent they want.

This is not that complex. The below-mentioned strategies will help you with fun and unique ways to welcome new employees with giveaways on their first day.

1.     Branded Folders

New employees may have to deal with a lot of paperwork initially. Folders are an ideal deal for this official need. But before handing out folders, make sure to give them branded personalized touch. For example, include a Welcome letter, Employee Handbook, Company Orientation, and a checklist of things to get done in the first week/month.

2.     Branded Mugs

The fact is that everybodyis a hot or cold beverage lover: Fresh Juice, coffee, or tea drinks. And they would love a free mug from their new employer. You can make your own patchon your branded cupswithyour company logo, horoscope sign of the employee, Motivational Quotes, and whatever you think will be beneficial.

3.     Gifts for Employee’s children

Your children are close to your hearts, so are your employees’. How about if they take gifts for their kids to their home on their first day? That moment of joy can be priceless for them. Why not be a part of that joy and having an everlasting experience?

Give them the latest Batman remote-controlled car, a cute Barbie doll or a unicorn-shaped night light! You can also use this opportunity to brand your company but make it as subtle as possible.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

4.     Sweets

Several employers have designed sweet-as-a-candy experience for their new employees. Employees takeaway cake, a box of candies, or any other sweet item to their home. This is a surprising factor for employee family too – a surefire way to improve employee engagement.

At SugarCRM for example,new employees get a box of sweets on their first day. This is an impactful experience for new employees that can be a source of employee engagement, satisfaction resulting in higher productivity.

5.     Flash Drive

This is a technology-driven world. Everything related to technology is well resonated with everyone. A USB flash drive, as an employee gift, can be personalized for each company or even for the specific role of their employee. If your new employee job description says that he or she needs to make presentations or documents around in meetings within or outside the company, this would be a helpful item to include. Also, if the employee is supposed to be traveling within or outside the country for official purpose, it will be a good idea to give them a laptop bag.

6.     Branded Apparel

Branded apparel is a perfect opportunity for you to brand your company as well as elevate employee engagement. On the first day at work, you can give branded caps and t-shirts with custom patches of your company logo on it. If your company dress code allows, you could gift a hoodie, shorts, sweatshirts,and even tank tops to add some excitement.

7.     Water Bottle

By giving water bottles as a first-day gift, you give a message that you care about your employee’s healthy! They can take it out to the gym or on a walk and show off your company’s logo. People feel proud of being associated with a great company that takes care of them, and this is precisely what you want for them too. A win-win situation.

8.     Headphones

Nowadays, employees listen to their favorite music or podcasts while working on their office computers.Especially jobs like Graphic Designers, Writers, Accountants and any sort of work that require extended hours of sitting on computers. Use this as an opportunity and surprise them with a good quality headphone set as a takeaway gift on their first day.

9.     A fountain pen

It is well known, a corporate employee writes a lot. He writes reports, notes, strategic action plans, a whole bunch of documents to run his business. Some of them remain of the classical school where the keyboard of computer or tablet is not his only writing tool. Well, why not give them a nice fountain pen that will allow them to write with style?

10.  A Footrest

When you have a long day with many hours sitting at your desk, it is very likely that before the end of the week you will begin to feel the weight of your week in your legs. And then we must admit that sitting for several dozen hours each week is not the most appropriate position for the body. Exactly, it’s an opportunity to offer your employee a footrest. The footrest is just below the desk. It allows you to spread your legs in a more comfortable way and thus increase productivity.

The first-day gift for your newly-hired employee will open up a meaningful and trusted communication door with them. A happy employee goes to an extra mile to get the work done and increase company productivity. However, keep your budget constraints and employee preferences in mind while choosing giveaways.

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