10 Best Promo Products to Pull Womenin Your Business
10 Best Promo Products to Pull Women in Your Business

Women constitute a large part of the population in the United States of America. According to a survey by Statista, the population of American women has reached 165.92 million in 2017, while the number of men was 159.41 million. The survey further predicts that the population of American women is going to reach 173.9 million by 2024.

These figures are alluring for any business that deals in women-centric products or wants to push the message of women empowerment. Therefore, if you sell women-specific products/services or are a proponent of women empowerment, then here are some lucrative promo products that you can present to the ladies associated with your business:

1.    Apparels

Women love clothing and accessories. They want to dress up and this is where you can step in as a business that cares about their interests. To pander to theirstyle needs, you can gift them clothing pieces like a t-shirt, hat,tank top or handbag with embroidered patches of your brand.

So when they will be out on the street or play around in a party, they will be attracting the attention of onlookers andletting more people know about your business.

2.    Shield/Plaque

Women have been considered the weakling in the society for years. But today’s women are free and independent. To spread this message further, you can award your best female employees with an award.You can present them a shield orplaque with the brand name and logo of your company so that the onlookers know that you are a proponent of women empowerment and they want to associate with your business.

3.    Makeup Kit

All women have a knack for grooming and what better can serve this purpose than a makeup kit. In fact, a makeup kit is the most viable promo product that every woman wants to own and it is in possession of every woman. So you can empathize with their urge to look beautiful and present them a logoed makeup kit that they can carry everywhere to enhance their beauty or give a touch-up to their makeup.

4.    Lip Balm

Dry lips can be an ultimate turn-off for a woman. A lip balm is the solution for womento save themselves from feeling awkward in front of people. By gifting a lip balm to your female employees and clients, you will help their lips look luscious all the day. Whenever they will be applying the lip balm, they will be letting the people know the name of your company.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Tote Bag

Women have a perennial job of running the errands. A major part of their daily chores involves buying groceries from the market. A tote bag is their mandatory companion in their trip to and from the market. With a tote bag, they can easily carry everything on the go.

To make their job easier, you too can give away a tote bag to the ladies in your workplace or the female customerswho buy from your business. The custom embroidered patches on the tote bag will make sure that everyone makes a mental note ofyour brand identity.

6.    Manicure and Pedicure Kit

Women are very sensitive about the appearance of their hands and feet and they make sure that they are in the best of shape. They are the most valued possession of women.

To keep themselves feel good about these assets, you can gift them a set of manicure and pedicure tools that include items like nail file, nail clipper, cuticle remover, nail polish remover, nail polish thinner and stuff like that.You can package all these things in a packing that has the logo and brand name on top of it.

7.    Products for Women-Centered Events

There are many days in a year that celebrate womanhood and acknowledge the various aspects of being a woman. You can use these days as an opportunity to endorse the subject of women empowerment by giving promotional items that glorify women.

For example, you can distribute a purple ribbons among your female workers and clients to raise awareness about domestic abuse against women. On Mother’s Day, you can send mother-specific promo products to the mothers of your employees and customers.

With the name and corporate identity of your business on these products, you will show yourself as a gender-neutral business and build your image as an organization that promotes the agenda of women empowerment which will go a long way in promoting your business. That is one positive way you can contribute to society and drum up your business as well.

8.    Backpack

The backpack is a necessary accessory for the girls who commute from work to accommodation and vice versa. It could be an excellent promotional gift for your female workers and teenage clients who need a backpack to keep essential things that help them in the workplace and classroom.

You can imprint a logo of your company on the front panel of a backpack so that everyone who comes in contact with the lady sees the corporate identity of your company.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

9.    Journal

Women are more expressive than men. They want to speak out their opinions. They want to vent out their anger. They want to share their happiness. They just don’t believe in internalizing their emotions and they need an outlet to release their emotions.

A journal is what their immediate source to write their feelings about things happening in their life. It is their go-to source to bring out everything going in their mind in the form of words. A journal as a promo product can be the best thing you can gift to the ladies associated with your business.

10. Gift Your Original Products

If you are a business that deals in women-specific products, then it is your chance to stay on top of the competition. You can do it by giving away some original products that your company has just rolled out. Although you might incur more expenses in promoting your original products, it will benefit your business in more than one way.

Firstly, it will give exposure to your business to thousands of people within your target market. Secondly, it will give them a chance to test out your original products and know all the good things about them. What more can you ask for!

Giving away women-centric promo products is an excellent way you can promote your business and raise awareness of your business. These are some of the best promo products to achieve these two goals with little effort.

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