10 Handy Promo Products Book Retailers Can Gift Their Clientele
10 Handy Promo Products Book Retailers Can Gift Their Clientele

People in America love reading books. According to a survey by Statista, the sales of book stores in America reached $10.28 billion in 2018. Though the sales of books dropped since 2010, it is still a lucrative figure for anyone to step into this business.

So if you are a newbie in the book retail business, then here are some of the promo products you can use to promote your book store and reach your leads:

1.    Bookmark

A bookmark is a common promo product that is widely used by book readers to mark important pages in a book. A bookmark can carry the brand identity and slogan of your business and the people will flash it to others while they will be reading a book or referring back to an important chapter.

You can imprint a logo on this economical promo product and give it free to your customers when they purchase your books.

2.    Pen/Highlighter

Pen and highlighters are some of the most apt promo products that you can give away to your customers who come to your shop. People use a pen to quickly jot down important points from a book, while a highlighter comes handy to mark important information in a chapter.

You can gift these items in a fancy cloth cover with embroidered patches to make it look more appealing and eye-catching to the viewers.

3.    Rack Card

If you have been to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, you must have noticed promotional pieces of cards that has information about a company, its products and offers. These cards can be wonderful giveaways for book readers that they can also use as a bookmark.

A rack cardhas enough space to print the logo of your book store, address as well as the opening and closing timings of your shop. Therefore, you should put this promotional item in books so that the clients open it to find the crucial information about your business.

Besides,they can even use this item as a bookmark. So when they will read a book in a library, class or any public place, they will let more people know about your book store.

4.    Tote Bag

Tote bags are some of the most visible promo items you will see in a book fair. If you are going to participate in a book fair any time sooner, then you can order these bags that you can imprint with logos and iron on embroidered patchesof your business.

You can distribute these bags to people who visit your booth even when they are not buying from you. Since they will put the books in these tote bags, they will be promoting your business anyway.

5.    Notebook& Sticky Notes

Every book reader possesses these two important items in their reading arsenal. A set of notebook and sticky notes are essential items for a teacher to make timely notes of key facts in an academic book or a book critic to record the timeline of events in a novel.

You can include these items in your giveaways for a book fair and hand them out to each of the attendees who buy from you. In this way, you will be inviting more people to come to your booth, buy books from you and become your regular clients.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

6.    Coffee Mug

The word coffee is quite synonymous with books. The idea of reading is incomplete without a cup of coffee. Too often, we see people reading a book while sipping their coffee. To please your loyal clients as well as new customers, you can offer them a free coffee mug with purchase of every book.

So when they will be reading a book in their library, they will have the coffee mug in their hands to remind them about your book store.

7.    Book Light

People have a habit of reading books after they retire to their bedroom. There can’t be a better time to read a book than at night when there is no noise and commotion and you can focus on the subject explained in the book. It is the most favorite time of book lovers like me who pick a book, snuggle down into his bed with a cup of coffee. I enjoy every bit of it.

But your reading habits at night can cause problems for the other roommates who want to sleep. To help your clients read their favorite books during their favorite time, you should gift a book light that readers can put on their books to read under dim light.

You can print your logo on top of the book light so that it remains in line of sight of the readers and they keep recalling your brand name every time they glimpse at it.

8.    Bookrest

A bookrest is a handy accessory for book readers. They can put their books on these items to keep their hands free. A bookrest is big enough to carry name and logo of your business. So the readers will be reminded of your book shop every time they look at the bookrest.

To make people know about your book shop, you can order bookrests and have them printed with brand identity of business.

9.    Customized Book Jacket

Books are prone to dust,debris and moisture and can get damaged by presence of any of these things. To help your customers protect their books from these culprits, you can provide them with a customized book jacket that has an imprinted name and logo of your book store.

A fancy book jacket with brand identity of your business will attract eyes of everyone in a room, library or public area where your customers will be reading a book which means more people will know about your business and might buy from you.

10. Page Holder

A page holder is another useful item that you can gift your clientele. People use this item to hold the pages of a book while they are reading it. With this product, the readers will be able to keep their hands free. So they can easily drink their coffee or cuddle their pets and still read a book all the while. All these products make the best giveaways a book retailer can present to his clientele. They are handy, economical, and can easily carry the brand identity of your business.

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