10 Hottest Promo Products to Give Your Clients and Employees On This Summer
10 Hottest Promo Products to Give Your Clients and Employees On This Summer

Summer is always the time for fun and activities. People go outdoors to get over the effects of scorching heat. Some head to the islands and beaches to unwind their stress, while some turn to the park and resorts to have a blast.

In all these activities, businesses have plenty of opportunities to hook their target audience and place their brand in front of the people. As a business, you can definitely up your game in the industry by giving away the following promo products to your target audience:

1.    Beach Towel

Summer is the time for people to get into action on the beach. It is the time for them to have fun with their family and friends on the beach and indulge in water sports. The pool parties and waters games like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and boating are some of the activities that keep people wet and a towel with custom patches of your company will be their immediate thing dry their body.

Since beaches invite thousands of surfers, snorkelers and boaters, you have an excellent opportunity to engage them in your brand and increase the visibility of your brand.

2.    Customized Koozie

Koozie is a savior during the summer weather. It comes to rescue of the people during a long road trip and excursion that lasts for hours. A koozie is made of insulated substance that keeps the water chilled during the hot summer days. People can put a bottle in the koozie and stay hydrated throughout their fun activities.

When the people get thirsty, they can easily grab the koozie and wet their throat. Every time, they take out the bottle, they will sport the logo and brand name of your company to the onlookers who might become your future clients.

3.    Customized Sunblock

Summer brings with it the glaring sunlight that damages skin of the people. To protect their skin from the UV rays, people apply sunblock lotion on their face, hands and legs. So this could be one promo product that your target audience might want to get from you.

A customized sunblock lotion with the brand identity of your business can catch thousands of eyes who will be hanging out in the sun and might borrow the lotion. So the more number of hands pass it on the other, the more exposure your brand will get.

4.    Customized Surfing Kit

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports during the summers to beat the heat and have some fun at the same time and this is where you can put your business in front of the people. You can order customized surfing kit and imprint the brand identity of your company that people will flaunt while they will be moving on waves or when they land on the beach. A customized surfing kit can include items like a surfing board, bottle, sunglasses and a water bottle.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

5.    Flip-Flops

This is another summer item that people can wear to be reminded of your brand as well as promote it to the prospects. A pair of flip flop is essential for the people to guard their feet on the beach and keep them airy while they are out in the sun.

A flip flop with custom made patches of your products will attract eyes of the people and more people will be thinking about your brand.

6.    Frisbee

For beach lovers, a Frisbee is another hot summer promo item that keep them in high spirits. Apart from being extremely entertaining, a Frisbee is an economical item that you can invest for promotion of your brand.

Besides, a Frisbee is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried on a beach trip. You can imprint the corporate details – logo, brand name, contact info – on the Frisbee to let the people know that your business exists.

7.    Rash Guard Shirt

Rash guard shirts are common sights on the beach. As their name suggests, they keep your body from developing rashes and blisters during hot sunny days. You can order rash guard shirts with the brand identity of your company on the chest to let more people see the logo of your company and get hooked on your brand.

The great thing about these shirts is that they are suitable for both men and women. Unlike regular t-shirts, you don’t have to pay extra for gender-specific designs and fit which save you cost and time.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

8.    Fedora Hat

A fedora hat is a practical solution to keep your head guarded from direct sunlight and protect your skin from the residual effects of the exposure to UV rays. A fedora hat has the style and fit that make it a favorite headwear of the majority of people.

This is why you will see many people in a fedora on the roads. It is their best travel guard against the damaging sunlight and its negative effects.

You can order customized fedora hats with printed corporate identity of your business. Your customer and employees will remember you for giving them such a stylish thing to accessorize their clothing.

9.    Multi-Pocket Custom Tote Bag

A regular tote bag is too limited a carrier for the beach lovers to keep all their stuff. With a multi-pocket tote bag, you can allow your target audience to put many essential things that they might need on the beach. For example, you can order a with a couple of mesh pockets and flap pockets.

Your employees and customers can use this bag to put water bottle, sunblock lotion, sunglasses and other important items that they don’t want to miss during the trip. With the logo and name printed on front of the tote bag, they will do free promotion of your brand.

10.  Cooler Bag

Chilled drinks and water bottles are the items that are frequently used by the people during an outdoor summer activity and a cooler bag is the thing to keep them cool throughout an activity. No matter if people are going for a road trip or visiting a beach, they keep directing their eyes on the cooler bag every now and then to quench their thirst and this is your opportunity to hook their attention into your brand.

A cooler bag is a staple promo product that uses an insulated material to keep the beverages cold while the temperature is hot outside. You can gift the cooler bags to your clientele and employees that they can carry with their group on a pool party or a barbecue bash.

Summer is a perfect time to let more people connect in your brand by distributing suitable promo products that people frequently use during the hot weather. The aforementioned are some hot summer promo products that you can give away to engage your target audience to your brand.

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