10 Popular Promo Product Categories to Consider for Your Next Promotional Event
10 Popular Promo Product Categories to Consider for Your Next Promotional Event

Choosing a promo product can be a bit tricky. Since a promo product represents your brand and help people identify with your business, you need to be particular about what promo products work for your business and what not.

But there are also some common giveaways that fit into every type of business. These are the commonly used items that people use in their lives. Businesses use these items with logos and embroidered patches of their brand to attract their target audience and create the buzz for their business.

For those businesses who want to benefit fromdaily promotion of their brand, we list here some of the most common promo product categories you should consider for your next marketing campaign:

1.    Bags

Bags are some of the most common things that people need in their daily lives. People use bags to keep groceries. People use bags to carry their gym accessories.And peopleuse them to put necessary stuff during trekking. There are many more uses of bags that make lives easier of people.

All these different uses make a bag an important promotional item that businesses can gift to their clients and workers.There are different types of bags, such as tote bag, gym bag and drawstring bag. Depending on the needs of your target buyers, you can give away any of these bags in a promotional event.

2.    Apparels

Apparelsare another set of promo products that can engage people to your brand. Clothing pieces like T-shirt, cap and jacket are some of the most common types of apparels that people wear in their daily lives which means they can bring plenty of exposure to your business on a daily basis.

To reinforce your brand in minds of people, you can use custom embroidered patches on any of the aforementioned items. This will also makethe people the ambassador of your business.Apparels can really help your business convert into a brand that your target audience will easily recognize.

3.    Drinkware

Drinkware is another common category for promo products that people need in their everyday life to carry beverages.Drinkware like waterbottles and tumblers can serve as excellent giveaways to common people who need to hydrate themselves round the clock, while mugs and cups are regular carriers for coffee and tea that people need to take sip of inspiration. All in all, they are perfect giveaways to help your brand reach to your target audience.

4.    Tech Products

Tech products are among the hottest promo items that people want to own. Since technology changes with time, people keep buying techproducts from time to time and replace them with their old products. So you have strong reasons to gift these promo products at every promotional event so thatpeople recalling your business. USB drives, power banks, VR headset and Bluetooth speakers are some of the common tech products you can present to your employees and customers on a special day or promotional event.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Pens

Making mental notes is not a reliable way to build the information archive and this is why people use pens to keep a permanent record of important information. Besides, we all need pens to jot down details of topics of interest and important agendas that need to be discussed in a workplace.

You too can distribute logoed pens to people who are connected with your business including your workers, clients, and business associates.Be it your star employee, a valued customer or a longtime business partner, you can gift pens to all these groups of people to maintain a professional working relationship. Not only will pens come handy in their day-to-day lives but will also promote your business to people who are associated with them.

6.    Awards

Companiespresent awards as a token ofappreciation to their employees and customers for theircontribution in their business.Items like a plaque and shield are some common form of awards that companies use as giveaways to acknowledge their top-performing workers and esteemed clients.

Therefore, you can also offer one of these promotional items to your special employees and customers to encourage them so that they keep engaged with your business as well as promote it to their network of family and friends.

7.    Keychains

Keychains are another excellent promotional items that you cangive your clientele to raise awareness of your business. People need keychains to keep keys of their most valuable possessions, such as cars, lockers or homes. So theyare a need in daily lives of people and you can tap into that need.

You can gift fancy logoedkeychains to your workers and clients that they can carry with them in the outdoors or hang them once they are in the house. The eye-catching logo of your company on the keychain will advertise your business to the people in the indoorsandoutdoors.

8.    Wristbands

A wristbandhas long been afashion symbol and this is what makes it a viable giveaway for majority of businesses. Wristbands come in various designs and colors which againmake them fantastic promotional items to give to people. Since different people have different taste, you can present wristbands to cater to age, gender and style needs of your clientele.

9.    Magnets

Promo products with magnets are considered worthwhile giveaways since they can be attached to the most visible areas of a home and workplace. Items that use magnets include calendar, clock, fidget spinner, business card or a miniature of a product.

People can fix the mentioned items on their fridge, closet or workstation. So every time they will look at these items, they will be reminded about your brand.

10.     Lanyards

Every organization gives its employees eye-catching lanyards to hold their identity cards. They not only serve as carrier to identity cards of their employees but also look cool on them. Lanyards can serve as importantaccessories in a trade showsince your personnel can hang them to represent your organization.You can gift them as part of onboarding kit to welcome new candidates in your company. Choosing from these promo product categories can help you cater to daily needs of your target buyers as well as stay alive in their memories. Therefore, you should consider these giveaways for your next promotional event.

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