10 Promo Products for Financial Industry That Worthy Every Penny
10 Promo Products for Financial Industry That Worthy Every Penny

Financial institutions participate and regulate in the economy of a country which makes it an important industry. Banking alone is a major contributor in the American economy. According to a forecast by Statista, the banking sector is expected to generate $514 billion in America by 2022.

In a nutshell, financial services are a serious business and you need to do serious marketing to spread the word of your business. Distributing promotional handouts is one way you can do it like a pro.

Offering promo products can help you quickly improve the exposure of your brand and increase its reach to the public at large. Since you are into financial services, you have more avenues that you can tap to get into the psyche of people and etch your brand in their minds.

According to a survey published on PPAI, the financial industry is the second-largest buyer of promo products which itself signifies the significance of giveaways along major financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, stock brokers and savings & loan companies.

Listed here are some of the most viable promotional items that financial institutions can gift to their clientele in order to maximize the visibility of their business to a wider audience:

1.    Calculator

What can be a more apt promotional handout for any financial institution than this product that can calculate big and small figures in a matter of seconds.Being a financial business, it is a perfect promo product that can convey the idea of your business as well as help your target audience work out their dailycalculations and save them fromdoing the mental math which is wrong most of the time.

Just print a good logo or custom patches of your brand on this item and it will become a mobile advertiser of your business.

2.    Cash Cube

A cash cube is auseful product to contain the coins that often get lost with changing hands. With this promotional gift, you can help your clients save the change and pool money over a period of time that might come handy during the rainy days. As they say, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” An imprinted logo on a cash cube will be enough to let people know your business.

3.    Bill Jar Opener

You are a financial institution and it should be reflected in your promotional handouts. This giveaway is symbolic of the services you offer to your clients and can serve as a tool to open bottles and jars. A logoed jar opener can make lives easier of your clients andit is a more lucrative thing to open their chilled beverages and food jars.

To make this item a promotional handout, you need to imprint it with brand identity of your business.Every time, people will use this the opener to open a bottle, they will see the flashy logo and get fascinated by your brand identity.

4.    Monthly Budget Planner

Finances is a part of every individual’s life. The economy of every home get affected by the financial affairs of their occupants. By gifting a monthly budget planner to your clients, you can inculcate in them the role of financial planning and encourage them to work out their monthly expenses.

Again, you will need to place a logo on the front panel of the budget planner so that your clients will be reminded of your brand every time they open it.

5.    Wallet

A wallet is a common money carrier for people which makes it a suitable promo product for financial institutions. But a wallet does more than keeping money. People can use a wallet to put their cash, credit cards, ID cards,slips and receipts. So it saves people from fumbling such important stuff that could easily get lost.

A wallet with custom embroidered patches of your financial institutions can catch eyes of onlookers and pull crowds to your brand. So you can order some fancy wallets for your clients and let them promote your business to their social network.

6.    Credit Card Holder

We live in an era where plastic money is the solution for all our shopping needs. Today, millions of people carry credit cards to pay their daily purchases since it is a safer and more convenient way to shop the different stuff.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

Since credit card holder is used by such vast number of people, it can hook a sizable population who could become your future clients.All you need to do is print an appealing logo and contact details and people will reach you through this promo product.

7.    Bank Document Organizer

Bank dealings involves a lot of document and paperwork. From account forms andchecks to bank drafts and pay orders, there are plenty of documents that need to be stored so that you can get them back when it is required.

Besides, there are many procedural documentations that has to be maintained as part of the record. For all these types of documents, a document organizer is an excellent giveaway that you can gift your new and existing clients.

8.    Letter Opener

People get regular newsletters and notices from companies and organizations. The purpose of these letters is to keep people updated about changes in services and products of a company or institution. This is what makes this promotional handout a perfect gift that you cangive your clients. A letter opener that has a logo and name of your company will serve as a promotionalitem and will expose your brand to more people.

9.    Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins are tempting giveaways that companies distribute during promotional events, such as trade shows and business conferences. Being a financial institution, you can imprinta chocolate coin with a logo of your company on the wrapper that people will see first before they unwrap the chocolate. So it will boost their endorphins and they will have stronger impact of your brand in their memory.

But since it is a food item, the shelf life is obviously shorter than other items mentioned in this list. Therefore, you should order the chocolate coins just a few days before a promotional event so that you can give them to your clients before their taste wanes.

10.  Calendar

A calendar is quite relevant promo product for financial institutions. Since the business of financial institutions is strictly contingent upon timely payments of their clients, a calendar can be an apt product to remind people of the important dates. The good thing about this giveaway is that it comes with a magnet, so people can fix it on their fridge or workstation to know the current date which means your brand identity will catch more eyeballs and your business will get exposure on a daily basis. These are some promo products that best fit into the financial industry and you can gift them on promotional events of your business.

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