10 Promo Products That Make Lives Easier of Students and Promote Your Business
10 Promo Products That Make Lives Easier of Students and Promote Your Business

The education sector is a big market for businesses that deal in academic services. For them, students are the primary audience that they can target with their marketing efforts.

According to a survey by Statista, there are 19.66 million studentsin public and private collegesin the U.S.and this figure is likely to reach 20.31million in public and private colleges of the country by 2028. In other words, you have a humongous audience in front of you to pitch your brand and what better time to do it than now.

Taking into consideration the lifestyle of students, we have listed here some of the best promo products that can ease the lives of students on daily basis:

1.    College Backpack

A college backpack is an essential item for every college student to hold their academic belongings and personal things.A backpack with a drawstring can be a good carrier for any student to carry their stuff while they commuter college and accommodation.

So every time, they stroll on the street or use their backpack in the class, they will be showing the custom patches of your company to the students and teaching staff.

2.    Hand Sanitizer

College students are prone to diseases that cost them in the form of a missed lecture orinc omplete assignment. The majority of times, the diseases are caught from the germs that are prevalent in the college premises. To keep the students protected all the time, you can gift them a hand sanitizer that they can carry or keep in their dorm to stay sanitized throughout the day.

A hand sanitizer with the logo of your company will be visible to everyone who come into contact with the student while they use the hand sanitizer to cleanse the hands.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

3.    Smartphone Kit

Students are obsessed with smartphones inside and outside the classroom which means you have plenty of opportunities to attract attention of the people with whom they share the smartphone and its accessories.

To spread the word out of your business, you can order smartphone accessories like battery, pop socket, smart wallet andsling grip and imprint custom made patches of your brand to present to students as giveaways during a trade show or educationalseminar.

4.    Wristband Flash Drive

Flash drives have become aubiquitous item in a student’s life. It allows them to transfer their important data to the classroom and present it to the classmates and teachers. It comes handy during the projects when deadlines are a headache.

With a wristband flash drive, students have a convenient way to move their important data from one device to another and collaborate with their classmates on a project.

You can gift these wristband flash drives in a trade show. A wristband with custom embroidered patches of your brand will not only catch eyes of thousands of attendees in the event but will continue topromote your brand even after the event is over.

5.    Academic Planner

Students are occupied with assignments throughout their stay in the college. They keep receiving assignments and projects and they have to go the extra mile to manage their time and resources to deliver their tasks on time.

With an academic planner, they have something to keep tabs on their current projects. They can use the academic planner to set deadlines, mark important dates, and mention the pending tasks that need to be done with a specific timeframe.

You can offer this giveaway to the students at the start of the academic year so that students can plan their studies right from the start. The visible logo and brand name of your brand will become the source of curiosity for the many other students who want to learn about your products/services.

6.    RetroSunglasses

Every student has that thing to look stylish in the college and a pair of sunglasses is a staple item that you will find in their closet. To make them look even cooler, you can give them retro shades that come in neon colors and look gorgeous on every face.

For any student who have a good sense of style, a pair of retro sunglasses can be the hottest property that they want to own. With a pair of retro sunglasses showing the brand identity of your company, the students will be on their way to promote your brand to the people inside and outside their campuses.

7.    Blanket

After a tiring day at the campus, a blanket can be a comforting thing that students can jump onafter they hit the hay. Besides, a blanket can be a beautiful addition to a dormitory and can make it look cozy and fancy. You can personalize the blanketto match the branding theme of different colleges.

To make it a promotional item of your business, you can create custom sew on patches on the center of the blanket so everyone who visits the room of a student can know about your business.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

8.    Notepadand Sticky Notes

Notepad andsticky notes are essential things to keep students reminded about the important points from a lecture or to make quick notes of important dates. These important promo products are essential items in student’s lives who use them on daily basis to keep a record of crucial information that they can refer anytime.

With the brand identity of your company on the packaging, they will be reminded about your business and the role it played in making their lives easier.

9.    Duffel Bag

The college life is not just about making notes, memorizing the lessons and preparing projects. A big part of college life is about participating in sports activities, going to gym and traveling to different places. All these activities require the use of different gear and accessories.

With a duffel bag, you can make it easier for the students to easily pack the necessary items that can come handy for a specific activity. You can put custom Velcro patches on multiple locations of a duffel bag so that morepeople can see the logo of your business,get fascinated by it and contact you.

10. Highlighter

A highlighter is one item that students can’t live without. Students use this item to highlight the important portions in their workbooks. You can give away this promo product to the students in a trade fair and engage them in your brand.

A highlighter comes in various colors and you can order ones that complement the theme of the college where you are going to held an event. A logo on the highlighter will create the right brand image of your business and more people will be willing to buy from you.

Students are always on the lookout for freebies that can ease their lives. With these promo products, you can help students make their lives easier and promote your business as well.

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