10 Promo Products to Promote Workplace Wellness
10 Promo Products to Promote Workplace Wellness

People spend one-third of their life at work which means a big part of their life is passed in the workplace. As an employer, you need to take care of your workers and give them health-related stuff that they can use during their working hours to stay healthy and fit.

These items will serve as wellness products to your employees as well as remind them that you are a caring business.Apart from promoting your business, these wellness promo products can improve overall wellbeing of your employees, increase their productivity as well as boost their morale to serve the company in their best capacity.

To help you serve this purpose, we list here some promo products that you can give to your employees to ensure their well-being in workplace. Here they are:

1.    Stress Ball

Work-related stress is common among employees. A stress ball can be a good handout for your employees to help your workers vent out their stress. With a stress ball, they can instantly release the stress they have accumulated during work.

The good thing about stress ball is that they come in different shapes and colors. So you can order stress ballswith logos and embroidered patches of your business to match with your branding. Every time they will pressthe stress ball, they will know that you care about them and it will remind them about the compassionthat you feel as an employer for your workers.

2.    Lip Balm and Sun Block

It’s winter time and your employees need a good holiday to take a break from work and relax under the sun. To keep their skin protected from the harsh effects of sunlight, you can gift them a pair of lip balm and sun block that they can apply to their skin to save it from effects ofultraviolet rays that can cause skin burns and skin cancer.

Since peopletake refuge under the sun during chilly weather, a beach is their go-to place to warm up their bodies which means your brand can get plenty of eyeballs if you give away a pair of lip balm and sun block to your employees.

3.    Cooling Towel

If you have an in-house gym where your employees perform a cardio or flex muscles, then this product can be a handy swag to help them cool down after a strenuous workout. It comes with a polyvinyl acetate or PVA material which lowers the temperature of your body and make it feel invigorated after a long workout session.

It is also mildew-resistant which keeps the fungus at bay and make you feel refreshed no matter how hard you performed the workouts. You can package this cooling towel using brand name and custom embroidered patches of your company to remind your workers that you care about them.

4.    Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker can be an excellent giveaway to help your workers keep tabs on their fitness goals. With this little gadget, you can allow your employees to get daily insights into their fitness activities and how well they performed during a day. An imprinted fitness tracker that sport a logo of your company will let your workers know that you value their health.

5.    Hand Sanitizer

A study by students at University of California found that a smartphone carries ten times more germs than a seat toilet.This is plenty of germs to affect the biological system ofpeople who are constantly hooked on to their smartphones.

Similarly, there are many other hotspots in a workplace that can make people sick after coming into contact with them. It could be an elevator button, keyboard, mouse and a spigot.

To keep your workers safe from potential ailments caused by these contaminated spots, you can offer them a hand sanitizer that they can put on their desktop or carry anywhere to clean their hands before meeting someone or having the meals.Use a logo on the sanitizer to get into the memory of your employees.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

6.    First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can be the best promotional handouts you can gift to your employees. With a first aid kit, they will have the quick medications to cure the seasonal ailments as well astreat the bruise, cuts and sores that they can get in workplace.

A first aid kit can include things like bandage, scissor, swabs, tweezers and safety pins that your employees can use during a medical emergency. And while they will be doing the treatment, they will see logo of your company on the items and will know that you are their savior.

7.    Hot/Cold Pack

A custom imprinted hot/cold pack can not only relieve your workers from muscle pain but can also show them that you are a caring company. Your employees can develop severe back pain and muscle sprain and this is when they can make use of a hot/cold pack to get instant relief from the pain.

The brand identity of your business on this swag will keep your employees abreast of the workplace wellness initiatives that your company is striving for.

8.    Body Band

A body band is a handy workout tool to tone the body. It is a 56-inch long band of rubber that people can stretch to tone muscles of your body which makes it excellent workout equipment to gift your employees as they can use it at the comfort of their workspace.

9.    Nail Clipper and Filer Set

Personal hygiene is important to ensure a healthy workplace environment. By giving this nail clipper and filer set, you can promote the personal hygiene of your employees and encourage them to live healthy life.

Our nails are the harbor germs and provide a conducive environment for their breeding. A set of nail clippers and filers will help your workers keep their nails neat and clean on a regular basis. Proper personal hygiene of each of your employees will collectively contribute to workplace wellness and the logo of your company on the set will implicitly translate the work culture of your company which is about living a healthy life.

10.  Water Bottle

And last but certainly not the least. Water is essential for life and we all need water to keep ourselves hydrated and energized throughout a day. Therefore, a water bottle is the best giveaway that can keep your employees healthy during work.

To help your employees achieve their daily requirements of water, you can gift them a water bottle that they can use to refill their daily intake of water.You will need just a logo to convert this water bottle into an advertising medium of your company.

Caring your workers is not just about image building. Being an employer, you should ensure welfare of all your employees. And employee welfare is all aboutgiving timely health solutions to your workers which you can achieve by giving away these promo products.

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