Millennial Marketing 10 Promo Products to uplift Your Brand
Millennial Marketing 10 Promo Products to uplift Your Brand

Millennials are the biggest group of individuals today, as well as they compose a huge portion of consumers in the worldwide market. Statista reveals that the millennials make up the third biggest population in America that number in 72 million. According to another research from the source, the yearly spending of millennials willhit$1.4 trillion by 2020.

You should take these figures into consideration if you are a brand that intends to grow its reach in a target market. Giving promotional items is a sure-fire way you can lure a big segment of customers and also engage them in your business.

Below we will go over a few of the most effective promo products you can give to millennials:

1.    Wearable Technology

Given that technical items and fashion, products are the most valued properties of the millennials; it will certainly be a good move to present millennials with handouts that they can not only wear but can also enhance their quality of life.

Wearable technical products like smart glasses, fitness trackers and smartwatches are several of the most effective freebies to gift millennials. These products will not just make people look stylish but will also increase their productivity.

2.    Ray-Ban-Shaped Sunglasses

That does not like sunglasses and what can be a far better option to sunglasses than Ray-Ban-Shaped tones? As I’ve stated previously that millennials like to reveal their style side and a Ray-Ban-Shaped sunglass flatter their design. By providing Ray-Ban-shaped tones, you can make your millennials come to be a strolling promotion for your brand name.

3.    Health Products

Millennials take their health seriously. Since they are reaching midlife, they like to use products that can benefit their health which is why health products are the most loved promotional handouts for them.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

In addition, the health products are the most viable promotional items since everyone wants to associate with something that can improve their health.Freebies such as glucose meter, stop watch and fitness bandare several of the excellent swags that improve people’s health.

4.    Tumbler

Millennials enjoy drinking from tumbler as they can serve as a portable coffee or beverage carrier. They are the most effective alternative to mugs as they can retain the temperature of your beverage. You can conveniently carry them while traveling.

Aside from being practical, tumblers also look chic in hands which is why millennials love them. And millennials like to show off their fashionable properties.

5.    Non-Wearable Tech Products

I need to make discuss non-wearable technologies separately as it is equally fascinating to the millennials and they have vital functions in their lives.

Millennials are technology lovers and they like to make use of sophisticated devices. They are the original users of technologysince they grew up during the peak of technologies like internet, social media, iPod and also mobile phone etc.

A study by Fluent reveals that every 7 out of 8 millennials possess a mobile phone around the globe. Another research by Brain Boxol divulges fascinating statistics concerning the association of millennials with modern technology. The research reveals that 70% of millennials use a laptop computer, while 57% of them use desktop computers.

These figures are enough to convince you about the role of modern technology in lives of millennials which make them viable promotional handouts for the millennials.

6.    Eco-Friendly Promo Products

You can take into consideration eco-friendly handouts to gift the millennials if you are an environmentally-friendly business. For instance, you can provide them with 100% organic shoulder bag, recyclable plastic pens, bio-fabricated laptop computer bag with custom made patches or corn plastic mug with brand name of your company.

7.    Portable Speakers

Listening to songs is one of the best hobbies of millennials. They like listening to songs, as well as they like to connect to their iPod and to their mobile audio speakers while they are traveling. A moveable speaker can be an apt swag to gift to millennials.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

You can give away your clients a music product like wireless speakers that they can easily link to their iPod or mobile phone whenever they feel like listening to music.

8.    Travel Products

Millennials love traveling. Things like a backpack, swimsuit, umbrella and also outdoor tent are some of the top-rated products to offer to millennials who can use these products while taking a trip to various locations.

9.    Power Banks

A study by Pew Research discloses that every 9 in 10 millennials in America use mobile phones which constitute 92% of the overall share of smartphone users in the region. A large chunk of these individuals frequently require a power bank to power their batteries, and this is when you can promote your brand with a promo product.

By handing out a power bank, you can attract a large group of millennials who constantly use mobile phones and require power bank to recharge their phones all the day.

10.  Stylish Clothing

Millennials have a panache for fashion, and also they like to don fashionable garments like T-shirts, sunglasses, hats and shoes. They want to look good daily, and these items are these clothing pieces can enhance their looks for any occasion. So if you want to hook the millennials with swags, you need to give a T-shirt to your clientele with custom patches of your business to assist your company reach this segment of your target market.

Millennials are a large target market living in the globe. They are trendy, tech-savvyand fully aware of the modern world.By giving the abovementioned promo products, you can touch to their sensibilities andengage them in your brand. So don’t hesitate and include these freebies in your list of promo products that you are going to gift your target market this year.

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