10 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

(When You Own a Startup)

A trade show is a business event that gives a chance to businesses to pitch their clients, meet with industry experts and vendors as well as collaborate with business associates. According to a survey by Statista, trade shows produced over $12.8 billion revenue alone in America in the year 2016.

Statista also mentions some lucrative opportunities that become strong reasons for businesses to participate in a trade fair, such asincrease in sales/leads, building relationships with clients/leads and a chance to increase brand awareness.

From the viewpoint of an attendee, a trade show offers equally strong reasons to visit a trade show. If you are owner of a startup, then you should first visit a trade show as an attendee to a build a grounding of this event and learn the many benefits that you can get from it. Still not convinced? Check out these convincing reasons:

1.    It Teaches You About Your Industry

Trade shows brings together regulatory bodies and associations of an industry under one roof. These organizations offer seminars, workshops and training sessions toeducate the best practices to businesses in a specific industry as well address the existing issues.

By attending trade fairs, you can learn all the insider’s information from the who’s who of an industry which means you can grow your awareness about a business and enrich yourself as a professional. This knowledge will come handy during the development of your startup and will help you avoid the glitches that you might face while scaling the business.

2.    It Helps You Build Network

At a trade show, you will meet with thousands of people on the floor of an exhibition hall. This is your chance to get in touch with industry experts, thought leaders, and businessmen within your industry. By meeting these people, you can gain in-depth insights into the changing dynamics of your industry and foresee future trends.

The meeting with all these important people in your industry will help you grow your exposure of the industry as well as build a strong network of people around your business.

3.    It Helps You Learn a Skill

Businesses who participate in trade shows invite clients to learn the different techniques, processes and systems that are applicable in their daily operations. This helps them improve custom experience and improve their productivity.

So this is a good opportunity to learn something that can be useful for your own business.For example, a graphic design firm who has just launched an online logo maker app can give you a demonstration of its applicationIf you have not yet designed the logo or custom patches of your company or want to revamp it, then this knowledge can help you create a logo for your company.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    It Inspires New Ideas

If you own a startup and wants to get better ideas about running your newly launched business, then a trade show can be your source of inspiration. At a trade show, you will find hundreds of companies who bring together a concoction of different products, services and solutions to their clients which means you will have a diversified range of ideas to get inspired.

There will be product launch. There will be promotional offers. And there will be workshops. All these activities will present a mix of different ideas that can help you improve your business and improves the ways it operates on daily basis.

5.    You Can Interact with Your Competitors

At a trade show, you will get to know about your competitors. Unlike a business meeting where you end up having random chit-chats, a trade fair offers you a more organized way to know about your competition, their products/services, strategies and policies.

A visit to booth of your competitors can make you aware of their business, strengths and weaknesses of their products/services as well as the work culture of their business.

In a nutshell, a visit to trade shows and business conferences can turn out to be an enriching rendezvous between you and your competitors.

6.    You Can Get Freebies

A lot of businesses offers giveaways to attendees in a trade fair. They are free gifts that companies distribute during a trade show as a souvenir that people can carry to their home.

This is a clever way to engage leads in a business and make them a brand ambassador for your business. You too can get some cool freebies on your visit to a trade show. Expect to get items like t-shirt, cap, water bottle, pen or keychain that you can use in your daily life. Of course, you can change them later by replacing logos on these items with custom embroidered patches of your company.

7.    You Can Build Relationshipswith thePress

Trade shows attract local press people and paparazzi who cover trade shows for their stories. At trade fairs, you can have a one-on-one meeting with these people that you might want to hire for your future promotional events.

A cordial relationship with press people can benefit your business big time. So a trade show can be a good start to getting acquainted with local journalists and reporters.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

8.    You Will Know What Works in a Trade Show

Visiting a trade fair gives you a real experience of activities that you can expect from a major promotional event. It offers you a glimpse into the entire setup of a trade show and what you should do to make it a success.

From decorating the booth and pitching the products/services to throwing promotional offers and giving away promo products, you can learn every aspect of a trade show as well as the strategies to rock it like a professional business.

9.    You Will Engage in Interactive Activities

A trade show hosts a range of interactive activities that is aimed to engage the leads. The majority of booths integrate audio/visual content to present the hard data, such as statistics, surveys, polls and trends about their business or industry. In addition, they run a documentary on a business topic, share juicy tidbits ordo a product launch.

Businesses do all these activities to provide a fun way to connect with attendees. These activities will not only grow your awareness as a businessman but will also keep you engaged to the show.

10. You Can Meet with Vendors, Clients, and Job Seekers

More than anything else, a trade show introduces you to the people who matter the most in your company, i.e. vendors, clients and job seekers. It could be a random meeting with any of these people but it can transform into a long-term relationship if you can pitch your business with an impact.

Don’t forget to exchange business cards so that you can contact them when you are going to participate as a company in a trade fair. Trade show can be a good start for a startup to create the buzz of its business. But it is important to first experience this event as an attendee so that you can learn its many benefits as mentioned below.

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