10 Viable Promo Products That Can Work for Education Sector
10 Viable Promo Products That Can Work for Education Sector

Being an educational institute means you have plenty of opportunities to engage the different people in a society and make them part of your institute. You can connect with educators, students and educationalists who might become a valuable addition in your organization. But how can you do that?

Just like any industry, you need a good marketing strategy to promote your educational institute. You need to reach your leads and giving away promo products is one you can target your them.

Give below are some of the viable promo products that you can gift the people associated with academia toraise awareness of your institution:

1.    Drawstring Bag

This promo product is for the students. A drawstring bag can serve as a convenient carrier for students who daily commute between their institute and accommodation. They can use this bag to put their academic books, workbooks, and stationaries.

By giving this bag with custom patches of your institution, you will not only make their lives simpler but will also increase visibility of your brand identity which people can see on the bag.

2.    Round Eraser

An eraseris one item that teachers and students need in their daily lives to removeerrors in their lesson plans and coursework. Just a logo on an eraser is enough to get your brand a number of eyeballs inside and outside the classroom which makes it a viable promo product to gift the school staff and students.

Besides, this item is cheap enough to buy in bulks, so you can distribute it to hundreds of people who visityour institution or an academic event.

3.    Badge Holder and Lanyard

Badge holder and lanyards are required byinstitutions to hold identity cards. These hanging carriers can become your mobile advertisers when you can give them free to your faculty staff and students.

When your staff and students will be roaming around the campus wearing the logoed badge holder and lanyard of your institution, they will be inviting many eyeballs on logo of your institute and infuse curiosity in people to know more about your institution.

custom patches
custom patches

4.    Pens

Pens are one of the most visible items that you will see in an educational institution. Teachers need pen to do the markings in student’s workbooks, while students need a pen to make quick notes during lectures. In all these activities, a logoed pen of your institute can direct eyes of onlookers onto the brand identity of your school or college.

Therefore, you should order some good-quality pens that you can present to your staff and students to use in their daily lives and give free publicity to your institute.

5.    Notepad/Sticky Notes

This set of promo product could be the best product combo that faculty staff and students can get. It is a life-saver for teachers who need to jot down important points during Q and A session after a lecture, while students can use these items to write down nitty-gritty details while they are doing a project. In all those anxious moments, they will thank you for making their lives easier and keep promoting your organization as well.

6.    USB Bracelet

USBs are a necessity in today’s academic life. While cloud computing has significantly made lives easier for students, a USB comes handy for quickly transferring files from one computer to another. Students and staff can put this bracelet on their hands to carry the important data from one place to other.

A USB bracelet that has an engraved logo of your institute will be an instant hook forhundreds of people present on the campus.

7.    Tablet Sleeve

Tablets are now a part of classrooms. A tablet sleevehas ample space to contain a tablet so that teachers and students can safely transport the gadget inside and outside the campus.This little carrier has tab button for the users to charge their tablets without taking it out.

The various pockets in this carrier allows you to put the accessories of tablet. All in all, it is a practical tablet carrier that you can use to promote your bag byusing custom made patches of your school or college on its front or back panel.

8.    Stationary Case

Life inside the campus can be difficult without stationary. But this stationary case will keep peoples stuff contained no matter they are in the classroom or doing things outside it. Print your brand name and logo of your company on top of the stationary case and it will easily become the center of attention of the people in proximity with a student or faculty member.

custom patches
custom patches

9.    Round shape clip

Students who live in a dormitory has to depend on themselves to run the errands. Since there is no one to do their chores, it is natural for them to forget things and miss dates.  The mental notes don’t always promptat the right time which results in delayed projects and missed deadlines.

To rescue students from such ascenario, you can gift them a round shape clipwhich they can use to hold notes about important things and dates. So they will always know about importanttasks to be doneand thedeadlinesto bemet in order to catch up with projects.

Since a round shape clipcomes with a magnet, people can put it on their fridge which means it will come in line of sight of the visitors in one of your teachers or student’s homes.

10.  Book Light

There can’t be a more apt promo product for an educational institution than a book light. Books are part of lives of teachers and students and they have to consume long body of text to understand the different facets of a subject. Apart from curricular books, they read different genres of booksto learn about a subject or get inspired in life.

This promo product will allow the readers to read books under dim light while they are traveling or retiring to bed after a long day. The logo on this product will call attention of hundreds of people accompanying the reader.

These are 9 viable promo product you can gift your faculty staff and teachers to increase exposure of your academic institute. A good logo is all you need to put on these promotional items get into the minds of your target audience.

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