10 Ways Promo Products Can Increase Customer Loyalty
10 Ways Promo Products Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the ultimate reward of all marketing efforts. Successful marketing activities not only increase brand awareness and engage leads but also ensure customer retention. To keep your customers coming back to your business, promo products can be extremely useful promotional items to give to your prospects and customers.

Still not convinced? Read these strong reasons to know how promo products can increase customer loyalty:

1.    Promo Products Create a Sense of Belonging

Giving promo products creates a kind of attachment with your clients and they feel a part of your business. It is like giving a gift to your family or friend and creating a human connection. Similarly, corporate gifts create the same feelings in your clients as one of your siblings or friends would feel.

When you give promotional swags to your customers, you create a strong sense of belonging with them and they feel compelled to be loyal to you.

2.    Promo Products Create the Right Brand Image

Marketing and branding are all about creating the personality of your business and make it relatable to your target audience so that they want to engage with your brand. Besides, they help you stand out in the competition and give you a unique identity.

By giving promotional handouts to your target audience, you create a strong brand image that helps your customers and make it easier for them to identify with your business and they want to become part of it.

3.    They Create a Sense of Acknowledgement

Your customers want some acknowledgment from you and promo products help you serve that purpose. They can act as a token of appreciation to your valued clients and make them feel motivated to buy from you.

Therefore, you should give swags like shield, plaque or similar promotional items to boost the confidence of your target audience so that they stay loyalto your organization.

custom embroidered patches
custom embroidered patches

4.    Promo Products Can Give a Thought to Your Clients

A promo product can sell an idea or give a thought to people that they might find interesting or relate with. A technology firm can give promo products to their customers with a slogan for futuristic concept. Similarly, you too can create promo products with message such as “Imagine a World Where People Could Travel to Mar!” or something like that.

Likewise, a promo product from a charity organization can use an imprinted message on custom patchesthat reads something like “Hunger Kills More People Than AIDS. Let’s Kill Hunger!”

All these things will give doses of thoughts to your clients and make them think about something worthwhile and meaningful.

5.    They Create a Uniformity in Your Business Culture

Gifting promotional handouts is a great way to ensure uniformity in your business culture. Let’s say, you are an environmental-friendly business who promotes a sustainable work culture to protect the environment, then you can give away corporate gifts like recyclable plastic pen, corn plastic mug or organic tote bag to build an eco-friendly working culture around your organization.

People tend to engage more with the companies that have a uniform work culture and not the ones that come across just as a money-making business.

6.    They Can Incentivize Your Clientele

Promotional items are excellent resources to attract your clientele and encourage them to keep engaged with your business. For example, if one of your customers want toupgradeyour services, you can give them a personalized corporate gift with their names engraved on the item.

Similarly, if one of your clients recommend your service to someone, you can give him a free gift as a way to express your gratitude. In this way, you will give a strong motivation to your clients to stay connected with your business.

7.    Promo Products Are Free

Since promo products are free items, they make a strong reason toencourage people to engage with a brand. By giving away swags, you can not only attract leads but can also keep your current customers attached with your business.So keep giving freebies to your customers in order to keep to them engaged with your business.

custom embroidered patches
custom embroidered patches

8.    Promo Products Keep You Alive in Minds of Your Customers

Promo products are effective marketing and branding tools as they keep you alive in memories of your clients. According to statistics by Sage World, 89% of people are able to recall the advertiser of a promo product if the product was given to them within the last two years.

The website also reveals that people can use a promo product to an average time span of 6.6 months. These statistics insinuate one thing. Promo products can help your brand retain in minds of the people.

Since the majority of promotional handouts are household items that people use in their daily lives, people see them on a daily basis which helps them recall your business.This is what makes promo products viable promotional items to encourage more people to retain in your business which contribute to customer loyalty.

9.    Promo Products Can Trigger Customer’s Sentiments

Promo products can serve as fantastic promotional items to invokesentiments to your customers. For example, if you are an American business and want to promote the “Made-In-America” slogan, you can give promotionalhats with custom embroidered patches that read “Buy Made-In-America Products!”

Similarly, if you run a women-oriented business, then you can distribute T-shirts with a powerful slogan regarding women empowerment.

Giving away such promo products will serve more than promoting your brand as you will be promoting a cause as well. Since you are appealing to a particular community or group of people, you will be able to create a strong emotional connection with your clientele and they would prefer buying from you.

10. Promo Products Can Build an Emotional Connection with Your Clientele

Remembering your clients on their most important days is a good way to make them feel special as well as insinuate the message that you are a caring business. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and even death anniversaries of loved ones of your clients are some events when you can send suitable swags to your customers with a note that express your feelings towards them. Make it a practice to distribute gifts to your clients on such events and you will see an increase in your repeat clients who want to buy from you to reciprocate your love.

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