10 Worthwhile Ideas You Should Try in Your Next Trade Show
10 Worthwhile Ideas You Should Try in Your Next Trade Show

A trade show is a podium where businesses can engage with their leads, meet industry experts and grow their social network. It serves as a spring to help a brand take off and increase its outreach. According to a survey by Statista, the value of a B2B trade show market is going to reach $16.8 billion by 2021. In other words, there are strong chances of getting exposure for your brand in a trade show. However, it takes good business acumen, skills, and expertise to host a trade show and get the maximum benefits out of it.

If you are a veteran business, you might already know some viable ideas to execute a trade show but if you have just landed in this territory, then we can guide you with some good ideas to successfully pull off a trade show. Let’s check them out:

1.    Use A Pop-Up Tent in the Booth

A pop-up tent is a more eye-catching alternative for a conventional open-air booth. The first thing it does is create a sense of curiosity in the visitors and look more enigmatic to them. In addition, a pop-up tent creates a more palpable energy that people cannot feel in an open-air closet.

So rather than using the old-fashioned uncovered kiosk, you should use a pop-up tent to create a feeling of curiosity and excitement in the attendees so that they visit your booth.

2.    Be Educational

A trade fair shouldn’t be just about branding and marketing. To engage more people into your brand, you need to inform them about your business, products and services. You should tellthem about your business philosophy, educate them about your product idea as well as share your vision.

In addition, you can teach them about the current industry trends and how you fit into the changing dynamics of your specific industry. In a nutshell, a trade show should be a learning place for your leads and potential employees. After leaving your kiosk,they should be able to know about your brand.

3.    Run a Contest

Everyone loves rewards. By running a contest in an exhibition, you can tap into that temptation of the people and engage them in your brand. You can run a product-specific contest or host any competition that can infuse an element of fun in the audience.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

A well-thought-out contest can push a large number of visitors into your booth and incentivize them to connect with your booth. Rather than giving them money as a prize, you should present them a suitable promo product with imprinted logo and custom patches of your brand. This will keep your brand in their mind even after they will leave the booth.

4.    Be Inviting

To get more footfall in your kiosk, you need to make it more eye-catching and attractive. You need to make use of bright lights, party poppers, confetti, and things like that to lure more people into your booth. You can drum up your business only when the visitors come to your kiosk and that will only happen when you come across as inviting as possible.

5.    Give Your Customers a First-Hand Experience of Your Product

What can be more valuable to your leads than to try out a product they intend to buy from you? To give that experience to your leads, you should arrange a “trial space” in your kiosk where visitors can go and test out one of your products.

For example, a tech company can set up a simulator that would give a real-time experience of a product to the leads. Similarly, for a beverage business can install a dispenser in its kiosk to let the leads taste the flavor of its product.

6.    Make It BIG

You are only as visible in a trade fair as big you are. The attendees will likely to walk past a small kiosk in the middle of an exhibition hall without noticing it. To catch more eyeballs to your booth, you need to make it as big and large as possible. You should also use larger displays that visitors can easily see. To grab the attention of your specific audience, you should put dummies of your products on the display area.

For example, if you run an embroidery service, you can hang big custom made patches in bright colors to catch eyes of attendees. Hire a wider and longer space in the exhibition hall in the front row. This will make it easier for the attendees to find you in the exhibition hall.

7.    Offer Some Lucrative Deals

People love to get discounts and freegifts. You too can throw them an offer at a discounted rate, especially when you are hosting a trade show during a special event. You can offer them aproduct on reduced rate or give away a freeitem as part of a package. The more lucrative will be your offer, the higher will be the footfall in your booth.

8.    Make It Grandeur

Apart from looking big and large, your booth should be grandeur as well.Once the visitors enter your kiosk, they should feel excited to learn about your business and products. To give your space a larger-than-life personality, you should integrate big audio/visual screens as well asintegrate sound amplifiers to showcase the different features of your products. The visitors should feel compelled to stay longer in your kiosk.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

9.    Arrange Some Afterparty Fun

Everyone wants to have some fun in a social event. Being the host, you should arrange some afterparty fun activities to interact more with the attendees who visit your booth. You need to allocate a space for your visitors where they can engage in some fun activities and have chit-chats with you and other visitors.

10. Arrange Some Entertainment Activities

Adding some entertainment activities will likely tobring more visitors to your booth. People like to get entertained and providing them that opportunity will definitely benefit your marketing activities. You can hire a music band or magician group to entertain your guests. This will not only keep them engaged with you but will also attract other visitors from your competitor’s booth. Ultimately, you will get more footfall in your kiosk. A trade show is a powerful event that bring plenty of marketing opportunities for a brand to sell their brand and hook leads. The aforementioned are some of the worthwhile ideas that work in a trade show.

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