11 Insiders Tips to Rock a Trade Show Like a Pro
11 Insiders Tips to Rock a Trade Show Like a Pro

Trade shows are conducted worldwide by businesses and organizations to showcase their products and promote their business. According to a survey by Statista, the market size of aB2B trade show is expected to reach $13.7 billion by 2021. So there is ample room for the businesses to market their products using the podium of a trade show.

This article shares useful tips on how businesses can ace a trade show and position their brand to their existing customers and leads.

1.    Plan Everything

Planning is critical for the success of a trade show. And when I say planning, it includes everything from booking the venue and arranging logistics to setting your budget and designing the custom patches for promo products. Besides, you need to prepare the marketing collateral of your business that you can give on the day. Things like business cardss, brochures, and flyers are excellent promotional stuff to let more people know your products and spread the word of your business.

2.    Promote Your Trade Show

To make sure that more people attend your trade show, you need to reach out to people through different online contact points, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. All these social media channels can help you increase the publicity of your trade show.

Similarly, you can give away promotional items like t-shirts to your employees with custom made patches of your business. On the t-shirts, you can print the brand slogan along with the date and time of trade show. In this way, they will do free publicity of your trade show. And when more people learn about your event, there will be more people who eventually come to your booth.

Also, you can send emails to your existing clients and leads and invite them to the trade show. To create the hype of your event, you should email your current customers and leads in advance to inform them about the different activities that they can experience at the exhibition.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

3.    Train Your Staff

Training your staff is essential for the success of your trade show. There will be businessmen, industry experts, and prospects in the event who might have questions regarding the background of your business, its workings, and future goals.

By training your workforce, you will be able to answer the questions of curious attendees who want to engage with your business in some way. Besides, it will reflect positively on the reputation of your company’s people who want to connect with an organization that cares about the concerns of their target audience.

4.    Demonstrate Your Products

Trade show provides you with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your products, while your leads have a chance to get a first-hand experience of your offerings. Therefore, you should invite the leads over the booth to test out your product and let them ask you the questions regarding its features.

It is better to allow your sales staff to take the lead as they know exactly about the specifications of your products and have the communication skills to demonstrate its workingsto the attendees.

5.    Leverage The Power of Social Media

Social media websites have the power to increase the visibility of your event and showcase it to the world. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook run hashtags trend to make it easier for people to search an event.

Therefore, you can use a hashtagto name your trade show so that more people can join you on the day. And those who can’t attend the event can see the live updates on your profile.

6.    Run a Slide Show

A trade show is your opportunity to pitch your best products in a short span of time. So there can’t be a better way to do it than using the power of a slide show. In a slide show, you can present the different information about your company, its history, products, and company culture. Besides, you can add the hard data about your business and show it in the form of chart and graph to prove the growth of your brand and products.

Remember that a trade show invites different businesses from a specific industry, so this will be your chance to demonstrate your authority over your competitors and a slide show can help you do that with precision. Get a high-quality projector to run a slide show and show the best parts of your business and products.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

7.    Be a Good Host

Conducting a trade show is not just about wearing cool t-shirts with custom embroidered patches of your brand and blowing the trumpet of your products. In fact, it is a corporateaffair that calls for professional conduct.

How you behave with your audience on the trade show will tell a lot about your business. This is why you have to be gentle with people who visit your booth, and you shouldmake them comfortable while they take a look at your products. Make sure that your enclosure has ample space to accommodate the attendees.

Besides, you should fill the space with comfortable couch or sofa so that the attendees can chat with you without breaking their back.More than anything else, the people will remember you for your professional etiquetteswhich make up a big part of a successful business.

8.    Connect With Fellow Vendors

A trade show is not just a place to sell your brand. In fact, it is an opportunity to make new connections and increase your exposure to the industry.

So while you are busyhooking thecustomers and prospects, you need to take some time out for the fellow vendors, and sellers who belong to your industry.These connections will come a long way to help you scale your business and increase its visibility.

9.    Conduct Promotional Activities

Getting the attention of the attendees is the first objective of a trade show. Promotional activities like contest and prize draweasily hook the people to a booth, and they would love to participate in them to get some free stuff, and you end up creating the hype of your event.

10.  Pay Attention to The Branding Part

A trade show is as much a part of your branding process as any other thing. So it has to connect with your brand in every way. Whether it is the color scheme of your booth, the dress code of your staff, or the design of thebanner,you should make sure that everything on the venue matches with your overall brand and complement it in one way or other.

11. Give Away Promo Products

And last but certainly not the least. You need to give free promo products to the attendees so that they feel appreciated and you continueto get the free promotion when they leave your booth.However, you need to gift promo products that fit the idea behind your business and come handy in the daily lives of your leads. Products like at-shirt, mug, water bottle, and tote are a safe bet. But again, it is a matter of branding your business. So take your time and come up with promo items that genuinely justify the nature of your business and make lives easier of your leads at the same time. A trade show is a great way you can tell the world that you are a serious business and convince them to engage with your brand. Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to rock a trade show like a pro.

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