7 Strategies You Should Consider When Offering Promo Products

Beverage industry offers plenty of promo products for marketing abrand. It could be an industry-specific item or a generic product that relate to target audience in some capacity. If you are also a beverage business,you can use these promotional items in your various marketing campaigns and events to give a boost to your business and let more people know about your business.

In this list, we present some of the common promo products that you can utilize in your marketing campaigns to uplift your brand. Here we go:

1.    Tumbler

A tumbler is the most apt promo product for the beverage business. A tumbler with the logo and name of your brand can serve as the carrier of the beverage as well as the canvas for brand identity of your business. If you run a beverageparlor, then you can serve a takeawaytumbler that people can carry. But if you are a product-based business, then you can package it along with your product. In both ways, a tumbler will show people your logo and catch eyes of the onlookers.

2.    Table Throw

A table throw looks fantastic on a coffee table and dining top. You can imprint embroidered patches of your company on a table throw that you can gift your existing clients and employees. So the next time they will laze in their patio, they will see your business logo and make a mental note of your brand.

3.    Disposable Cup

Disposable cups are common items in trade shows. People can use these cups during a business event to carry their beverages while they are busy talking to a sales agent or having a word with other visitors. A logo on fancy disposable cups look beautiful and eye-catching and can attract hundreds of people inside and outside the exhibition hall.

4.    Gift Box

There is nothing more exciting for people than a gift box. It creates that “wow” factor and makes people feel special. Therefore, you can put some good promo items related to your business in a gift box and package it with the logo and brand name of your business that people can identify your brand with.

A gift box for a beverage business can contain items like a tumbler, spoon, sachets of sugar, and seasoning as well as the original product of the company. All these items should have the imprinted logo of your brand that people can see every time they use them.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Beverage Napkin

An excellentgiveaway for promotional events, a beverage napkin is a common item that businesses use in an event. You can also use a beverage napkin in social events of your business. You can print custom embroidered patches on it and place them over tables of guests.

So when the guests show up in your event, the first thing they will see on their table will be the brand identity of your company which is a good way to create the right first impression of your business.

6.    Drink Coaster

Drink coasters are common items you can see on a dining table and desktop. They serve keep the surface from getting spoiled from drink spills. So they can be a very apt promo product to present to your clients and employees. They can put them over their dining top and desktop to keep it clean and safe from spots of coffee and tea.

7.    Koozie

A koozieis a kind of insulator that keeps the drinks cold no matter how hot the temperature is. A koozie can reduce the thermal conduction by up to fifty percent. A logo will look cool on a koozie and will instantly grab attention of onlookers.

You can present this item with a drink or give it away as a separate item during a trade fair. In either cases, you will be able to direct thousands of eyeballs to your brand identity.

8.    Beach Set

A beach party is incomplete without beverages which is why a beach set makes a perfect gift for your clients and workers. A beach party is about partying,lazing on a sun lounger and sipping the drinks on a beach. It is about reminding people the significance of beverages in a beach party and how it helps them unwind.

A beach set can contain items like a pillow, towel, robe and a pair of slippers. You can gift all these items with a free beverage product of your brand.So when people will sit on the lounger after a bath and take sips of your beverage, they will attract the attention of hundreds of people around the beach.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

9.    Water Bottle

A water bottle is among the most common promo products and it perfectly fits into the beverage industry.Your clients and workers need a water bottle to keep them hydrated during a hot sunny day. While your drinks can surely quench their thirst in a stifling hot summer season, they will need plenty of water to stay in sound health throughout the day.

To help themmeet their daily water consumption, you should give them a water bottle that they can easily carry in their hands and take sips of water to avoid running short of their dailywater intake.

10.  Cooler Cover

A cooler is an essential item for a beach picnic or a barbecue party. After all the fun and recreation, people want to wet their throat with some chilled beverages and a cooler is their go-to source to get them. If you give your clients a logoed cooler cover, it will definitely sell your brand to hundreds of people in a party. Therefore, you should add this handy giveaway to your set of promo products that you want to gift your clients and employees this year.

11.    Mug

People drink their coffee and tea in a mug. Just imagine the millions of people who drink these beverages in their daily lives and then imagine the number of eyeballs your brand will be getting with the imprinted logo on a mug.

So if you want to maximize the exposure of your beverage business and increase its outreach, you should gift a mug to your clients and workers. With a logoed mug, you can instantly uplift the visibility of your beverage business and make it a household name. These all are some of the most suitable promo products you can give your clients and workers on different occasions. Since they are used in daily lives, they will promote your business on a daily basis.

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