11 Tips to Look Cool in This Summer
11 Tips to Look Cool in This Summer

The summer is just around the corner and it is time that you stash some summer-friendlyclothing to let your body breathe during the scorching hot days. Summer is the time when youare constantly under the sunrayswhich affect your style to some extent.The constant perspirations, the dried out body and the sunburns tend to compromise your style and make you look dumb.

So if you are not willing to lower your style standards this summer then here are some of the best tips you should closely follow to keep yourself in good style:

1.    Drink Plenty of Water

Extreme hot weather drainsplenty of water out of our body in the form of sweats which can affect your skin. Water is essential to keep your skin smooth and supple. Therefore, you need to drink plenty of water to make your skin constantly glow throughout the summer. Drink at least 8-12 of glasses to keep your skin hydratedduring the hot sunny days.

custom-Velcro patches
custom-Velcro patches

2.    Say No to Black

Black is a bad choice of color to wear during the scorching summer days since it absorbs heat quicker than any other color and makes you feel hotter. For women who are conscious of their weight, black can be the onlysavior in the outdoors. But that’s the only exception.

Butif you want to feel cool and still look hot then go for pastel colors that are more breathable and look fantastic on the body.

3.    Wear Sunglasses

Wear Persol or Ray-Ban but you must don a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the harsh glaring sunrays and make a style statement. Apart from making your look supercool, a pair of sunglasses also keeps you incognito if you are a celebrity.

4.    Fill The Closet withThe White Cotton T-Shirts

There can’t be a better clothing for the summer than white cotton t-shirts. They are chic, soothing and breathable which make them a perfect wear to go out in the sun. To make a style statement, you can get some blank t-shirts and put on some fantastic custom patches.

A white cotton t-shirt can work with a range of pants like a pair of denim jeans or a chinos or you can wear it over a pair ofsweatpants or shortswhen you go to the gym.

5.    Don’t Wear Shorts? Give It a Try This Summer

A good pair of shorts can be an ultimate summer clothing item to beat the heat duringthe summers.And they can be your go-to thing for a beach holiday or pool party.The chubbies are the bestshorts to break you free from the heat while you still look stylish.

So while you will beplaying around the beach, you will let your legs feel the soothing effect of water. Don’t forget to apply a good sunblock to your legs to avoid getting the sunburns as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.


6.    Boat Shoes

And since we are talking about shorts, we have to make a mention of boat shoes as they both go together.Boat shoes are one of the best shoes you can wear to sport a summer look. The only rule to wear this shoe is that you don’t have to put on thesocks which is good if you are dressing down for a stroll to a beach or boating.

Besides, they are made with soft leather which allows it to easily fix into your feet without causing you a shoe bite.So get a pair of boat shoes to sport a casual look and keep your feet cool in the summer.

7.    Drape Your Head

While a pair of shorts exposes your legs to the sun, a hat or cap will be your guard against the heatstroke and will keep your face from the ultraviolet sunrays. Andwhen we talk about hats, we inadvertently think of the fedora. The good thing about fedora is that it is as stylish and chic as it is effective against the sunrays.

But if you are heading to a beach or island then a sun hat provides a greater shelter from the sun under the open sky.

custom Velcro patches
custom Velcro patches

8.    Keep a Hanky

Summer is when our body drains more water than other seasons and this is when a hanky is your savior. So if you have to attend a board meeting right after clocking in the office, a hanky will allow youto wipe out thesweats on your face. And if you are going for a lunch or dinner with your partner then it will save you from attracting the unwanted attention of the people.

9.    Use a Good Cologne

While a hanky can wipe out the sweats from your face, it cannot be a help to avoid the awful smell of sweat from your body and this is where a good cologne comes into play. So keep a bottle of a good sandalwood cologne to keep the air fresh around you.

10. Opt for Flowy Dresses

Summer is the time when you need to say goodbye to those form-fitting dresses that snug to your body.It is time to take out the lightweight clothes from your closet,the ones made from cotton, chiffon, silk, crochet and lace.

Not only will they make you feel comfortable in the time when there is no air but it will also save you from the discomfort of sweats you constantly get during the mosthumid days of the summer.

custom patches
custom patches

11.    Go Sleeveless

Summer is the right time for you to go sleeveless. It gives you a good excuse to expose your arms when you are in the outdoors. No longer do you have to wait for a beach holiday to don a tank top as you can put it on even when you go for a ride to a market or the gym.

Being sleeveless means you can feel more air on your body as well as express yourself wearing those cool tank tops with custom embroidered patches.

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