12 Dresses to Live the Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy is the most cherished time of a mother’s life. It is the time when a woman wants to feelthe happiest and wants to live every moment of it. Being a mother-to-be can have serious effects on a mother’s style. The increasing paunch made it difficult to fit into old clothes and the wardrobe needs a serious reality check.

To alleviate the pain of expecting mothers who don’t want to compromise on their style, we bring here a list of some chic apparels that they can wear during the gestation period:

1.    Long Tank

A long tank top is the most comfortable piece of clothing you can wear during the pregnancy. The soft fabric and ease of mobility is what makes it a perfect clothing for a woman during the three trimesters. It is also perfect for layering and you can wear it over a blouse or camisole to hide the tummy.

2.    Jumpsuit

A favorite of all the to-be-mothers, jumpsuit is both stylish and functional. It has that mother feeling that make every mother want to own this outfit. It will be your perfect maternity dress for the entire gestation period and will become a more practical outfit to breastfeed the baby once you become a mother. A jumpsuit comes in range of colors and you can wear it with a variety of outwear, such as a blazer or denim jacket with embroidered patches.

3.    Leggings

A pair of leggings is another comfy clothing for expecting mother. This clothing piece is an excellent alternative for a pant that restricts the body movement. So whenever you need to perform pregnancy exercises or feel like taking a stroll, you can wear a pair of leggings and you are good to go.

4.    Knits

Knits isafundamental clothing in the closet of anymother-to-be. The good thing about this wear is that it is extremely cozy and you can easily snuggleinto it. There is no restrictive hemline to press your paunch and it hangs loosely on the body.

Besides, it is made from wool which keeps the body cool in every season. In addition, knits goes with different types of lower wear garments.

5.    Stretchy T-Shirt

There can’t be a substitute to a tee. But a regular t-shirt can be too restrictive to wear when you have a large bump protruding from the body. But there are many t-shirts made from stretchy fabrics that you can wear to stay chic during the pregnancy period. On a bad fashion day, you can don a good t-shirt with custom embroidered patches to make your day.

6.    Little Black Dress (LBD)

One of the most versatile dresses in women fashion, LBDis a savior for theladies who are too conscious of their increasing tummy and want to hide it from the public eye. A LBD can hide a bulky body and make it appear decently smart.

LBD is a perfect outfit to dress up for a party or a dine-out with a partner. It has that elegance and class that will keep you on top of style for a formal or semi-formal occasion.

7.    Maxi

A maxi dress has can accommodate the girth of your body and you still manage to look attractive. A maxi is available in the most beautiful patterns that can breathe life to your bland style taste. There are patterns invines, florals and paisley that look just fantastic on a pregnant woman.Maxi has that feel that make any woman feel out of this world.

8.    Sweater Dress

If you are a home lover and spend most of your time at home, then a sweater dress is your best bet. It is particularly an excellent dress during the winters.You can just nestle in a sweater dress and keep yourself warm and comfortable.

A clunky sweater dress is big enough to accommodate every part of your body and you cannot have a better feeling than snugging into this dress.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

9.    Tunic

The tunic is yet another clothing known for its style and comfort. The clothing has the cut that accentuates the beauty of being a would-be mother. However, you should be particular about your choice of a tunic since it is available in all kinds of fabrics.To keep yourself at ease, you should go for a lightweight, stretchy and breathable fabric.

A tunic is a versatile piece of clothing that looks equally good on a range of lower-body garments, such as a pair of leggings or a palazzo pant.

10.  Spandex

Workouts are an integral part of a pregnant woman’s routine. However, it is a physically demanding activity that requires specific outfits. For a perfect workout session, pregnant women can wear spandex that are extremely flexible and allows the women to move around easily without causing any pain to their body.Make sure that the dress has plenty of room to contain the tummy within the cloth.

11.  Slouch dress

If there is one dress that has the best cut among all these dresses, then it has to be this dress. This dress gives you ample space to laze around in your bedroom or take a stroll to a beach. A slouch dress also has that appeal to make you look pretty even with that bump. It is a perfect out for every pregnant woman who wants to remain attractive during those three trimesters.

12. Maternity Tie Dress

A kind of wrap dress, a Maternity tie dress truly embodies the essence of a maternity dress and got its name for its association with pregnant women. This dress is wrapped around the body and is tied from the chest or sides. This is one dress that justifies the grace of being a pregnant woman.

You can wear this dress while you are at home or when you just want to go to the market. In any case, you will make a strong style statement to everyone who fixes an eye on you.

Maternity is the best part of a woman’s life. In all those days, these dresses will make sure that your style profile doesn’t get hurt and you remain functional throughout the gestation period.

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