12 Perfect Casual Friday Clothes For Men And Women
12 Perfect Casual Friday Clothes For Men And Women

Casual Friday is the only time when you are allowed to dress down and flaunt a personal style. But it is always tricky to choose the right dress for Fridays. But you have to keep in mind the fine line that differentiates a casual Friday from the other working days.

But if you are too confused to choose the right dress for Fridays, here are some of the ideas that work in every corporate setting:

1.    Blazer

We all have a love for jackets. When it comes casual Friday, there are many casual alternatives than the formal suit jacket and a blazer is one such piece of clothing. The great thing about the blazer is that it offers the option for layering. Unlike a suit jacket,you can wear it over a tee or shirt with custom patches.During the chilly winter season, you can layer a blazer over a tee to keep yourself protected from cold breeze and snow.

2.    Jeans

A pair of jeans is always the safe bet on a casual Friday. But a casual Friday doesn’t mean that you get too carried away with this piece of clothing (no ripped orsandblastjeans).Wear the right fit for your body and avoid going for skinny or baggy wear.Womenshould keep it simple with atee or a blouse, while men shouldwear it with a turtle neck or crew neck.

3.    Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt can look both classy and casual. It is a unisex piece of clothing that both men andwomen can wear with a nice pant. Men can don it with a pair of jeans, while women can wear it with a pair of jeans, askirt, or a Capri. You can also wear shirts with custom embroidered patches to give yourself a more individualistic look.

4.    Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is among the most common items of clothing people wear on the casual Fridays. They look best on both men and women, and they can be donned with or without a tee. Apair of jeans willgive you the right casual lookfor this winter-friendly wear.

5.    Jumpsuit

A Jumpsuit looks equally good on both genders, and it makes for a comfortable dress for the Fridays. You can wear it with shades ofwhite, grey, blue or black. To get that Friday feeling, you should wear a pair of sneakers with this casual dress.

6.    Denim Jacket

No piece of clothing can look as chic andstylish as a denim jacket. It is one item that you can layer with dozens of casual wears. Whether menwear it over a tee or women don it with a blouse, it will look elegant without making them look overdressed. It is a winter-appropriate dress, and you canwear it to protect yourself from thecold weather during winter season.You can also get a denim jacket with custom made patches to create your own distinctive style.

7.    T-Shirt

A tee is always chic and comfy. You can wear it under a blazer or with a denim jacket. But don’t wear the cropped top or belly shirt as showing midriff is not a norm in the corporate culture. Don’t use eccentric prints or offensive slogans as they are a “red flag” in the dress code policy.

8.    Leather Jacket

The leather is a special fabric, and it gives you an edge over your contemporaries. A leather jacket is perfect for a Friday look, and it goes with a variety of clothingpieces. Both menand women can pair it with jeans.Women have more options as they can dress it down with a skirt, floods, orPalazzo pants.

Custom Velcro Patches
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9.    Denim Shorts

Now, this can be contentious for some people. But if your company allows you to wear this clothing, then you are in luck. A pair of shorts can make you feel extremely at ease on Fridays, and you can easily slip in it with a tee or shirt. No hassles of adjustments.

But remember that a pair of shorts reveal your legs to the world. So it can be a risky call if you have pathetic legs. Don’t opt for daisy dukes as they are too revealing to wear in a corporate environment. And avoid wearing ripped, frayed or torn shorts.

10.  Sneakers

Sneakers are in fad.But they are a rarity in the corporate world unless it is a Friday. They are comfortable to wear, and they can be worn with almost any dress. Sneakers come in avariety of colors and styles, so you should be particular about your choice of this shoe. A high-top sneaker is a safe bet withcolors like white, black, gray and blue.

11. Leather Pants

Leather pants look fantastic on both men and women. Besides, they make the right clothing during the winter season when the temperature issignificantly lower than therest of the year. You can choose from range of top wear to don with a leather pant. Whether you pair it with a tee, button-down shirt, or a turtleneck, it will make you look good in every top wear.

12.  Canadian Tuxedo

A denim jacket with a pair of denim jeans can be the best combo for a casual Friday look. It makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable, and you can show a strong sense of style. A Canadian tuxedo looks best with leather boots. But don’t go for the long boots and instead choose ankle-high shoes.

Casual Friday gives you the opportunity to express yourself to the world. It is a day when you can take some liberty and try clothing items beyond the regular office clothing. Therefore, you should make the most of this opportunity and wear something that complements your personality and also say something about you. After all, it is the whole idea of casual Friday, isn’t it? Well, this is it for now. Keep reading our blog to get more tips on clothing, style, and fashion trends.

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