12 Promo Products To Give Your Clients In This Spring
12 Promo Products To Give Your Clients In This Spring

The winter is about to end in few days. And as the days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter, it is time for you to increase the visibility of your brand to the people. Though the spring has not officially arrived, it is the right time to kick start the promotional campaign with promo products and take your brand to the next level.

Presenting here are some of the best promotional items you can gift your customers to increase the exposure of your business:

1.    Umbrella

America receives the maximum rainfall from April through September, and these are the months when you can get a fair amount of visibility of by gifting an umbrella as a promo gift. Umbrellas come handy during the rain, and it gives the right exposure to your brand. An umbrella with custom patches and logo of your brand can catch the attention of people during the rainy season, and they will know about your company.

2.    Sunglasses

The sunny days will be back soon, and it will be the time for people to buy sunglasses to keep their eyes protected from the stifling weather and harsh sunlight. A pair of sunglasses can make an excellent promo giveaway during the springtime as more people will be heading to the beach and the sunglasses will guard their eyes not only from the sunrays but also from the sand and seawater.

3.    Baseball Hat

While sunglasses can protect the eyes, a baseball cap can guard the face of people who want to bask in the outdoors. There are many garment embroidery services which offer custom Velcro hat patches that you can use on the baseball hats before you gift them to your clientele. Apart from being a useful accessory for outdoor trips, a hat also adds an element of style.

4.    Barbecue Set

Spring is when people treat themselves with a barbecue party. To contribute to their treat, you can gift them a barbecue grill set that will help them do the job with ease. So whenever they take out the barbecue grill set, they will remember the name of your company.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Water Bottle

Since spring offers a lot of outdoor activities to people, it consumes a significant amount of body water which makes people tired and exhausted. With a water bottle, you can provide your customers with an instant resource to refill their body water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

6.    Beach Towel

Spring is the time when people go to the beach to get wet and have some fun. It is when people indulge in surfing, rafting, and snorkeling. And after all the time they spend in the water, they need a towel to dry out their body. This is where a beach towel with custom embroidered patches of your company can act as an advertisement for your company and attract the attention of people on the beach. So while people will be busy cleaning their body, they will be promoting your brand to the onlookers.

7.    Custom Made Hand Fan

Spring has its share of hot sunny days, especially when the heatstroke strikes during the months of June, July and August. This is also the time when people take refuge under an outdoor spot to escape from the heat.

During this time, people need ventilation to get a constant supply of air. But there are times when nature makes things difficult, and the people run short of a sufficient amount of air.

In those moments, a hand fan can provide relief to the people who are strolling on a beach or lazing under the sun. To avail this opportunity, you need to give away a custom made hand fan with the name and logo of your company which will hook the attention of the people as well as promote your company’s brand.

8.    Custom Made Outdoor Toys

Spring gives people many reasons to go outdoors and have a good time. Among the many reasons, the joy of outdoor games is a major reason why people love to hang around the outdoors. This is your opportunity to convert their pleasure into a promotional activity which can benefit your brand.

Giving away a custom made toys that have the name and logo of your company is the best way you can cash in this opportunity and let more people know about your brand. You can put custom made patches on the toys, like flying discs, beach paddle ball and golf ball, in order to make an impact on the onlookers and create the right brand image in the eyes of your leads.

9.    Leisure Items

Leisure products are some of the best-selling products during the spring season. People make use of leisure items during an excursion or resort trip when they want to unwind after a long day. Leisure items like foldable chair and hummock make the best leisure items that people can fall back on when they are drained out of energy and need some rest.

10.   Backpack

For the trekkers and mountain climbers, spring is the perfect time to take out their gear. Among the many things that they need in this strenuous activity, a backpack is an essential item since it contains the entire stuff of their journey.

A backpack with the brand identity of your company will allow you to let your customers advertise your brand to the world while they will be doing some adventures.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

11.   T-Shirt

People spend a big chunk of their time in the outdoors during the spring season, and this is why you need to give them a t-shirt to spread the name and slogan of your business to the outside world. Since it is the summer time when the temperature is at its peak, you need to give them a cotton t-shirt which is more breathable and feels cozy on the body.

12.    Celebrate Earth Day

The Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year which falls during the spring period. To celebrate this day, you can offer eco-friendly promo products to your customers that will not only promote the message of pollution-free Earth but will also promote your brand.

Things like a recyclable plastic bottle, 100% organic cotton bag and corn plastic mug are some of the best products you can give away on Earth Day. You can even organize an Earth Day event where you can distribute these items to your clients and workers.

Presented above are some of the best promo products to gift your customers. You can offer them during a promotional event or conduct a trade show to give away these items to your customers.

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