12 Rules From the Style Book of the British Royals
12 Rules From the Style Book of the British Royals

Suave, sophisticated and prim, are the three words that describe the style profile of the British royals. We all know that things like a pair of ripped jeans or a t-shirt with custom patches can be a part of a wardrobe. But a royal wardrobe is more than just that. Being part of the British nobility, every member has to go by the stylebook of the royals that incorporate everything from wearing a suit to donning a hat.

If you are charmed by the style of the royals, here are some of the rules that define the dress code of the British monarchy:

1.    The Queen Must Wear the Bright Colors

The bright and bold colors are part of the dress code of the Queen.The idea behind the use of the colors is to get noticed in the crowd. As her daughter-in-law puts it: “She needs to stand out for people to be able to say ‘I saw the Queen.” So the next time you see the Queen wearing the bold colors, you should know that it is a part of her dress code policy and not a personal choice.

2.    Tiaras Are Exclusively Worn by the New Bride

Tiaras are symbolic of the royal tradition and they have been worn by the brides in the history of the monarchy and this custom is still in practice. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, donned the tiara of the Queen Elizabeth when she tied the nuptial knot with Prince Williams in 2011.Meghan Markle wore the famous tiara of the Queen Mary on her wedding day.

Now you should know that a tiara is not just a royal ornament but a necessary jewelrypiece to show the marital status of a royal woman.

3.    Women Must Wear Hats During Formal Events

The aristocrats are not allowed to show up in a formal event without a hat. The trend is in practice since 1950s when the use of hats waned in public appearances. However, the rule is only effective until 6 p.m. and the ladies have to remove it as the clock ticks 06:01 p.m.

However, the married women can put on a tiara to substitute a hat.Earlier it was strictly against the royal etiquettes to appear in formal ceremonies without a hat. However, the tradition is no longer as strict as it was in the past.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Royals Can Wear Jeans on Casual Occasion

A pair of jeans is the least preferred piece of clothing for the royals. This is why they wear it only when an occasion warrants it. For example, they can wear it during a stroll with a dog. The last time we saw the royalty in a pair of jeans is when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the wheelchair tennis match during their visit to Toronto in the year 2017.

Of course, the royalty is not allowed to wear the jeans with custom-made patches of objectionable stuff or something that has the derogatory slogans.

5.    Colorful Nail Polish is Not Permitted

While Meghan Markle is recently seen with brightlypolished nails, it is generally not allowed for the royal women to apply bright and dark colored nail polish.The neutral and pale colors are the only shades that the women can wear on their nails in public appearances.

6.    The Babies Are Not Allowed to Wear Pants

The royal babies have to bear with the cold knees until the age of eight since they can only wear shorts as the clothing piece for lower body. The practice is traced back to the 16th century which kept the young babies fromwearing pants. They are only permitted to wear the trousers only after they reach the age of 8.

7.    British Royals Only Prefer British Designers

Being the hierarchy of the British monarchy, this is the obvious thing that every member of the aristocracy must follow.The British royal familyhas to look British and buy the British products and the clothing is no exception.

The wedding dress ofMeghan Markle was designed by the famous British designer Clare Waight Keller. And we all know that how muchKate Middleton is fond of Jenny Packham.

8.    The Dressing Has to Be Modest

Short hemlines and plunging necklines are a big no in the dress code of the nobles. In fact, the hemline of the royal women is interlocked with lead curtain weights that keep the item in its position. In addition, royal women are not allowed to be photographed in a compromising position. There are many photographs of Princess Diana in which she is seen using the clutch to hide her cleavage. The modesty rules the sartorial choice of the aristocracy and that’s how the royals have to carry themselves in the public.

9.    Clutches Are More Than Just the Handbags

Not many people know but the clutches serve more than just handbags for the royal women. The majority of the time, they are used to avoid the handshake from someone who is in proximity to the royals. Besides, the queen and princess use this accessory as a tool to hide their necklinesin front of the paparazzi.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

10.  Don’t Wear Wedges On a Royal Event

Wedges are considered taboo for the royals. The queen has a low opinion of the footwear and she just doesn’t like it. While Princess Kate Middleton has a liking for the wedges, she doesn’t wear it when the queen is around. So if you are invited on a royal ceremony, leave this footwear at home or you might be escorted to the gate.

11. The British Royals Are Expected to Wear Military Uniform During the national days

While it is not compulsory for the nobility to enlist in the military, they have to honor the important days associated with the army or the country.For example, they have to wear the military uniform at the important national days, such as Remembrance Day, the Trooping the Colour or any ceremony that honors the British army.

12. They Can Try Different Outfits to complement Their Visiting Country

The royalty has the freedom to choose the different types of outfits while they are visiting a country. They can wear dresses to complement the style codes of the host country.

In the past, we have seen the Queen Elizabeth in jade green dress when she toured the Ireland. Princess Diana donned the national dress of Pakistan when she traveled the country in 1996. Kate Middleton was seen in ahat adorned with a maple leaf when she visited Canada in 2016.

There are some of the salient rules from the style book of the monarchy. Take them into consideration while you are invited to a royal event.

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