13 Popular and Clever Ideas for T Shirt Printing
13 Popular and Clever Ideas for T Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is a form of self-expression. You can express a style, social message or even yourmood in different patterns and designs of a t-shirt. It could be a floral design, cartoon character,one-liner or logo or custom patches of famous brands that you wear on a t-shirt to express yourself to the worldor promote an idea.

Every t-shirt design has a uniquecharacter that gives your style a sort of individuality. If you are in the midst of printing your next set of t-shirts, here are some of the coolest designs that you can consider to look your best:

1.    Use an Abstract Design

Abstract designs have that enigma that attract people and catch their eyes. If you are a painter or digital artist, you can create some alluring artworks and convert them into a t-shirtprint. But if you don’t have that sense of imagination, then you can consider printing your t-shirts in appealing abstract designs inspired from artworks of famous artists, such as Michelangelo, Von Gough and Picasso.

2.    Use a One-Liner

Remember the famous one-liners of famous personalities, like “I have a Dream” from Martin Luther King Jr. or “Bond, James Bond” from Sean Connery. People love to print such one-liners on their tees as they sell a message with little effort.

A one-liner doesn’t have to be a thought-provoking quote or a political slogan and you can come up with a funny one-liner as well. A one-liner conveys a message in fewer words and it helps you build your image in eyes of people.

3.    Print in neon Colors

Neons are in fad nowadays. The green, pink, yellow and orange are back in the scene and more people are wearing these colors in 2019. Celebrities are also loving neons these days and printing their t-shirts in one of these colors.If you want to up your style game this year, then you should addneons in your color pallet for t-shirting printing in 2019.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Add Comics

Comics are fun and they can really turn heads when printed on a t-shirt. We have seen some fantastic comics as print in the past. Some classic examples include superman and batman. But today you will find plenty of other comic characters to print on your t-shirts.

5.    Print Floral Patterns

Florals are the evergreen prints that you want to wear on a beautiful day. They look attractive on a t-shirt and make you appear young and cool. Vines, paisley and flowers are some of the most eye-catching floral patterns you can print on a t-shirt.

6.    Make a Collage

Collage makes one of the best prints on a t-shirt. They are the best pattern to make a style statement or tell a story. You can make a collage of one of your favorite foods, musicians, styleicons, or pets. Or you can make a collage oflogos and custom made patches of your favorite brands and print them on a t-shirt.

7.    Create a pocket Artwork

The patch pocket is a common thing on a t-shirt and it can be a good canvas to print some eye-popping designs. You canprint a simple logo of a famous brand or get the initials of your name imprinted on a pocket. Or you can decorate the pocket with an abstract art orfloral pattern. All these print options can make your t-shirt stand out in a crowd and make you look chic and cool.

8.    Get Creative

If you are an imaginative soul and want to print something out-of-the-box, then you can find plenty of ideas on internet to print your next set of t-shirts. You can make a hand look as if it is sticking out in your belly or print a set of eyes behind the pocket to make it lookas if someone ispeeping.Go online and check out some creativedesigns for printing your t-shirt.

9.    AddCultural Elements

This is an era of globalization where a person in one region can learn the cultural things of other region.If you have a fascination for other cultures and want to depict them in a t-shirt print, then you can mix their various cultural elementsin a t-shirt print.

However, you should be conscious about the sensitivities of a particular culture and don’t print anything that could hurt the sentiments of a specific community.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

10.  Spread a Social Message or Call for a Political Change

A t-shirt print can be used to propagate a social message or trigger a political change. Social enterprises and activists use a t-shirt to spread awareness of a social issue or a prejudice against a group of people. If you work in a social organization or work as a volunteer to help victims of social prejudice, then you can print a powerful slogan or one-liner that echoes the voice of those people.

Similarly, you can use a t-shirt print to show your support for a political change. You can print a t-shirt with a political slogan to call to a specific group of people for a change. A well thought-out slogan can help you address people regarding a noble social or political cause.

11.  Use Color Splashes

Colors have a strong effect on human minds. A color splash on a t-shirt can breathe life into your t-shirt design and turn the heads of people towards you. However, it should not be a random spot of colors but a concoction of beautiful colors that look beautiful together.

12.  Print indie-Dye

Tie-dye print was a rage during the hippie era of 1960s and 1970s. The trend oftie-dyeprint has resurged recently and more people are printing their t-shirts in this pattern. A tie-dye print has an element of hippie-inspired style and a taste of modernity. You can wear this print for a casual look.

13.    Use Metallic Colors

Metallic colors look rich and lively on a t-shirt print and blend with majority of other colors. For their brightness and vibrancy, they are considered one of the most appealing colors in a t-shirt design. You too can try out these colors to make your t-shirt prints look more striking and attractive.

These are some of the ideas for t-shirt printing that you can try this year to make a strong style statement as well as spread a message.

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