Real estate is a million-dollar business in America. According to a survey by Statista, the volume of commercial real estate reached $394 billion in 2018 and it is forecasted to become even bigger in the coming years. So if you are a real estate agent, realtor or a real estate developer, you have a bigger wiggle room to earn huge bucks in this industry.

Giving promo products is one sure-fire ways you can promote your real estate to your target audience and build your clientele. Based on the current trends, here are some of the most popular real estate promo products that you can give to your clients:

1.    Key Ring

A key ring is one of the most common promo products you can gift to clients.A key ring can be the best gift you can give to a client who has just bought a residential propertyfrom you or rented a house. This key ring will delight their mood and give them an increased sense of elation of owning a home.

2.    House-Shaped Stress Reliever

A house-shaped stress reliever is a handy tool to unwind while you are lazing or just killing time. With this product, you can relax your muscles and release the stress in a natural way. A house-shaped stress reliever is an economical promo gifts that your customers will love to own.

3.    Magnetic House-Shaped Calendar

One of the most common items seen in the homes of people, a magnetic house-shaped calendar can look fantastic on the different surfaces and let people know the exact date of the year. People can fix it on any metal surface that is easily visible to the eyes.People place this promo item on a refrigerator so that it remains in line of their sight. In other words, people will look your corporate identity hundreds of time in a day.

4.    Flashlight

A flashlight is a necessity in a home and it comes handy during the blackouts. Being a caring real estate business, you can be a savior to your clients by giving them a flashlight to help them search things during the blackouts.A flashlight with custom patches of your brand will be a constant reminder to your clients that you are a business who cares about the life of its customers.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

5.    Hot/Cold Pack

Moving to a new house can be hectic and stressful. To help your clients relieve from the stress of packing and moving to a new location, you can gift them a hot/cold pack that ahome owner or tenantcan use to let himself free from the pain caused bythe laborious work of shifting to a new place.

6.    Smart Plug

A smart plug is a new type of plug that people can use in their homes to control all the devices plugged into the smart plug using a smartphone. Whether you want to turn on a light or set your next morning timer, you can use this smart plug to manage all your daily activities.A smart plug can use a logo and brand name of your company to invite attention of the onlookers.

7.    T-Shirt

A t-shirt is an evergreen prom product that fit the requirements of every industry. You too can use the power of a t-shirt as a promo product in order to advertise your business to a large number of people. A t-shirt with the slogan of your company and a few custom-made patches  will be enough to generate curiosity of the people and engage them in your brand.

8.    Drinkware

Every home needs a set of drinkware to serve their daily needs of beverages. A set of drinkware can include items like a jug, bottle, glass, coffee cup, and tea mug. Each of these items is essential for people to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

So the next time you clinch a property deal, you can offer these items as giveaways to your new clients who have just rented or bought a house from you.

9.    Power Bank

Relocating to a new home can have certain glitches that can cause you inconvenience. Among them, the most common issue is the lack of a proper electricity outlet to plug a phone charger. In that event, a power bank can be the “go-to” source for people who are running short of battery life. So it makes a perfect promo product for your clients.

And to make it an advertising tool of your company, you only need to imprint a logo and brand name of your company on it.

10.   Kitchen Set

Kitchen is an integral part of a home and a kitchen set can be an excellent promo product for your clients who are about to settle in a new home brokered by you. Just when you finally give them the keys of their home, you can present them a kitchen set as a promo product and they will feel special with this gesture by your company.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

11.  Scented Candles

Scented candlesare the best décor items for any home. They look good in a room and their magical smell breathes life into any space and gives it a new energy. To make your client feel lively in a new home, you can give away these scented smells that can add a magical aura to their rooms and let them feel the good vibes about their new living space.

12.  Bamboo Cutting Board

A cutting board is a necessity in the kitchen and women cannot do without this important kitchen accessory. To make their job easier, you can gift a bamboo cutting board to your clients with whom you have just closed a property deal.

A bamboo cutting boardwith logo of your business on the center will make sure that the ladies keep a mental note of your company and remember it every time they lift the knife to slice or chop meat, vegetable or fruits.

13. Miniature Home

The pleasure of buying your own home is a eureka moment that everyone wants to celebrate. It feels special to own a house. A home where people can relax after a tiring day. A home where people can laze. And a home where people can do all the crazy things.  This is what we call“Home! Sweet! Home!”

To celebrate this special moment, you can gift your clients a miniature home with the exact date of purchase. They can put this gift in their personal space and it will keep them reminding that special day of their life and the brand identity of your business will etch in their minds.

The real estate industry is a big business and you have to make every effort to make your presence count. This article lists some of the most viable promo products that you can give to your clients and make an impact on their minds.

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