14 Best Promo Products to Spread Awareness of Your Healthcare Business
14 Best Promo Products to Spread Awareness of Your Healthcare Business

The Healthcare industry is a billion-dollar business. In the U.S., it is one of the biggest sectors that significantly contribute to the annual revenue of the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people around the world spend US$ 6.5 trillion on health every year.So there is a big wiggle room for healthcare companies to market their products and services.

This article shares the best promo products healthcare companies can use to promote their business to consumers. Here they are:

1.    First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a household item that people need in their daily lives. Peopleneed some medical assistance tocure a disease andensure good health and overall wellbeing and the first aid kit is their “go-to” source to get the initial treatment.

Whenever people need instant medical treatment, a first aid kit is the first thing that comes in their mind.A first aid kit is the best gift you can give to your clients to spread the word of your company.

You can put custom patches of your healthcare company on the kit to remind people about your companyevery time they take out an accessory from the kit.

2.    Thermometer

We all need a thermometer to check the body temperature and take timely medical assistance in case of fever. So a thermometer with the logo of your company can be an excellent giveaway for the people to keep acheck on their body temperature.

Whenever they take out the instrument to measure the temperature, they will be doing a free advertisement for your healthcare company.

3.    Dental Kit

Oral health is essential for our wellbeing. By giving away a dental kit, you can convey this message to your target audience and promote your business at the same time. A dental kit can include items like a toothbrush, a toothpaste, dental floss, and a mouth wash.

It can be a useful kit for frequent travelers as they can instantly wash their mouth after a meal or a drink. Make sure that your logo is visible on the kit and doesn’t get overshadowed by custom made patches of the oral care brands.

4.    Travelers Medical Kit

Traveling can be a hectic and tiring affair. After all the hassles of work and travel, a headache orjet lag is the last thing people would want before they hit the hey. In the event when a traveler can’t sleep due to any of the reasons mentioned above, a sleeping pill or painkiller can be a savior for the frequent travelers, and they will remember the name and logo on the medical kit.

5.    Gym Kit

A gym Kit includes a stopwatch, water bottle, and earbuds that you can carry in a gym to help you in your workouts. The kit will serve as a source for the user whenever they run short of body water or need to change their attire. You can also gift them a headband,sweatshirt or tank top by using custom patches for clothes.

6.    A Pill Case and APill Cutter

Nothing is more frustrating for people than missing theirdaily doses of medication. A pill case will help your clients hold the pills in a place. You can even make separate boxes in the pill case and name them according to days of the week to help the user remember the right dose of a particular day.

Besides, you can gift a pill cutter to help your clients easily cut their pill into pieces. All these things will make lives more comfortable for your clients, and they will certainly remember the name and logo of your company on these items.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

7.    Hand Sanitizer

People are occupied with bacteria and germs in their homes and workplace. Germs reside on the surface and in the air. They live on the walls of the home, and they breed in the interior of cars. To rescue the clients from these intruders, a hand sanitizer can be the right promo product.A hand sanitizer will help keep your clients stay away from these germs and live germ-free life.

8.    Hot or Cold Pack

A Hot or Cold Pack is another promo product you can give away to your clients to relieve them from muscle pain and recuperate from an injury. You can gift a hot or cold pack to your clients with a logo of your company and let them promote your company to the people in their social circles.

9.   Stress Gripper

People who exercise regularly tend to develop stiff muscles, and they suffer from muscle pain. With a stress gripper, they can reduce the tension in the muscles and make them supple and flexible to avoid muscle cramps after a strenuous workout.

10.   Bandage Dispenser

People often get a small cut, bruises, and scratches and a bandage dispenser is the best thing to protect them against the infection. So it will not expose it to the moisture, and it will quickly heal the injury as well. You can make your own patch on the bandage by hiring a logo digitizing service.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

11.  Tissue Pack

A tissue pack is an economical promo product that comes in handy in daily life. You can gift this product to your clients and staff during the winter season when there are higher chances of getting flu and cold. A tissue pack with the logo of your healthcare facility will become a promotional item on the desk of your staff or in the living room of your clients.

12.  Paper Bag

A paper bag is a more sustainable alternative than a plastic bag to give your clients. You can put the prescription and medicines in this bag that the clients can easily carry to their home. So while they move around in their home or workplace, they will give free publicity to your company.

13.  Stethoscope ID Tag

A stethoscope ID tag relieves your staff from the hassle of finding their stethoscope. You can imprint the name of your staff member on this item with the logo and name of your company. Since it hangs around the neck of doctors, it will be easier for the patients to see the logo of your company.

14. Wet Wipes Dispenser

Wet wipes serve as an instant cleansing material for people on the go. You can gift this item to doctors and patients so that they can stay clean and hygienic. It is a cheap promo product for your healthcare business that will not cost you a big budget.

Promo products can play a crucial role in raising awareness about your company. With healthcare promo products, you can not only promote your healthcare company but can also encourage people to live healthy life.


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