Top 9 Biggest and Best Motorcycle Events in America

Biking is considered one of the most significant fun events. People, usually enthusiastic bikers, love to hang out and talk motorcycle with all like-minded bikers. They wear specially designed leather jackets and vest decorated with biker back patches on the back of the jackets or vests.   Are you a lover of the motorcycle culture? […]

5 Reasons Why Uniform Custom Velcro Name Patches Make Difference

There are several reasons your business should consider purchasing employee uniforms with permanent name tags or custom velcro name patches. Whether making a new purchase from online work uniform stores or using an industrial uniform rental service, adding customized name patches has big benefits to your business. Here’s how name patches could improve your bottom […]

How The Fashion Industry Has Evolved And Where Technology Is Leading It To The Next Level

From AR/VR dressing rooms to temperature-changing innovative materials and beyond, let’s examine how the fashion business has evolved and where technology is leading it next. From the sewing machine to the development of e-commerce, hand-made custom embroidered patches to the machine-made custom velcro patches, the fashion industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. […]