3 Core Strategies to Promote Your Art Like a Pro Marketer
3 Core Strategies to Promote Your Art Like a Pro Marketer

Creating art and being creative is your passion? You dream of selling your masterpieces and turning your passion into your profession? Or have you possibly already sold the first works, but you are wondering how you should make your life of these revenues.

You don’t need an MBA degree to market your art.

Many of the incredibly creative people live for the arts and do not want to do anything else. The stories of tragic artist life, which ended in miserable poverty, range from Mozart to Blake,not to mention the tens of thousands of whom hardly anyone remembers these days.

You can still be so ingenious and creative – If nobody knows you and if you do not know how to sell your art, you will not earn anything with it.

The question of how to sell your art is related to so many different topics that we want to discuss in this guide:

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of marketing to artists, give you clues about how to praise your art, and which sales channels you can use to turn your passion into $$$.


Technological progress ensures market transparency and more open competition. While it is still important what connections and contacts you have in your industry, the Internet itself turns off all intermediaries. The Internet is, in a sense, the middle man who connects you directly with your customers.

·        Social Media Profile

It may seem repetitive for artists to maintain their profiles in social media. The truth is, however, that the presentation on social networks is still neglected by most.

To get started, it is enough to create a Facebook fan page as an artist and open an Instagram profile dedicated to your art. The pros and cons and features of each platform are now so diverse that they are challenging to differentiate.

In general, however, it is still true that you can interact better with the viewers on Facebook and lead in-depth dialogues, whereas Instagram is above all visually appealing and designed as a mobile-first app for use on the smartphone. Basically, Instagram is a vast photo diary of individual profiles with mature chat, comment, and Like function.

Especially for you as an artist, Instagram is the perfect platform to present your art. The importance of Instagram is hard to miss with more than 800 million monthly active users.

·        A Personal Website

A website reflecting your own personality is worth time and effort.

A website is the online figurehead par excellence. You can see your homepage as the linchpin that you can link to your social media profiles and start a blog to keep readers up to date with news articles.

But do not worry – you do not have to hire a web designer for your own website. Typically, a content management system like WordPress.org meets all the requirements that can be placed on a website. Using WordPress and a matching WordPress theme that will give your page a certain look, you can set up an artist website in just a few days.

A website offers potential customers a representative point of contact to inquire about your works or techniques or to contact you by e-mail.


As an artist, if you want to up your game a notch, you have to elevate from simple marketing to creating a memorable, hyped, larger-than-life brand out of you.

Yes, it is all about thinking differently. You are no longer an artist, but an entrepreneur and a Brand Manager. It is now time to open up a Branding Playbook and develop a brand identity.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

·        Show personality

Aside from your actual art, you should look after the people who are interested in your art. Interest in your art is good, but very few will actually buy your works without actually knowing you. Especially in higher-priced market segments, the personality of the artist and the design and emotions involved in art play a special role.

You can also reveal your personality online by answering questions about works, materials, and techniques or by writing an artist statement about you or your projects. Start a YouTubeVlog to talk about your brand and how has it help your customers in the past.

For example, if you are a designer, wear the branded shirt of your company logo on it, easily produced through custom iron-on patches technology, and interview one of your happy clients about her experience.

Being online and doing marketing for your own art certainly has advantages and disadvantages compared to direct personal contact.

While online tends to be easier to interact with a large number of people at the same time, the exchange takes place in the direct opposite generally with a higher intensity and more depth.

·        Do Not Forget the Origins

Nowhere does your personality reveal itself as directly as in a conversation with those interested in your art. Facial expressions, gestures, and emotions express themselves directly and have an effect on the interlocutor. Care should be taken therefore in personal contact and direct communication to gallery owners, customers, and prospective customers.


Many works are still not sold over the Internet. The personal contact and the inspection of the work on its processing and effect on site are still crucial for many customers.


Networking can promote your art business to places that otherwise may take a gruesome amount of time and effort. When you network with diverse but related people and organizations, ideas start to explode. Here are some of the ways you can network and inject fuel in your art business.

·        Art Exhibitions

Attend as many relevant art exhibitions as your time schedule allows. As a piece of advice, depending on the nature of the exhibition, wear a t-shirt, cap, bag or anything that shows your brand’s custom patches on it. Remember, an art exhibition or any such corporate event is a great opportunity for you as a brand to meet and nurture the relationship with other strong brands.

·        Corporate Events

Art fairs, business events, and other B2B events provide anexcellent opportunity for any business to expose them and connect with others in the game. If you are an extrovert and likes to strike a conversation with strangers, this type of activity fuels oxygen to your marketing.

Important: Do not lose the opportunity to swap visiting cards and follow up on them afterward.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on promoting your art, and you can incorporate one or the other into your strategy. If you want to help other artists on this vital topic, we will be happy if you share the article with them.

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