5 Important Questions That Should Influence Your Decision for Promo Products
5 Important Questions That Should Influence Your Decision for Promo Products

Promo products are effective marketing items that can uplift your brand. But giving away promotional gifts is one thing and getting the desired results from them is something different. To get your brand in front of your prospects, you need to strategically use the corporate gifts using embroidered patches in your marketing activities and that demands some thought and planning.

To help you get a better ROI of promo product marketing, we share with you questions that you need to ask yourself before you give freebies to your employees and customers. Here they are:

1.    Who Is My Target Audience?

When you are distributing the swags, you need to consider the taste of your target audience. Instead of making choices based on your likes, you need to understand the demographics of your target market and analyze the things that interest them in their lives.

To create that connection with your target audience, you need to choose promo gifts that they prefer to use in their daily lives. For example, if your target audience belongs to a teenage group, you should offer them things related with fun and recreation, such as game consoles, selfie stick or apparels.

Similarly, if are a wedding business, you can gift your clients the swags like a photo frame or a gift box of your brand. Thinking about your buyer’s persona is essential to create that “wow” factor in your audience. If you can make them happy, they would certainly remember your brand and would say good things about it to their family and friends.

2.    What Objectives I Want to Achieve?

Different businesses have different reasons to give corporate gifts. A startup that has just started its business would want to grow its brand awareness and would want to give away promo products to let more people know about its business. For such a company, a trade show is the best place to engage leads and offer them giveaways to increase the visibility of their business. On the other hand, a thriving business would want to acknowledge its most loyal clients. Such a business can present gifts toits clients who shared a big chunk of its sales. Similarly, a business that is celebrating its anniversary can give awards to its most brilliant employees who have contributed to its business with their outstanding performance.

These are all different objectives for a business to give corporate gifts using custom embroidered patches and knowing your objective to give promo products will help you achieve that specific purpose.

3.    How Many Promo Products Will Be Enough?

Knowing the total number of your promo product is essential to keep your marketing campaign under budget. There are many factors that can help you decide on the right figure of promo products that are needed for a marketing campaign.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

The first is quite obvious and that is the total number of people who will be receiving the freebies. However, the number of your promo products should not be based on the total number of recipients and it should be more than that number since some swags might get damaged or lost during the shipping or after you receive them. Besides, there will be people who want to get more items than you have expected and you might fall short of freebies to meet the requirements of recipients present at a promotional event. Secondly, you need to consider the shelf life of your promo product since every promo product has an expiry date, especially when you are ordering food items. If you are planning to order corporate gifts during the offseason, you should not buy every one of them and rather order them in terms of their shelf life.

By the time, they will reach your facility, they will be in sound condition to give to your target audience. You should first buy promo products that have a longer shelf life and then buy the ones with shorter shelf life. It is a good strategy to retain the quality of your products so that the recipients get them in excellent condition and feel truly special once they get them.

And lastly, you should take into consideration the shipping costs that make up a sizable amount of your total budget for the promo products. The more promo products you will order, the higher will be the shipping cost and the higher will be your overall budget.

4.    What Promo ProductsWill Be Suitable for My Business?

Every company has a brand personality and promo products extend that personality to its target audience. To create a uniform brand personality, it is important that your promo products conform to the image that your business wants to represent to its target audience. Are you an eco-friendly business that cares about the planet? Then you need to choose sustainable giveaways that don’t hurt the environment? Do you promote the traditional way of living to a specific community? Then you should add promo products that reflect the cultural norms of that particular community. Are you a creativity-driven company? Then you should pick promo products that can touch the imagination of your prospects. Promo products can serve as effective promotional items to etch your brand personality in minds of people and help them connect with your brand. Therefore, you should always give a thought to this question before buying giveaways.

5.    What Is My Budget?

The budget is an important factor when it comes to ordering corporate gifts. No company wants to go overboard with the budget and wants to get the promotional stuff within their buying power. To keep the finances under control when buying promo products, you should make a budget that fits the requirement of your marketing activity. The good thing about corporate gifts is that they are available in a range of materials, styles, and sizes and you can order from a specific promo product category that matches your budget. In addition, you can customize the promo products according to your preferences so that you get the best giveaways within your budget size. Promo products or corporate gifts make a difference only when they are aligned strategically to your marketing activities. Answering these 5 questions will help you order the right promo products that fit your marketing objectives.

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