Celine Dion performing in Manila
Celine Dion performing in Manila

Pop starsare inspiration for millions of people. It is not the high beats of their music, the extravagance of their shows or their dance moves but the aura that they carry on and off the stage that magnetize the public at large.

From Elvis Presley to Madonna, we take a look at some of the most stylish pop stars who have inspired a generation with their impeccable fashion sense and penchant for style. Here they are:

1.    Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, or The King as he is famously known as, has changed the rock ‘n’ roll music with his fabulous voice,upbeat compositions and pelvic dance moves. His arrival on the rock ‘n’ roll scene introduced a new brand of music which was fresh, exuberant and catchy.

But the world also knowns Elvis as a fashion iconwho had a magical appeal. He was a heartthrob of the millions who copied his style of clothing and mannerisms. Such was his effecton his fans that he would get surrounded by mob whenever he was out in the public eye.

On the screen, he was often seen with his flashyjumpsuit that was decorated with embroidery and sequins.And off-duty, he would wear the chicest dresses thatturned heads. He had a love for stripes and would love to wearpolos andjackets with custom patches.

His famous Pompadour hairdo was a rage during the 1960s and people copied it madly. The jazzy style, killer charm and electrifying music of Elvis Presley make him a true fashion icon and he will continue to inspire people for years to come.

2.    Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was the poster face of counterculture and his songs motivated the activists of civil right movement during the era of 1960s and 1970s. His songs also fueled theefforts foranti-war movement and became the slogans for pacifists.

As a style icon, he was known for wearing suede, stripes and the black. His messy hairstyle was the hottest asset in his personality. He could pull crowds with his mere presence on stage. His style got better with age. Even at an age of 78, he makes the crowd go crazy over him.

Though his once famoushairs are now hiddenbehind the fancy hats, people still love him for his hypnotic charm.From skinny pants and fitted blazers to fedora hats and wayfarers, Bob Dylan has inspired us with a number of clothing pieces that symbolize his unique style.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

3.    David Bowie

Sometimes words fall short to define someone as versatile as David Bowie. He was an iconic musician who was totally experimental in his craft. His music was influenced by his famous alter egos -Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke.

Much like his music, he would reinvent his style after every decade. We saw him in androgynous avatar during the 1970s. We saw him wearing the skinny pants, onesies and makeup in majority of his performances and people gottotally besotted by his androgynous avatars.

By 1980s, he was in a gentleman mood which was visible in his refined clothing that wasmore manly.Throughout 1990s, he experimented with his style and wore everything fromblazers andstripped trousers to embroidered coats and denim pants.

He was seen in hippie avatar throughout the 2000s era and he looked like the Bowie from his teenagewho was highly influenced by counterculture movement. He was seen wearing the floral and calf-length coats that were typical of the hippie era. His fans replicated similar coats using custom made patches ofhis photo. David Bowie breathed his last on January 10, 2016 but he remains an icon for his fans who still love him forhis unmatched panache.

4.    Diana Ross

The multi-hyphenate and the ultimate diva of American pop industry, Diana Ross made a name for herself in more than one industry. As afantastic singer anda veteran actress,she successfully dabbled in music and acting with equal zeal which is proven by her body of work and numerous awards.

The style mantra of Diana Ross can be described in one word: elegance. She looked just stylish in her every avatar. She is an ageless beauty whose style is not defined by parameters of time. Unlike the many celebrities from the 1960s era, she was a kind of jazzy gal who was known for her OTT style.

For the first half of her career, her dressing sense was more elaborate and was predominantly included decorations, like sequins and rhinestones. The dazzling outfits adorned her look in the majority of her performances. And then there were luxe gowns and evening dresses that were part of her appearances during the Supremes’ time.

And who can forget the sparkling catsuits that she donned during her performances which later became her signature dress? Her hairdos set new trends in feminine fashion and the gals started wearing bob, coiffed and big curls inspired by the diva. Diana Ross is a living legend who remains an influence to only the public at large but also the celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna.

5.    Madonna

Madonna is aptly titled the “Queen of Pop” for her numerous musical gigs that not only showed the world her talent but also revealed her style sense. Her career spans four decades and she is regarded as one of the greatest musicians the world has ever produced.

The style element has been an integral part of the inspiring music career of the lady.Madonna hasbeen reigning the pop music industry since 1979 and her style was evident in all of her albums.From her lacy wedding dress in “Like a Virgin” to her eyepatch look from “Madame X”, her unmatched style was visible in all her albums. Navel-baring, miniskirtsparachute pants, rope of pearls, lace gloves, and head scarf are some of the clothing pieces and accessories that are made famous this Madonna. Her bangs hairstyle was a rage during the 1980s and is stilla favorite hairdo of girls.At an age of 61, she gives a run for money to contemporaries who are much younger her age. All these pop stars are revered as a fashion icon for millions of people around the world. Their sense of fashion and attitude inspire people to become as stylish as these pop icons are.

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