5 Top Rated Boot Brands You Should Add in Your Winter Wardrobe
5 Top Rated Boot Brands You Should Add in Your Winter Wardrobe

As the winter is inching closer, people are making serious efforts to revamp their wardrobes. The season comes with a lot of warm and comfy clothing pieces that people buy to keep themselves insulated during extreme cold. Apparels like sweaters, coats, and jackets are a common sight in wardrobe of every individual during the winter season. But what about the feet?

Your feet equally need some solid insulation to stay protected from harsh weather. No matter if you are a man or woman, you have to build some kind of layer around your feet to keep in shape and this is where a good pair of boots come into play.

In this article, you will find some top-rated boot brands that you can put on this winter to keep your feet protected from the effects of extreme cold:

1.    Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoeshas its roots from wartime periods when American soldiers donned its shoes. It was the official footwear of American army men during World War I and World War II. Since then, Red Wing Shoes have evolved with the changing canvas of the world.Today, it sells boots made from the finest leather under its labels and custom patches.

From manufacturing work boots and hunt boots to makinghandmadeboots from traditional shoemaking techniques, Red Wing Shoes hasremained steadfast to the business of shoemaking. It has the most aesthetic, functional and durable boots in its arsenal.

All the shoes made by Red Wing Shoespromise absolute protection in extreme conditions since it uses only the superior-quality of leather. The shaft of their shoes can go as high as6 inches.

2.    Timberland

Timberlandis a brand that is among the best in the business. Launched in 1918, it started as manufacturer ofoutdoor wear for explorers and hunters. They ventured in shoemaking business in 1952. It got worldwide popularity after itusedinjection molding in footwear business and thenthe company went on to become one of the most successful businesses in footwear industry.

Known for using innovations in its range of boots, Timberland has made the sturdiest boots for all sort of peopleranging from mountaineers andhikersto fashionistas and laborers.The brand is known for is iconic design, high top and use of top-quality leather.

Timberlandbecame the best-selling boot brand during the 1990s when it was donned by skateboarders. Timberland has a fair share of popularity among the celebrities that include names like Jennifer Lopez, Kayne West, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna.

Timberland is an international player in shoemaking business that sells its top-rated boots under its label and custom made patches in every region of the world. Its iconic Timberland6” Premium was launched in 1973 and is still the best-selling product of the company.

3.    Dr. Martens

If you grew up during the grunge scene of the 1990s, then you need no introduction to the iconic Dr. Martens boots that were a rage during the decade. However, the popularity of Dr. Martens goes as back as to the goth and punk subcultures of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The boots by Dr. Martens have the style, comfort and durability to fit into wardrobe of any individual be it a style nerd, sportsman, supermodel, business executive or a blue-collar worker. Dr. Martens is popularly known for its eight eyelets, yellow stitches and air-cushioned sole.The rubber used in boots is 100% waterproof and can withstand the sleet and snow during winter season.

For women, it sells the popular boots like Chelsea, ankle boots, Mary Janes and heels, while the men can buy their favorites like the casual boots, rugged boots and studded and buckle boots.The pricing is moderate, so anyone can buy it. So get a pair of your boots from this fabulous British brand.

4.    Caterpillar

When you buy a pair of boots from a company that manufactures the world’s best machineries, then you can expect utmost quality and durability. Buying a pair of boots from Caterpillar can be a good investment in your wardrobe since it uses leather in entire construction of its boots.

The boots by Caterpillar come in three major toe construction:steel toe, composite toe and soft toe. All these different toe constructions are built with heavyweight materials to reinforce endurance of boots during harsh conditions. The shaft of a Caterpillar boot can go as long as 11 inches which is enough to protect your feet and ankles.

The Second Shift Bootby Caterpillar is one of its top-sellers due to its 6” inch high shaft that gives full protection to feet. It comes with a twolayers of fasteners that make it fit closely to your feet and make you feel comfortable.You can wear them for a party, on a beach, on a construction site or while playing extreme sports.It is well-built to bear the effects ofharsh conditions and can last long in your wardrobe.

5.    Clarks

One of oldest shoemaking business in operations, Clark is particularly known for pioneering “Dessert Boots” that are the staple product of this company. The shoes were inspired from crepe-soled boots of British army during the World War II. The design of desert boots was a brainchild of Nathan Clark who wasstationed in Burma where he noticed the design of boots of British army men and soon adopted it for the next production of boots in the Clarks. He named it “Dessert Boots”and as we know the rest is history.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

Even after more than 70 years, theDessert Boots are still the best-selling product of Clarks and it continues to be a fashion symbol for both men and women. However, they are not the only boots that this brand sells as you will find many other boots that vary in style, material and colors.

For men, they offer casual boots to wear for a party, high boots to wear on both formal and semi-formal occasions.And there is lace-up boots men can put on to get that Mr. Cool look. For women, it sells boots ranging from ankle boots andChelsea boots to knee-high boots and heel boots.

Boots are one of the essentials in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, we don’t give the due attention to this important item in a wardrobe and buy boots from any brand. To elevate your style standards this winter, you should buy from these fantastic boot brands.


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