6 Best Thread Brands You Can Trust For Embroidery Work
6 Best Thread Brands You Can Trust For Embroidery Work

A thread is the most important part of embroidery work. Without a good thread, you cannot produce embroideries or custom patches that look beautiful and last longer.

A thread is as good as its brand which means you have to be particular about the company that manufactures a thread as well as know the different features of threads so that you pick a perfect thread for your specific job.

Here we are going to share some of the best thread brands that you can consider to produce a perfect design:

1.    Madeira

The leader in the thread business, Madeira produces one of the best threads in the market that is famous for its rayon viscose material. Rayon is known for its tensile strength and durability. Madeira produces the best rayon thread which is ideal for use in an embroidery machine.

The good quality about the threads produced by this brand is that they don’t lint during the production. Since they are made from strong rayon material, they last longer than any other thread brand.

Madeira threads can be used for both hand and machine embroidery to create attractive designs on any fabric. They come in a range of colors to match the cloth and fabric. The spools are available in 18 different colors with a length of 224 yards.

2.    Gütermann

If there is one polyester thread that can withstand the high temperatures, then it has to be Gütermann. This German brand is operating for more than 150 years which proves that they are aserious business.The thread by this brand is strong enough to endure the rough treatments of washing and pressing and doesn’t lose its quality.

Gütermann offers threads for both professional and amateur sewers and they can use it for different purposes. No matter if you want to put custom embroidered patches on a fabric or sew a cloth from scratch, you can use the different types of threads by this brand to fulfill your requirements.

The threads by this Gütermann work best with a sewing machines, quilting machines, overlock machines as well as they come handy for hand sewing.The brand also offers threads in silk, cotton and metallic threads. All the threads are available in different colors and in varying lengths and weight. A box by Gütermann contains 26 spools of threads in 50w with a length of 100 yards.

The shorter length of the spool by Gütermann is the only downside of this brand since a 110-yard thread might fall short for big consignments.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

3.    KINGSO

If you are into knitting and crocheting, then KINGSOis one brand that you can fall back on.It offers24 different spools that have 24 different colors which you can use to create multiple designs. The thread is made from polyester which has the resilience and toughness to sew any fabric.

You can use the thread from KINGSO in quilting, decorative stitching, cross-stitching and hand knitting.It is compatible to work withquilting machine, overlock machine, hand embroidery, knitting, weaving and hand embroidery. The threads by this brand are available in 24 spools with 1000 yards of threads. In other words, you have 24000 of threads in total which you can use toaccomplish any project.

4.    Brother

Brother is an American brand that creates the best embroidery on a fabric which is known for its excellent tones, superb shine and unmatched richness. The brand has 50 spools that has 600 yards of thread in various colors.

In addition, the thread by Brother is famous for its higher durability and it is known to be a great heat-resistant thread that doesn’t scorch with increasing temperature.The higher vibrancy of colors is another upside of the thread by this brand. The threads are available at a weight of 40 wt. which is a thick thread to sew on any fabric.

The only downside of this brand is that it has only 50 colors in its product which limits the variety of colors in your embroidery.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

5.    LA Linen Serger

One of the best threads in the industry, L.A linen Serger is used by embroiders for heavy-duty sewing. The thread by LA Linen Serger is made from polyester which is one of the strongest threads in the industry.It is made from 100% polyester and can produce embroidery in 30 different colors. And with 6000 yards of thread in a spool, you can easily complete any projects without any hassles.The result is a design which is beautiful, has higher sheen and lasts longer.

6.    Coats & Clark

This is another thread brand that manufactures the finest polyester thread in the industry. Known for its economical pricing, the company provides top-rated threadswhich are second to none in the business. The spools are available in 3000 yards of threadin multiple colors. So you have good options to pick the right thread for your specific job.

You can visit the website of this thread brand and browse the product’s page that lists the different threads in terms of their materials, features, and purpose. You will find there plenty of threads according to their categories and you can choose one that fits your specific requirements.

Embroidery work is an intricate job. The professionals in this business pay particular attention to the thread brand since it can make or break an embroidery. Therefore, you have to be particular about the thread brand and choose one from the above-mentioned brands that meet the requirements of your job.

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