6 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Add in His Closet
6 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Add in His Closet

A shoe is the best friend of a man. A pair of dress shoes is essential to suit a formal outfit and flaunt your style while you are in the office, outdoors, or in a social event.

When it comes to dressing shoes, the options are endless. You will find plenty of different types of dress shoes in the market that vary in material and style. And of course, pricing is also a major factor. But a good dress shoe that fits your style and comfort is worth the investment.

Regardless of the type of dress shoes, there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of a dress shoe. Here they are:

·       Material

The majority of dress shoes uses leather as the chief material which gives it the necessary look to befit the elegance of a formal suit. Although a dress shoe is made from many other materials, it is the leather which makes it a footwear of the gentleman.

·       Style

There are plenty of styles in dress shoes. However, the majority of men wears the famous “toe-cap.” Atoe-cap is knownby the style of its toe.Based on shape of its toe, a dress shoe can be divided into four categories:  full brogue, half brogue, quarter brogue and Ghillie brogues.

·       Heel

Heel is an important feature of any dress shoe and it makes them suitable to wear on formal settings. While there are varying sizes of heel when it comes to dress shoes, you should buy one that has at least one-inch of heel.

To help you makethe right investment for a dress shoe, we present here some of the best men’s dress shoes:

1.    Oxford Shoe

The most stylish dress shoe for a men’s wardrobe, oxford shoehas the sobriety to match up the decorum of any formal occasion. Its construction makes it an apt choice to wear in a workplace or any social event that demands formality.

While many shoe brands sell different versions of oxford shoes under their logos and custom patches, the original oxford shoe is identified by its eyelets that are fixed under the vamp.Thisgives it a “closed throat” look which is typical of a formal shoe. The short back and narrow heel further enhances its sleek design and make it a perfect footwear to don on a formal outfit.Oxfords are an excellent option to pair with a suit or tuxedo for a wedding or a romantic rendezvous.

Custom Velcro Patches
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2.    Derby

Derby has a similar construction withthat of an oxford. The only difference is that its eyelets are stitched over the vamp which gives it an “open lacing” look. However, the overall design of a derby resembles an oxford shoe.

The elegant and refined look of a derby shoe makes it a right pair of shoe for any formal occasion. The open lacing of a derby shoe makes it a more comfortable option to wear in workplace, on a wedding day or when going for a business meeting.

3.    Loafers

The only moccasin shoe on this list, loafers are one of the earliest dress shoes that were first produced in 1847 for the King George VI. Since then, it has evolved as one of the best dress shoes for men. Loafers come in two distinct designs: penny loafers and tassel loafers.

Penny loafers are characterized by a cutout used on the vamp which adds an element of style in its design. The design of a penny loafers has a fascinating backstory. According to the lore, the cutout in the penny loafers was used by pupils of prep school to put their coins.

Tassel loafers are another version of this type of dress shoes which have a signature design as it uses the tassel as decorations on the vamp. Gucci is known for making the finest tassel loafers which it sells with custom made patches and monograms of its brand. Loafers make a suitable pair of shoes for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

4.    Monk Strap

A monk strap also has a resemblance to an oxford except that it uses straps instead of laces as a fastener. It has asophisticated design which complements the gentleman look for a formal event. Like majority of the shoes on this list,monk strapis also made from leather which adds to itssober look.You can wear this shoe on a two-piece or three-piece suit and with a tuxedo to look dapper on a wedding,soirée or a corporate conference.

5.    Chukka Boot

Chukka boot or Chukkas is a type of high-ankle boot that has been around since late 1940s. There are many stories regarding the origins of Chukkas. Some credit the inspiration of its name with the polo game where chukka is called a period of play. Other sources cite Duke of Windsor Edward VIIIas the person who popularized these shoes. Whatever the truth, chukkas have evolved as one of the most stylish shoes that every man wants to own.

While not a dress shoe in its true sense, a chukka shoe looks decently well on any formal suit. It looks equally good with a pair of chinos or jeans and a blazer. Dessert boot is the only variation of this shoe which uses crepe rubber sole instead of the leather sole that is used in the original chukkas.

6.    Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boot is symbolic of the mod era when it was a cultural thing in UK and wore by the members of Beatles. However, the history of these boots goes back to the times of Queen Victoria when it was first designed by the shoemaker of the queen. The queen herself was fond of this shoe and would wear it daily. Today, Chelsea boot is as much a part of a man’s wardrobe as any other shoe on this list. What makes this shoe worth the investment is its gusset sides which make it easier for the wear to slip into the shoes. The rounded toes, ankle shaft and low heels give this shoe the style and look that complement any type of formal outfits.

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