6 Style Rules for women to look as fashionably Stunning as A Hollywood Celebrity
6 Style Rules for women to look as fashionably Stunning as A Hollywood Celebrity

We all see celebrities on the red carpet or the famous fashion magazines. They look amazing and wear the most fashionable outfits created by the most renowned fashion designers. They are the constant creators of the latest fashion trends and want to look just as stylish. However, it often happens that when you are in front of your dressing room, regardless of the number of clothes you own, you have difficulty creating cool outfits that make you look like you’re attending a fashion event. There are simple fashion mistakes that many women make without realizing that it prevents them from dressing as stylishly as they like. Read below the fundamental rules a woman should know to get dressed and pose as a famous celebrity for the cover photo of top famous fashion magazines. As a side note, do not be fooled into giving a perfect, zero-size look. Perhaps you do not have the luxury of time and budget like most fashion icons. It is ok. You can still follow these guides based on your time and budget constraints. Also, keep in mind that looking amazing is a celebrity’s full-time job, not yours.

So, without further due, let us get rolling.

First and foremost,

1.     Find Your Own Style

One of the most important aspects you should keep in mind when trying to learn to dress amazingly is the fact that you need to find your personal style. We all look at the celebrities we admire in the famous fashion magazines, as the most reliable fashion icons to be inspired in choosing our everyday outfits. No matter how much you like a particular clothing style of these over the top celebrities, it may not be a suitable style for your unique self. Fashion icons should be an inspiration to you. They can guide you about fashion rules about the right combination of garments, colors, or material patterns. However, you should not try to copy someone else’s style instead explore your own style statement to leave your fingerprint in your dress choices.

This may also mean that you should tailor your clothes whenever you can. Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian wears best-fitted clothes which accentuate her beautiful body parts. A professional tailor is worth the investment here.

2.     Dress According to Your Age

Another crucial mistake that many women make and do not dress fashionably is the fact that they forget to dress according to their age. If you’re a young girl, you do not have to wear grandma style with big dresses. On the other hand, if you’re a mature adult woman, you definitely should not dress like a teenager. For example, you cannot afford to wear t-shirts with custom patches of your favorite music band. Always choose clothes and outfits that are tweak according to your age, position, and the event you are attending.

3.     Keep The Classic Accessories in Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends always come and go depending on the season and the speed of people getting bored with a trend. However, there are some fashion items that seemingly never go out of fashion no matter how much time has passed and they should not be left out of your wardrobes such as jeans, leather jacket, denim jacket or white t-shirt are the types of items that you can combine in most of your outfits.

Also, do not forget the compulsory accessories depending upon your occasion. A lot of celebrities like Taylor swift make sure to wear a baseball cap when they go out. Another trend that they follow is that they wear hats with embroidery on them to showcase their unique style. You can also personalize your hat using custom patches for hats.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

4.     Always Choose Comfort

We all wore clothes that looked great, but could not wait to go home and undress them because they were incredibly uncomfortable. You have to understand that you also have to feel great to look great. When you wear uncomfortable clothing, you feel awkward and have an uncomfortable feeling that is visible to all.

5.     Do Not Wear High Heels Unless You Know How to Run with Them

Not wearing high heels if you cannot walk in them is probably one of the wisest ideas you can get. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing a woman who tries to work in shoes in which she cannot walk. Most dress code tells women that they should not attend formal events with flats.

However, if you do not know how to walk high heels, or it is too painful for your feet, you should preferably wear flat shoes or shoes with a smaller heel. You definitely see pompous celebrities step onto the red carpet with incredibly high heels and look amazingly feminine.

However, you must remember that your safety and health are most important and that if you spend more time finding the right shoes, you can look extremely elegant, feminine and stylish, even if you do not combine your outfits with high heels.

And finally…

6.     The Makeup

Makeup is one way that celebrities use to bring out their inner confidence and glow. These celebrities use makeup to elevate their face looks so much so that you double-tap on instagram and want to keep looking at it forever. Getting these looks is not a rocket-science though if you become your own makeup artist.

Start with your skin tone and type. Because there are certain color tones that look good on certain skins. Celebrities use heavy makeup to match the lighting effect on their skin as well as to elevate a larger-than-life image. However, your skin base should match your skin color to make it look as natural as possible. They also use the primer to keep the makeup in place while performing on stage in front of the camera. You can match this too if you have similar responsibilities. Another critical aspect of their makeup is the use of highlights. They use highlights on lips, eye corners, hands, neck, and anywhere depending upon the nature of their performance. You are advised to use mid-ranged highlights that don’t look out of place or too odd for the event. We cannot, and should not, imitate the celebrity lifestyle, but we can steal a thing or two from their glamorous style and make it our own. This will not only uplift your own existing fashion signature but make you feel like a star, secretly.

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