7 Fashion Brands That Women Can’t Live Without
7 Fashion Brands That Women Can’t Live Without

From ancient times to modern age, women have dominated the fashion arena with their constant urge to look beautiful and stylish. The modernizationin fashion has led many women to set new rules in the style world. In fact, there are more fashion icons in today’s world who belong to the female gender then there are in the male gender.

Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Kerry Pieri are some good examples of style divas that ruled the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. They can wear a denim jacket with custom patches and make it a trend.They can don a simple hat and it will become the next hottest thing in fashion.

Apart from being highly conscious of their looks, women are also particularlypicky about the brands they choose to wear. From theirapparels and jewelry to their makeup kit and handbag, they are very particular about the labels of the products they use in their daily lives.

So if you are also a fashion lover who has just learned the art of grooming, we bring here a list of some of the top women brands that you can fall back on:

1.    Chanel

The pioneer in women’s fashion, the name of Chanel has remained synonymous with women fashion since its birth in the fashion industry. It was Coco Chanel, the leading lady of this brand, who reset the trends of women fashion after she launched her business in 1909.

The Little Black Dress from 1920s was the breakthrough product of the brand that changed the way people perceived the black color. Chanel transformed the color from being a taboo to becoming the symbol of class. And then came 1921 which saw the release ofChanel No. 501 and it became the most popular fragrance for any lady.

Chanel has also introduced some of the best handbags in history of women fashion. The 2.55 bag is the most loved of all as it introduced the use of straps in the bags and women could carry it without tiring their hands. Today, Chanel is the leading brands that sells the most luxurious fashion products for women of any age and body type.

custom patches
custom patches

2.    Zara

Zara is the world’s largest apparel retailer and one of the most aspired fashion brands for the ladies. This brand has the women’s clothing for every season. Whether you need a biker’s jacket with custom back patches for the winters or want a sun dress for the summer, women can find the most apt outfits for the season.

And women can find the other essentials of their wardrobe, such as a tank tops, jump suit, hand bags and the stiletto. The style is impeccable and the fit is just right for every body type. The pricing is one area that you should be looking for since Zara is known for selling the most expensive clothing pieces in the world.

3.    Everlane

Everlane is the youngest brand among the many fashion brands on this list. This is one brand where women can get almost everything from their shopping list whether they need the perfect tops and bottoms for their body or want the jewelries and accessories to jazz up their look.

The highlight of this are the wide range of shoes that fit the feet of every woman and enhance the most overlooked part of their body. From slip dress and culottes to sweaters and hats, the women can browse through wide-ranging clothing items for their specific taste.

4.    Stella McCartney

Who can know better know the style secrets of women than someone who is herself a woman and a fashion lover? Stella McCartney was a born fashionista who is a daughter of themusic icon Sir Paul McCartney. So she has that in her DNA.

She is an avid supporter of eco-friendly clothing and doesn’t make use of fur and leather in her clothing pieces. After launching her brand in 2001, she went on to become a leading fashion label in the British region. And her collaboration with the Adidas brought her into global limelight, particularly during the 2012 Olympics when she became the Creative Director for the Team GB.

Today, Stell McCartney is a global brand with stores in more than 50 countries. She is one of the most trusted fashion designers for the women who turn to the label to buy their best clothing items.


5.    Prada

Prada needs no introduction in fashion circles. The company has spent more than a century to stand where it is today. To single it out as a women-centric brand would be a lie since the brand has pandered to the men style as well and it is evident in the Hollywood flicks like Reservoir Dogs and The Great Gatsby.

Prada tasted thereal success only after Miuccia Prada took over the mantle offamily business in 1978 from the male patriarchs of her family who kept their female members away from the business.

As we know today that the girl has proved herself right and we agree that women do have an edge over men when it comes to style. At Prada, the ladies can shop for upmarketdresses, extravagant accessories, funky shoes and the most elegant sunglasses.But expect to pay more than what you pay to other brands.

6.    Hermès

Hermès is the oldest fashion houses in the world that is still rocking the world with its high-end accessories and jewelries for women.The company is one of the pioneers in handbag designs and is known for the famous ‘Birkin Bag’ that gave a new dimension to the style of women’s handbags. The item became popular for its exquisite design and the hefty price tag.

Keeping in view the high price of this brand, Hermès can be classified as an exclusive brand that primarily serves to the elites. Want to buy a watch? You should have at least $2500 in the pocket. Want to buy a pair of flats? Expect to pay at least $500. Even the least priced ear ringscost between $500 to $1000. But the quality is definitely worth the money.

7.    Christian Louboutin

The moment you Christian Louboutin, the red-lacquered stilettos flash into the mind. They look sassy and beautiful on women and we know much they love them. The stilettos atChristian Louboutin has the character to transform you from a nerd to the sassiest lady on the planet.

A pair of stilettos by Christian Louboutin can make your look for any occasion whether you are dressing up for an evening dinner or dressing down for a pool party.It comes in a various sizes and colors and can make you look the coolest lady in any event. Oh! Did I mention that the heel is available up to the size of 7 inches?

Fashion is one thing that has remained synonymous with women from ages. These brands not only groom the looks of women but also preserve them in the form of fashion trends that people continue to emulate.

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