7 German Fashion Brands to Consider for Your Next Shopping Spree
7 German Fashion Brands to Consider for Your Next Shopping Spree

We know Germany as a country that makes the best cars and appliances. But not many know that the country is one of the best manufacturers of apparel. Just like London, Paris, and New York, Berlin hosts many fashion events and ramp shows where fashion designers from around the world arrive to showcase their collection to the world.

Germany also has some of the top-quality fashion brands that make the finest apparel and accessories. But not many people are aware of these brands. To make you familiarized with famous German fashion brands, we present here a list of some of the top fashion businesses that have their roots in Germany:

1.    Adidas

Adidas is a major player in fashion business of Europe and dominates the business with its range of top-class apparels and accessories that cater to a varied group of consumers. From Hollywood stars and supermodels to athletes and laymen, Adidas has plenty of clothing pieces to fit into wardrobe of different groups ofpeople.

However, the athleisure is the forte of this German brand and it makes the superior-quality of sneakers, sweatsuits and all kind ofsportswear. In fact, the brand is the largest manufacturer of sports good in Europe and the second largest in the world.

Adidas celebrated its 70th birthday just a few months ago and it has grown significantly over all these years. Today, it has an amazing brand value of $16.7 billion. The Adidas Originals andStan Smith are some of the iconic products of Adidas that are worn by millions of people around the world.

2.    Puma

Puma is another supreme fashion brand from Germany. We have seen star athletes wearing Puma in sport fields. But the athletes are not the only beneficiaries of the fantastic apparels of this brand as it makes clothes and accessories for general public as well.

Puma has remained a strong contender in sportswear and has maintained a fierce competition with Adidas for more than five decades. Though, Adidas has topped sales in majority of regions, Puma has performed decently well as a competitor to Adidas.

The two have fought for domination in the Olympics and made the bestrunning shoesfor the professional athletes. Athletes like Usain Bolt and Jimmy Vicaut have worn Puma on the sprint field.But the glory of Puma is not limited to sports territory and it is equally liked by the fitness freaks and laymen who love wearing attire made by Puma.

The brand is available in all major regions of the world where it sells everything from t-shirts and pants to watches and sunglasses under the logos, monograms, and embroidered patches of the brand.

3.    Escada

Escada is a feminine fashion brand that was launched in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. It sufferedfew ups and downs over the years but recovered soon. Just when it filed for insolvency in 2009, the company was acquired by the billionaire Megha Mittal who invested in the company andthe takeover did well for the company as it took offsoon after that.

Today, Escada is a household name in Germany that is praised for its exquisite clothes that aredecorated with spectacular embroidery and custom embroidered patches.Escada has been a favorite brand of many celebrities and luminaries including the Princess of Wales, Princess Victoria of Sweden,John Elton and Kim Basinger.Apart from its beautiful clothing pieces, Escada is known for making aromatic perfumes that women can wear to get a great smell. It is one of the most liked brands among the women in Europe.

4.    Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss made its entry into apparel business in 1924. It then got involved in uniform making business and manufactured kits for the Nazis during 1930s and 1940s which is often cited as a dark chapter in history of Hugo Boss. The company was stopped from operating its business after World War II due to its association with the Nazi party.

Hugo Boss resumed operations in 1950 after Hugo Boss died in 1950 and his son-in-law oftook charge of the company. Since then, Hugo Boss has diversified its range of clothing and added everyday clothing and outfits in its collection.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

Currently, Hugo Boss runs two labels under its brand: Boss and Hugo. Both these labels sell thebest clothing pieces for men and women. The company also makes the finest fragrances for men and women. It launched the iconic Hugo Boss fragrance in 1998 which is one of the most favorite fragrances for men and women. As of 2018, the revenue of Hugo Boss is €2.8 billion.

5.    Jil Sander

This eponymous label was founded by Jil Sander in 1968. It started off as a womenswear but later incorporated menswear in its collection. Jil Sander was bought by Prada in 1999 and was lateracquired by Change Capital Partners in 2006.

The collection by Jil Sander are known for their spectacular designs, unisex features and superior quality. However, the style mantra behind Jil Sander can be described in one word: minimalism. The brand makes simple and elegant pieces that are made from high-quality materials and look fabulous in every season. This is one brand that has remained steadfast in its philosophy of style which is based on minimalism and simplicity and it did find a place in its market where it enjoys a decent clientele.

6.    JOOP!

Wolfgang Joop was an artist and illustrator before he established JOOP! as a fashion label. So you can expect creativity and imagination in his line of clothing which is visible in logo of his brand that uses the famous “exclamation mark.”

JOOP! was launched in Hamburg in 1986 as a fashion for snobbish fellows who only wear highly exclusive apparels. So the prices were higher when the label was launched. However, the brand later dropped its prices after going through a major restructuring in the late 1980s.JOOP! was acquired by The Holy Fashion Group in 2008 and itreintroduced many items in its collections that were once part of JOOP! including the JOOP! jeans and JOOP! bodywear.

Today, JOOP! is available in 30 countries where is sells all kind of clothing pieces, accessories and lifestyle goods to people with high taste in fashion. The price range liesunder the middle price segment which means the majority of people can afford this brand.

7.    lala Berlin

It was in 2007 when Lala Berlin presented her first summer/spring collection in a fashion week sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Since then, there was no looking back for lala Berlin and she established her eponymous label in the European region. The pieces by lala Berlin were praised for their urban feel and innovation. The apparels by lala Berlin are made from knitting using a fusion of various fabrics including jersey, silk and cashmere. lala Berlin operates over 60 stories in different countries. These are some fantastic fashion labels from Germany. Consider them for your next collection of clothing for autumn/winter season.

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