7 Hollywood Style Icons We Can’t Stop Loving
7 Hollywood Style Icons We Can’t Stop Loving

Hollywood has been a catalyst of change in the fashion world. The many fashion trends we see today are invented by the many supercool Hollywood stars. From James Dean and Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Diana Ross and Tom Cruise, the history of Hollywood has many doyen and doyennes who changed the rules of fashion world with their impeccable style.

This list will show you some of the most iconic Hollywood stars who are adored by fashionistas around the world:

1.    Audrey Hepburn

While it sounds very clichéd but Audrey Hepburn is the original style diva of the tinsel town. Her iconic role in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ made her the first fashion icon from Hollywood. Shedid the magic on the viewerswhogot besotted by her killer charm and grace. But the real show-stealer was the Little Black Dress that accentuated her hour-glass physique.And who can forget the black ballet flats she wore in the movie ‘Funny Face.’

Audrey Hepburn remained the reigning queen of Hollywood and a fashion idol for millions of people who adored her for her elegance and poise. Even today, the lady is looked up by the fashionistas around the world who can’t stop themselves copying looks from her classic movies.

2.    James Dean

The early death of James Dean deprived the world with a superb actor who epitomized class and sophistication with his unmatched sense of style. His fashiondefined the rebellious style of the 1950s. Through his films, he formed an image of a sullen man who is dejected with his life. But more than that, it was his choice of clothing that built his image of a rebellion.

From his pair of jeans and tee to his jacket and shoes, James Dean reflected the image of a man who is headstrong and carefree. Until today, he is regarded as one of the most influential fashion icons from the Hollywood who popularized the trend of simple and practical clothing of a real man.

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3.    Elizabeth Taylor

The bold and the beautiful, Elizabeth Taylor was never afraid from experimenting new looks. Whether it is her sassy look in the Butterfield 8, her tomboyish look in the National Velvet or her avatar of the Queen of Egypt in the Cleopatra, she dabbled in different style shades in her roles and they are what make her one of the most stylish personalities from Hollywood.

Just like her roles, she was quite a charmer in her personal life as well. She was extravagant in her style sense and was known for her elaborate look that was accessorized by flashy feather boas, eye-catching headpieces and fur wraps. Throughout her life, she remained under the spotlight of paparazzi who never missed the glitzy and glamourous life of this Hollywood diva.

4.    Marlon Brando

The original bad boy of Hollywood, the style sense of Marlon Brandon was synonymous with James Dean and helped him depict the antisocial elements on screen in his early career.His role in the Wild One was the highpoint of his style where he acted out the role of Johnny Strabler.

His look as the ringleader of a biker’s gang was the highlight of the movie. The leather biker’s jacket with custom patches, the denim jeans, the fitted tee and the leather boots, all added to his rugged avatar of an anti-hero persona.

Apart from having a strong screen presence, Marlon Brando has a fantastic physique that matched the many roles of a macho man he portrayed during the 1950s. He is still revered as one of the most stylish hunks from the Hollywood.

5.    Diana Ross

Diana Ross is one of the rarest celebrities who could pull the crowd wearing the most outrageous dresses. She was a chic both on-screen and off-screen. Her most iconic film ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ saw her depicting the role of Billie Holiday. Being herself an accomplished singer, she pulled off the role with utmost precision. She looked like a timeless beauty in those robes and elbow-length gloves.

And we all know how quirky she was with her choice of dresses. She wore the catsuits and made it the next hot outfit for the fashion enthusiasts. She wore rhinestones and it was all over the America. And her gowns became the trendiest clothing of her time. Today, she is an icon of many fashionistas.

6.    John Travolta

The man who popularized the disco culture to America, John Travoltarose to fame with his landmark movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ where he played the role of Tony Manero who spend his weekend partying in a disco bar.The film sawJohn Travolta as a raw young man who developed a love for disco music.

His iconic three-piece suit with flared pants became the staple item of the film and resonated with the audiences who loved him in the attire. The film made John Travolta an overnight star and a sensation in the style world.

Throughout his career, John Travolta has experimented various looks to add weight to his character. Some of his other iconic roles are Sean Archer in Face/Offwhere he acted out the life of a FBI agent and Gabriel Shear in Swordfish where he is seen as a computer hacker. Both these films showed John Travolta in the best of his looks that people still try toemulate.

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7.    Tom Cruise

The style file of Hollywood is incomplete without a mention of Tom Cruise. A heartthrob of millions of people around the world, Tom Cruisehas inspired us with impeccable fashion sense in some of his best movies. Interestingly, he is among the first actors to introduce the wearable technology on screen in movie like Mission Impossible, Minority Report and War of the World.

But when it comes to fashion and clothing, we all agree that he looked his best in the movie ‘Top Gun’ where he played the role of American Naval Officer and he just mesmerized us in those jumpsuit and leather jackets with custom Velcro patches. And the way he donned the aviator sunglasses made him look like a true lady killer. At an age of 56, Tom Cruise still is an inspiration formen half of his age to look as cool as he does.

People look to film stars as their fashion gurus. These are some of the most famous fashion icons from Hollywood who inspired millions of people around the world with their matchless sense of style.

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