7 Mens wear Brands That Every Man Should Add in His Wardrobe in 2019
7 Menswear Brands That Every Man Should Add in His Wardrobe in 2019

Being a man add an added pressure to look stylish all the time. No longer you are a kid who can get away wearing tacky clothing. When you become an adult,your every style move gets noticed.So you have to be conscious about the brands you are wearing.

It’s 2019 and new style trends have taken over the fashion world. For men, there are plenty of new apparel and accessories to try out. But only the best brands synchronize with changing style trends. So if you don’t wear them, you will miss out on opportunities to turn heads of people.

So if you really want to up your style game in 2019, then here are some of the menswear brands that you can wear to look Mr. Cool:

1.    Louis Vuitton

The last few years have turned the table for Louis Vuitton.The brand valued of this French brandreached $13.6 billion in 2019. This was a marked increase in its brand value that was $8.9 billion in 2016. The phenomenal growth of Louis Vuitton is a result of its ever-changing designs that continue to inspire its customers every year including its male clientele.

2018 was a game-changer year for Louis Vuitton as it hired the maestro Virgil Abloh as its Artistic Director for menswear products and he did a fantastic job. He presented his pieces on FW19 collectionwhich were praised for their bold designs and appeal.

Louis Vuittonis particularly acclaimed for its impeccable leather-made products for men that include wallets, bags and shoes. But there is more to this brand than leather. Just explore it and you will find some fantastic pieces that will help youraise your style bar in 2019.

2.    Gucci

One of the leading fashion houses from Italy, Gucciis top on list of every man who wants to wear clothing that is elegant and funky at the same time. The eclectic patterns, rich colors and bold cuts are what define the apparels from this fashion brand.

While Gucci has some finest products in its arsenal of menswear, it is its pair ofloafers that men can’t miss in their wardrobe. The famous horsebit on the vamp is the most striking thing on this shoe. You can find replicas of Gucci loafers that retailers sell using custom embroidered patches of Gucci. But they lack the unmatched craftsmanship of Gucci that they are known for.

Besides, Gucci sells exquisitely designed suits for men that they can wear on any formal or semi-formal event.But if you want to build an entire wardrobe, the brand offers everything from shirts and pants to shoes and belts and everything that men wear in tandem withthese items.

3.    Ralph Lauren

The arrival of Ralph Laurenwas a watershed moment in history of men’s fashion. It introduced men with a new t-shirt that has a logo on its chest. Ralph Lauren called it “Polo.” Soon after Ralph Lauren launched this new t-shirt in 1970s, it became one ofthe hottest menswear items of that decade.

Today, Ralph Lauren is a global brand that makes the most exquisite men’sclothing that includesapparels like t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, pants, suits and tuxedos. You can don any of its pieces for a corporate meeting,party or wedding event to look ultra-stylish and dapper.

4.    Levi’s

Levi’s has long been a favorite of men who love it for its durable denim clothing pieces. It is a brand for men who want to look real macho and masculine. The company makes the sturdiest pair of denim jeans and jackets that can make any man look supercool.

Want to sport a swaggy look? Try its jean jacket that bikers can wear with embroidered patches. But if you are more into streetwear, then you can try its graphic t-shirts that has funky prints and patterns and look incredibly eye-catching.

Every man wants to wear clothing that makes a strong style statement and Levi’s is one brand that gives the guys that attitude.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein celebrated its 50th birthday last year and it is still one of the most liked brandsof men. CK has been the first choice for men who give equal importance toinner comfort. The famous boxer shorts of this brand is a staple item for men who like it for its quality and comfort.

After the resignation of its chief creative officer Raf Simon, Calvin Klein is in need of someone who can lead the creative team of the brand. However, Calvin Klein is still making some fabulous designs for men. The most loved menswear items of by Calvin Klein include shirts, t-shirts, pants and trousers.

A man can always trust this brand if he wants to buy thefanciest polos, chicestdenim jeans, exquisite suits or the coolestundies.

6.    Balenciaga

Balenciaga has been in news recently for its quirky designs and high price. The chief executive officer of Kering, the parent company of Balenciaga, has said that the company is likely to reach €1 billion this year which proves the growing popularity of this brand.

Balenciagamakes one of the finest men’s sneakers that are known for their supercool look, impeccable fit and long life. They are a thing for the fitness freaks who go for a morning jog or flex muscles in the gym. However, the brand is rich in its range of clothing and offers a wide variety of clothing for men that include ready-to-wear attire, leather products, bags and accessories. Since it is Balenciaga, the prices are definitely higher.

7.    Tommy Hilfiger

The year was 1985 and the man was Tommy Hilfiger. It was a beginning of a new era of menswear that Tommy Hilfiger embodied in his line of clothing. Tommy Hilfiger has remained synonymous with men’s fashion ever since it emerged in the fashion industry.

By the 1990s, Tommy Hilfiger became a household name and one of the leading menswear brands that sold the most stylish hoodies and baggy pants for the guys. The fashion still resonates with the men who have a fascination with hip-hop culture.

From hoodies and jeans to hats and jackets, Tommy Hilfiger has every type of men clothing under its label that makes it one of the most popular brands for men. It has an international presence and operates more than 2000 stores in different regions of the world. Men’s style has a strong impact on how people perceive them. What he wears and how he carries himself defines a lot about his personality. So if you are a man with a high taste in fashion, add these brands in your wardrobe in 2019.

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