7 Strategies You Should Consider When Offering Promo Products
7 Strategies You Should Consider When Offering Promo Products

Promo products have become essential items in marketing arsenal of a business. They have proven their viability and continue to make impact as marketing tools. Statista has some interesting statistics regarding promo products. According to the website, the annual sales revenue of promo products industry in American market reached $23.3 billion in the year 2017 which is a significant growth from $19.4 in 2007.

When so many businesses are investing in promo products, you should not wait to add them in your marketing strategy.If you are a business who consider giveaway items as serious marketing tools, we bring here some effective strategies to make the most of these promotional items:

1.    Set Clear Goals

First things first.

Just as any other activity in business marketing, you need to set clear goals of what you want to achieve bygiving promo products. Of course, the ultimate goal is to lure more people into your business, but it has to be strategic to make sense to your existing clients and leads.

You need to identify the reasons to offer giveaways and figure out the occasions when you will be giving promo products to your leads. For example, if you are an embroidery business, you canset aside certain promo products for celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays of your employees and customers. You can gift those promo products with embroidered patches that will remind them about your business every time they will look at it.

Similarly, you should think about viable promo products that you would like to offer to attendees of your trade fair.Once you are done with it, you should foresee the results that you want to achieve by giving away the promo products.

Will they serve as token of appreciation to your clients so that they buy more from you? Will they serve to boost morale of your workers so that they praise your business to the outside world? Or will they just be a form of celebration to let more people know about your business? Getting answers of these questions will make it easier for you to set your goals.

2.    Allocate a Budget

Giving away promo products can be a costly affair if you don’t forecast the expensesin advance. Therefore, you need to be wary of the entire costs that you will bear in the course of your marketing and branding activities.

There will be production costs of the entire promo products that you will present to your clients and workers in a year. There will be costs related to imprinting of brand identities – logos and custom embroidered patches -on the promo products. And there will be distributions costs of all those promo products.

You need to work out all these costs to ascertain the total budget that you will be spending on these promotional items so that you can promote your business without going over the budget.

3.    Use the Right Kind of Promo Products

Not all promo products make the right giveaways for every business. To get more benefits from promotional activities, you need to invest in the right kind of promo products that not only complement your business but also fit into the daily lives of common people.

You should choose promotional items based only on these two basic criteria. Items like t-shirt, water bottle, pen, tote bag, mug or a hat are some of the most viable promo items that are not only economical but are also used in daily lives of people.

So you can choose from these common items or pick ones that relate to your business and come handy in daily lives of people so that they can use them on a daily basis and you stay alive in their memory.

4.    Stay Consistent with Your Overall Branding

Successful marketing is all staying consistent with your brand. When you are considering promo products, you need to choose ones that go with the overall personality of your brand. Besides, your promo products should look and feel like a part of your business.

In other words, you should print your promo products with the right set of colors and fonts that match with brand identity of your business so that your target audience can relate to your business in some way.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

5.    Collaborate withSuppliers

Joining hands with suppliers is one way you can use promo products toreach to your target buyers and cut the cost of your marketing efforts. By collaborating with your suppliers, you can reinforce a strong bond as well as significantly cut down on the expenses that go into manufacturing, imprinting and distributing of giveaways to your target audience.

In return, you can share the brand identity of your suppliers in the promo products. In this way, you will not only cement a strong working relationship with your suppliers but will also show your clients the rapport that you share with your suppliers.

6.    Take into Consideration the Shelf Life of Your Promo Products

Promo products are different from your regular products and they should be handled that way. Unlike your regular products, the shelf life ofpromo product can affect the outcome of your overall marketing activities. To make sure that your promo products are relevant to the market in a given period, you should not stock them during the offseason as they can become outdated by the time you use them for promoting your business.

This is particularly applicable for technology businesses who have to keep updating their products to stay current in the eyes of their target audience. Therefore, you should always stock only limited promo products in your marketing arsenal so that you can replace them with more modernproducts that are getting traction in people’s lives.

7.    Present Event-Specific Promo Gifts

Offering promo product is not always about drumming up your business. To stay in memory of people, you need to come across as a responsible business. You need to show them the human side of your business so that they continue to feel that “connect” even when they leave your business facility.

To create that effect, you should arrange special events like “Mother’s Day”, “Earth Day” or celebratefestivities like Christmas and Easter. On all these occasions, you can present your workers and clients some pertinentgifts that relate with the event. Those gifts willhelp your target audience associate with an event and feel a sense of belonging with your business.

Promo products have the potency to increase exposure of your brand. The only thing you will need is a set of strategies that can create the right impact to your target audience. These guidelines serve as the strategies that you can align with giveaways to give maximum visibility to your brand.

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