7 Watershed Moments in Fashion History
7 Watershed Moments in Fashion History

The history of fashion is not defined in decades but it is the collection of historic moments that caught the attention of people. It is defined in the Little Black Dress of Audrey Hepburn in the flick ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is defined in the beauty in the face of Twiggy in the famousBarry Lategan’sphoto. And it is in the cinematic moment of ‘Basic Instinct’ when Sharon Stonebreathed life to a scene with her polo neck dress.

All these moments collectively contribute to the fashion world and people will continue to get inspired from these moments in the history of fashion.

This article will take a ride in the history of fashion to see some of the watershed moments that made headlines in the fashion world:

1.    Barry Lategan Captures the Famous Photograph of Twiggy

This famous photograph of Twiggy was taken by Barry Lategan who was working for Leonard Mayfair, a hairstylist in London. She needed the right face for a cropped-cut look that she wanted to hang in his saloon. This photograph was spotted by the fashion journalist Deirdre McSharrywho published the photo in 1966 edition of‘The Daily Express with the caption ‘The Face of 1966’.

The photograph attracted attention of the fashion world and Twiggy became an overnight star. She started getting offers from top fashion magazines and became the first supermodel in history of fashion world. It was her androgynous looks, well-defined facial contours, prominent eyes and bigeyelashesthat made people fall in love with her.She became the poster face of modeling industry during the 1960s and 1970s era.

2.    Audrey Hepburn Wears Little Black Dress in Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Well this might sound cliché but you have to agree that the LBD is the most iconic dress the fashion world has ever seen. But the credit goes to the designerGivenchy who designed the dress for the character of Holly Golightly in 1961.

But how the LBDstruck a chord of people? Well, the fact that the dress was worn by Audrey Hepburn and the fact that it was black are the reasons that made it a rage.Black was considered a taboo during that era and LBD helpeddestigmatized the black and changed the perception of people about this color.

3.    Grace Kelly Dons the Most Iconic Wedding Gown

On April 19, 1956, Grace Kelly walked the aisle of Palace Throne Room of Monaco with a bridal gown that would become one of the most iconic wedding dresses. It was a gown designed byAmerican designerHelen Rose who used the peau de soie (Paduasoy in English) to make it look royal.

The laced-sleeves, fitted torso and the waftingskirt are what added an element ofregal elegance to this outfit. This dress set a new trend in bridal outfit and women started wearing similar outfits in their weddings. The most recent example is the dress of Catherine Middleton who wore a similar gown in her wedding to Prince Williams.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    Elizabeth Taylor Wears Egyptian-Inspired Makeup in Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor made more newsfor her Egyptian-inspired look in Cleopatra made more news than her long list of marriages.It was a dream role that got her critical acclaim and cemented her stature in Hollywood. However, it was her Egyptian-inspired makeup thatgave substance to the character of Roman Queen Cleopatra.

From head to toe, she looked like the real queen.Fashionistas took notice of her transformation andstarted wearing similar makeup. Her look started a new trend and the girls began wearing Egyptian-inspiredlook. Many cosmetics companies even rolled out the famous sphinx-eye eyeliners which ladies still wear.

5.    Sharon Stone Steals the Show withPolo Neck Dress in Basic Instinct

The famous interrogation scene from Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone is sitting cross-legged is the defining moment of the film. The highpoint of the scene is the aura that she brings to her character with that polo neck dress.It was a white dress with no decoration or custom-made patches of any designer and it still managed to make an impact on the viewers.

Designed by Ellen Mirojnick,the dress adds an element of style in the character of Catherine Tramell. It is an iconic scene of the movie and will remain an iconic moment in history of fashion.

6.    Alexander McQueen Creates a Hologram of Kate Moss at Widows of Culloden

Alexander McQueen was a fashiondesigner from UK whowas known for his avant-garde clothing line and love for technology. His untimely death in 2010 left a vacuum in the world of fashion buthe set many new trends for the fashion industry that are still popular. One of them is worth mentioning in this list of best fashion moments.

In the fall of 2006, Alexander McQueen hosted a fashion runway for its Autumn collection. The highlight of the show was the hologram of his blue-eyed model Kate Moss. The show featured the hologram of the supermodel in a swaying outfit.

The move surprised everyone since the use of holograms at the fashion ramp was a new thing that time. The moment was frozen in the camera eye and it became a milestone in the history of fashion. Alexander McQueen remained loyal to Kate Moss during her drug scandal and walked out of a fashion show wearing a t-shirt with custom patches that read “We love you, Kate.”

7.    Lady Gaga Wears the Meat Dress at MTV Music Awards

When you are talking about one of the most controversial celebrities on Earth, you can expect the sheer unexpected. Lady Gaga is no stranger to controversies and she has proved it time and again. While we appreciate the fact that she has sobered as an artist but we can’t complete this list without a mention of her weird sartorial choice at amusic award show. At the 2010MTV Music Award, the lady was seen wearing a meat dress. Her choice of outfit raised eyebrows of fashion critics who dubbed it an insensitive act. Lady Gaga clarified her stance on the issue by citing it as a manifestation of self-expression. Whatever the reason for her choice of the dress, it did make an impact on the fashion world and became one of the most iconic dresses in history of fashion. It even topped the rank in polls of many famous fashion magazines. These are some of the watershed moments in history of fashion. They will continue to inspire the imagination of fashion artists for years to come.

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