8 Best Hat Brands You Can Wear to Look Chic and Stylish
8 Best Hat Brands You Can Wear to Look Chic and Stylish

The hat is an essential accessory in your wardrobe during the summer season. It not only saves you from the sunlight but also enhances your looks. Besides, it is a savior during the bad hair days and saves you from catching awkward stares of the people.

Choosing a hat is an important decision and you have to pay particular attention to a brand when it comes to buying the right hat for your specific style needs. To guide you in this process, we have listed here some top hat brands that can up your game in style:

1.    Bailey

Bailey sells the most top-notch hats that have adorned the looks of many Hollywood stars including Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart. The hats by this brand are known for their precision in workmanship which result in a hat that is chic, durable, and timeless.

Bailey manufactures hats in various styles and shapes. The most popular products by this brand includes fedora, pork pie and trilby. The exquisite design and fine fabric are what make this brand the best in the hatmaking business. You can get a perfect hat from this brand under a budget of $100.

2.    Brixton

Brixton is a brand that is synonymous with streetwear culture. If you are a fan of fashion and music, then this brand can offer you some fantastic hat styles ranging from fedoras and bucket hats tocaps and snapbacks. During the summer season,you can don these hats with a pair of shorts and sunglasses, a t-shirt with some cool custom patches and you are good to go on a pool party.

3.    Stetson

The name of Stetson is closely associated with the cowboy hats. It is one of the most popular hat brands in the world that sells the most top-rated cowboy hats. The popularity of this brand can be judged by the fact that Cambridge dictionary also recognizes the brand and describes it as:

“A brand name for a hat with a wide, curving lower edge, especially worn by cowboys.”

Stetson redefined the style of the American West. The introduction of the Stetson hats became a watershed moment in the fashion history of the West American ranchers who started wearing them as part of their daily lives.

From then on, the Stetson hat got its name “cowboy hat” and the two terms became inseparable. Today, Stetson is the largest hat maker in the world and it makes more than 3 million hats a year.

At Stetson, you can find a hat to fit your style needs. From fedora and straw hat to baseball hats and caps, you can find any hat style in plenty of colors and the price ranges between $50 and $100. But the cowboy hat is still the best-selling product of Stetson.

4.    New Era

Founded in 1920, New Era is the official supplier of baseball caps to Major League Baseball (MLB). It boasts more than 500 licenses under its label and produce the baseball caps of different teams in the MLB.

However, the hats by this company are now visible not only on the diamond of the baseball but it is also worn by millions of people around the globe. The brand is known for its snapbacks that are donned by professional MLB and NBA players and you can buy one with custom patches for hats of the team that you support. There are varying prices of the hats in terms of style and you can get one at as low as $16 to as high as $500.

5.    Goorin

If hatmaking is an art, then Goorin is the true master of this art. The company is famous for making the most stylish hats that complement the look for any occasion. It all started in 1895 when AmericanhatterCassel Goorinstarted making hats and traveled the America to sell his handmade hats. Soon after, it became a household name in the American market.

Goorin sells the hats in a variety of styles and you can choose from its range of products that include fedora, flatcap, baseball caps and straws. The hats are suitable for both men and women and you can pick one from a range of colors and patterns.A good hat from Goorin can cost you between $70 and $100.

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6.    Lock & Co. Hatters

The oldest business in hatmaking, Lock & Co. Hatters was founded in 1676in London and it is still ruling the industry. Lock & Co. Hatters is known for making traditional hatslike bowler hat, panama hat and fedora. It is credited with popularizing the homburg hat that was worn by Sir Winston Churchill and the bowler hat worn by Charlie Chaplin.Sean Connery wore the famous trilby hat made by this company in the James Bond series.

The finest quality and unmatched craftsmanship are what make Lock & Co. Hatters one of the most expensive hat brands.The cheapest hat under this brand is worth more than £100.

7.    Borsalino

Italy is known as the fashion capital in the world and Borsalino is one of the many brands that belongs to this country. Launched in 1857, Borsalinois famous for making luxury hats including their iconic fedora hats. If you want to wear the most perfectly cut fedoras, then Borsalinois one name you can trust.

The fedoras from this brand are made from the felt material. They are known for their luxury appearance and they have a higher longevity than any other hat from other brand. The fedora by Borsalino was worn by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in the climax scene of the Casablanca.

Borsalino also manufactures hats in other styles including panama hat and bucket hat.The pricing is a bit higher and you can get a goodhat in a price range between €100 – €150.

8.    Larose

Larose is a Parisian brand that existsin the hatmaking business since 1946. It takes pride in producing every hat from the local French workers who are praised for their incredible handwork. This results in a hat that is perfectly fit to your head and makes a strong style statement.

Larose uses the traditional hatmaking methods to manufacture hats that are stylish, elegant and stand the test of time as mentioned in itsbrand philosophy which states “Larose hats remain while trends and seasons fade.” You can get any headwear from this brand at a relatively reasonable price.

A hat is an important part of your style and buying one should be a careful decision. However, if you choose to buy a hat from any of the aforementioned brands, then you are good to go.

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