8 Economical and Highly Useful Promo Products for Small Businesses
8 Economical and Highly Useful Promo Products for Small Businesses

Running a small business is never easy as you have to go through a lot many challenges. Among the most common glitches is a lack of finances. Since small businesses run on a limited budget, they have to grapple with growing costs of marketing activities and have to cut down on their marketing budget to spend on other aspects of their business. Ultimately, the business struggles to transform into a brand.

Giving promo products is one sure-fire way to increase the visibility of a small business under a limited budget. You will find plenty of economical promotional items that you can use to position your brand in the market and increase its visibility in the eyes of your leads.

In this article, we reveal some of the most economical promo products that any small business can add in its marketing plan to grow its brand exposure:

1.    T-Shirt

If you are into promotional activities, you should know the significance of a t-shirt as a promo product. A printed t-shirt with a striking logo and custom patches of your brand will fetch the attention of hundreds of onlookers and make them aware about your business.

So you can order some custom t-shirts and gift them to your leads and workers during an event and you will let them market your business at a very cheap cost.

2.    Pen

A pen is one of the most used promo products that businesses use in trade fairs and promotional events. The reason that makes it a viable giveaway is that it is widely used in homes and offices to write down important things. So it has a strong existence in daily lives of people

In addition, a pen is an extremely cost-friendly promotional item that you can order in dozens without spending an arm and leg. You can order some cool pens and imprint the logo and brand name of your company to get into the memory of your target audience.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

3.    Hat

Being a businessman, we assume that you already know the viability of a hat as a promotional item and how it can help scale the visibility of your business. Hats look cool on people and they can instantly get hold of people’s attention. Besides, it is something that people want to wear in outdoors to avoid the harsh sunlight.

To tap into these needs of people, you should order some fancy hats with fancier logos and custom embroidered patches of your brand. Don’t forget to gift this promo product to your employees during an exhibition. Since they will be dealing with visitors, they will be implicitly selling your brand to them.

4.    Reusable Tote Bag

Just like a pen, a tote bag is another commonly used items that people use in their daily lives. People need a tote to buy grocery. A tote bag is also a common sight on a picnic spot where people carry this bag to put all their stuff. In other words, a tote bag is required in any activity that involves carrying stuff from one place to another which means it has strong chances of getting in front of eyes of common people. If you print the brand identity on a tote, then it can quickly pull crowd towards your business and engage them in your business and you don’t have to pay a million buck for it.

5.    RecyclableWater Bottle

The world has seen a significant growth in consumption of bottled water since the past decade. According to a survey by Statista, the consumption of bottled water has increased to 400 billion liters in 2017 from 212 billion liters in 2007. It proves the market value of a bottled water and is a solid proof to convince you about its feasibility as a promo product.

Apart from being a highly practicable promotional item, a bottled water is economical enough to afford by any small business who wants to promote its brand. You should buy recyclablewater bottle with a logo of your brand and a message for healthy environment to show people that you are a responsible business and care about environment. The more people will buy this message, the more they will love your brand.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

6.    Recyclable Plastic Cups

A recyclable plastic cup is anexcellent giveaway to promote your brand. What makes it a better promo product is the fact that you can give it to people in events held by organizations than you. You can collaborate with a local sports team or a social enterprise and be a host to their guests by offering beverages in recyclable plastic cups that have the logo of your company. The organization will thank you for your investment, while the guests will take notice of your brand. Both these things will be achieved under a small budget.

7.    Calendar

Just like many other promotional products on this list, a calendar is also a common item that you will find in the house and workplace. People need a calendar to know about current and futuredates as well as mark important dates. With so many commitments, festivities and holidays in a year, you can imagine the number of views a calendar can get.

Therefore, if you can put the logo and brand name on a calendar and give them away to your target audience, then you can invite thousands of eyeballs to your brand identity and lure more people to buy from you. It will cost youonly a small budget to get bulks of calendar with brand identity of your company.

8.    Keychain

A keychain is another commonly used item that people need in their life to hold their home and car keys. In other words, a keychain can give plenty of exposure to your business if you can use it as a promo product. All you need to do is print the brand identity of your business onto it and you will start connecting more people to your company. A keychain with a clean logo and name of your company will become the carrier of your brand identity. So whenever someone takes out your gifted keychain, he will flash that brand identity to numerous people around him. That means too much publicity for your brand at a cheap price. These all are some of the most economical promo products that businesses can order andgift their target audience. They are highly practical and common in usage.

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