8 Everyday Promo Products You Can Gift Your Leads to Increase Exposure of Your Startup
8 Everyday Promo Products You Can Gift Your Leads to Increase Exposure of Your Startup

Launching a startup is easy but making it a success is where majority of entrepreneurs fail. Among the many reasons for failure of a startup is the lack of a good marketing strategy. According to a survey by Statista, poor marketing is among the top reasons (14%) behind failureof a startup.

In every startup, marketing is the backbone that provides the springboard to abusiness to take off. With the right brand identity and marketing collateral, you can sell the brand message of your business and increase its exposure to a vast majority of people which is essential for any business during its formative years.

Promo products or giveaways are big part of marketing campaign of a business and they can give instant visibility to any startup that is hungry of leads. Promo products are often given on the trade shows which gives entrepreneurs a chance to interact directly to their leads and lure them into their businesses with tempting giveaways.

To get in front of the eyes of the common man, you need to give them the most common thing that they use in their daily lives. If you are also going to launch a startup anytime soon, here are some of the popular promo products you can give your leads to hook them in your business. Since people use them in their daily lives, you will have higher chances of engaging more leads into your business.

1.    Pen

Pen is among the most commonly used item in everyday life. People need a pen to quickly work out an amount, to write classroom notes or tojot down things in a notebook which might get lost from their memory.

In all these activities, a pen is one promo product that will allow your leads to write down things in a timely manner. And they can carry this item to anywhere as well. So if you imprint the logo of your company on the clip or barrel of the pen, they will be exposing it to thousands of people who come into their contact.

2.    T-Shirt

People wear a tee in their daily lives as a casual piece of clothing.This apparel can be an excellent giveaway to let thousands of people know your brand identity. You can use the front chest and back of a t-shirt toprint the logo and brand name of your business and get attention of people outside your reach. To increase the exposure of your brand, you should order t-shirts in different sizes, styles and colors so that you can giftthem to all kinds of people who differ in terms oftaste, style needs and body types.

3.    Cap

A cap is the most visible thing that attendees see in the exhibition hall. Therefore, you can present this headwear to each and every member of your organization who will be dealing with your leads in a trade show.

You can decorate caps with custom embroidered patches of your company and present them to every member of your staff in the exhibition who can then gift them to the attendees of your booth.Use adjustable fastener so that the caps fit to every person present on your booth.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

4.    Bag

A bag is also a necessity in daily lives for the laymen to contain their belonging while they are in a college, gym or market. For all these venues, people use different kinds of bags. A college boyuses a drawstring bag to carry his academic stuff. A fitness enthusiast hangs a gym bag to move his workout outfits and equipment to a gym. And a housewife needs a tote bag to put all the grocery into it.

In all these activities, a bag will become the advertising carrier of your business and will drum up your brand to hundreds of people in a collage, gym or a market.

5.    Car Keychain

A keychain is the second most visible thing you will find in possession of people after a smartphone.No one can do without thisimportant stuff that drives (pun intended) their life.With this promo item, you can turn thousands of automobileowners to become moving advertisers of your business. All you need is an appealing logo design that you can imprint on this itemalong with name of your business and it will certainly turn heads of passersby to the brand identity of your business.

6.    Mug

We all need a mug to take sips of hot coffee and tea during a day. With emerging printing methods, you can create some fancy and cool prints on a mug along with logo and name of your company. You can even print the name of the recipients to make it more personalized. Since people consume coffee and tea on a daily basis, a mug can catch eyes of a large number of onlookers who share a sip with one of your leads.

7.    Water Bottle

Just like people can’t do without a coffee mug, they alsoneed a water bottle to keep themselves hydrated throughout a day. A water bottle can be a viable giveaway for the entrepreneurs who want to up their game in their respective industry.

You canorder some well-designed water bottles in varying colors and have them printed with logos and custom patches of your brand. When the hydration levels of your leads will drop, they will take some quick sips of water from the bottle and flash your logo to the onlookers who might find it appealing enough to know more about your business.

8.    USB Charger

People hate it when their phones run short of power in middle of aconversation or while they areina live stream. To keep them in high spiritsduring these activities, you should gift them a USB charger that they can plug into their smartphones anywhere. A USB charger is the hottest alternative for the conventional chargerand people can use it in a supermarket, on the road, or while they are driving.This promo product will save your prospects from getting disconnected with the world while the power backup of their phone starts to drop. Marketing a startup is the second most important step after you have launched it. These promo products can serve as a strong support to increase its outreach and help it grow.


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