8 Fantastic Wireless Tech Promo Products

8 Fantastic Wireless Tech Promo Products Your Audience Would Love to Own in a Trade show

We are living in a world where we are constantly plugged with our devices and gadgets. The emerging technology-driven lifestyle has made us a slave of gadgets and gizmos. There is a smartphone. There is a charging device. There is a tablet. There is a laptop. And the list goes on.

But there is a downside of having these tech devise around you and that is the hotchpotch of wires of these devices that keep getting entangled with each other.Thanks to wireless devices, life has become easier and this is why they make excellent promo products for any business.

You too can declutter life of your employees and customers by giving them these wireless tech promo products and advertise your business to hundreds and thousands of people.

Here we present some of the top-rated wireless promo products you can consider giving your target audience in a trade show using logos and custom patches of your brand:

1.    Wireless Power Bank

The common “oops” moments in people’s lives is when they switch on their phone only to know that the battery is low. To save them from losing contact from their social network, a wireless power bank can be an excellent promo product.

If you are going to have a big trade show in near future, then you can gift this promo product to rescue your clients and workers to become incommunicado. Just imprint a logo of your brand and you are all set to promote your brand to hundreds of people inside and outside the exhibition hall.

2.    Wireless Earphones

Everyone likes to listen to some good music during the course of a day. In those musical moments, an entangled wire or a snapped jack can make can spoil mood of the people. To save their day, you can give themwireless earphones which they can wear and roam around while they are connected to their music player.

Wireless earphones come in different colors and sizes and you can customize them according tobrand identity of your business. So while your employees and clients will be listening to music, they will be flashing logos or custom-made patches of your company printed on both the earbuds.

3.    Wireless Speaker

Let your target audience indulge in more music by giving them awireless speaker. They can put it over the dashboard of their car or place them over their personal workstation to get their daily dose of music. They can even play their podcasts on this wireless speaker to listen to their favorite news programs and TV shows.

You can also consider giving away smart wireless speakers that can become their personal assistant and provide them with news updates of the day or give them live scores of asoccer or baseball match. With an imprinted logo and brand name of your business, your company’s brand identity willbecomethe center of attention of a large number of onlookers.

4.    Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is a life-saver for digital nomads who are always traveling and working. For those people, this device can make things easier as they can easily navigate their computer resources or browse through online information. Carrying this little gadget is a breeze and the user doesn’t have to spoil their mood untangling the jumble of wires in their travel bag.

Being a digital nomad, they will show the logo of your business to different people in different parts of the world. So you will be able to engage a more diversified audience into your brand.

5.    Wireless Headphones

While wireless earphones and speakers are fantastic products that any music lover can own, there can’t be an alternative of a good set of headphone. And a wireless headphone setcan just be a perfect product for people to listen to their favorite upbeat and jazzy soundtracks.

You can gift your best workers and special clients a set of noise-canceling wireless headphone that not only play music but also keeps people protected from all the commotion happening outside. At an expense of few bucks, you can offer this superb tech product to your clients so that they cancarry your brand identity and increase its visibility to the outside world.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

6.    Wireless Microphone

This is yet another fantastic wireless promo product you can gift your target audience on a trade fair. You can present some wireless microphones to yourcompany’s representatives to help them make announcement during an exhibition. While they will be busy making addressing the attendees, they will be flashing the logo of your brand printed just under the mouthpiece.

And once you present it to the attendees, they will indulge in some kind of fun activity and catch attention of people who might make an eye contact with the brand identity printed on the mic.

7.    Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboard is a multifunctional device to remotely control your workstation. It usually comes with a receiver which is attached to the terminal of a computer. People can carry a wireless keyboard within the radius of the receiver and use the keyboard to type anything just as they do with a wired keyboard. A wireless keyboard also comes with special keys for gaming purpose which means it can be a fantastic giveaway for younger lot of your audience.Just like a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard is also an essential in toolkit of a digital nomad. So you have a wide range of audience who can use it to increase visibility of the logo of your brand.

8.    Wireless Lamp

A wireless lamp is a little light source that people can put in their bedroom to work under dim light while others are asleep. They can put it over a tabletop or workstation and switch them on while reading a book or doing some work on a computer. Besides, they can carry this little lamp to other rooms of their house or outside in the living room or study which will catch eyeballs of all the people who will be roaming around in those spaces which means free publicity to your business. These are some of the top-rated wireless promo product you can present as giveaways to your clientele and workers. They look cool and yet they are functional to make lives easier of your target audience.

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