8 Super foods You Should Add in Your Diet for a Healthy Skin
8 Super foods You Should Add in Your Diet for a Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is essential to build a strong style profile. You can wear the most expensive suit. You can don the most stylish hat. And you can wear the funkiest biker jacket with custom back patches. But they can’t help your style if you have a bad skin texture and tone.

Tired and dull skin can be the ultimate “turn-off” for people and can kill your image. Our diet has a significant impact on our skin health. It, directly and indirectly, affects the texture and tone of our skin and makes it look good or bad.

In a nutshell, a good diet can ensure healthy skin and make you look good and charming, while a bad diet can do just the opposite. On this note, we present here a list of some of the best foods that can ensure the health of your skin and make it look radiant:

1.    Avocado

This superfood can be the best item you can include in your daily diet. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fats that regulate skin cells. In addition, they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E which protect your skin against ultraviolet (UV) rays and moisturizes your skin. The Vitamin E in the fruit also serves as an antioxidant that saves your skin from oxidative damage.

Besides, avocados have ample quantity of Vitamin C that is essential to build collagens that keep your skin supple and flexible. A lack of Vitamin C can make your skin look dry and tanned no matter if you apply the best sunscreen or wear a hat with custom patches to save your skin. But if you eat avocados daily or drink the juice of this fruit, you can really help your skin from the damaging effects of the environment.

2.    Blueberry

The most noticeable thing in blueberry is its lively blue color which it got from the plenty of antioxidants in this superfood.

Eating a cup of blueberries can fulfill the daily intake of Vitamin C which triggers the growth of collagen which in turn keeps your skin smooth and springy and doesn’t let it dry.

The good thing about blueberries is that you can have them in plenty of ways. You can ingest them during the meal breaks when you feel the hunger pangs. You can put them as topping on desserts and you can add them in a smoothie. These all are some delicious ways you can have blueberries to fortify your skin health.

3.    Green Tea

If there is one liquid food that can boost the health of your skin quicker than any other food, then it has to be green tea. This drink has amazing healing powers for the skin.It not only ensures the health of your skin but also keeps it away from contaminants and toxins.

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It comes with catechins that improve the supply of blood to the skin and makes it glow. The antioxidants in this food guard your skin from the UV rays under the sun exposure. However, the antioxidant property of green tea is only effective while the drink is hot. Similarly, the antioxidants don’t work if you add milk to the drink. So always sip it black and hot to get the entire benefits of this superfood.

4.    Oranges

Oranges are abundant with Vitamin C that is known for producing collagens which make your skin smooth and elastic. In addition, Vitamin C fights the symptoms of aging and makes your skin look young and vibrant. A medium-sized orange can provide your body with enough Vitamin C that your skin needs in a day.

Oranges are one of the delicious foods that you can have in multiple ways.You can serve yourself a bowl of orange pies and nibble it throughout the day or you can make an orange juice that you can sip every morning.

5.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes are filled with lycopene that saves your skin from sun damage. Lycopene is a type of antioxidant that removes free radicals from your skin and keeps it glowing and flexible. In addition, it has beta-carotene and lutein which are known to reduce wrinkles from skin and make it look vivacious.

Tomatoes are also versatile foods that can be consumed in a number of ways. You can eat it raw,add it to a salad, make a punch out of it or you can make a tomato paste. As long as you are taking in this superfood, you can ensure the health of your skin. So add this fruit to your diet plan and you will notice a positive change in your skin texture.

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6.    Kale

Kale has an ample amount of zeaxanthin and lutein which counteract the free radicals caused by UV rays. A daily serving of kale gives you more than 100% of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are known for the presence of antioxidants that guard your skin against UV rays.

In addition, Kale contains a copious amount of Vitamin K which reduces clotting of blood as well as removes scars and dark circles. And since Kale contains vitamin A, it has Retin-A which is known for its anti-acne property. You can munch it raw, mix it with a salad or make a smoothie.

7.    Watermelon

Watermelon has 92% of water which makes it the best fruit for the summer season. Watermelon can replenish the daily loss of water and makes your skin look glowing. And it has an ample quantity of lycopene which can help reduce the symptoms of aging.

The increased quantity of water in the watermelon diminishes the puffy eyes that are caused as a result of water retention. You can eat a raw watermelon or drink a punch of this juicy fruit.

8.    Water

And last but not least. You should drink plenty of water to replenish the loss of essential minerals from the body that have a role in your body. Drinking plenty of water lowers the sugar level which makes the skin look taut and vibrant. But when we say water, we mean water and not the energy drinks and juices that are high in sugar and do major damage to your skin. So make a habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water every day to ensure good health of your skin. Healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy person. Adding the aforementioned foods to your diet plan can make your skin look healthy and energetic.

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