8 Technology Companies with The Best Logo Designs
8 Technology Companies with The Best Logo Designs

The logo is the face of a company. An appealing logo can build the right personality of a business in the eyes of its clientele. At the same time, it puts across the brand message to the onlookers and conveys the core values and ethos of a business.

When you are a technology company, it becomes even more important for you to create a perfect brand identity. Just like an apparel company makes the most beautiful custom patches to print on its clothes, a technology brand has to create a logo design that not only resonates with their audience but also incorporates the latest trends in design.We all know that running a technology business is all about following the latest trends. So if you can show that aspect of tech business in your logo, you’ve won half the battle.

To give you some doses of inspiration, we’ve listed here some of the best logos from the technology industry:

1.    Apple

Apple is one tech brand that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is successful and it is visible in its iconic brand identity. The famous Apple logo was designed by Rob Janoff in 1976 who made it after the first emblem of the company couldn’t make an impact.

The first Apple-shaped logo of Apple was in rainbow colors and it remained unchanged for more than two decades. When the company went throughtherebranding phase in 1997, the brand identity of the company was changed from the rainbow-colored logo to a monochrome logo. This emblem has stayed with the company in two major versions: chrome and silver. Today, the iconic Apple logo is visible on its range of products including iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

2.    Google

The history of Google’s logo is as interesting as the evolution of this brand. The first logo of Google was created when it started out in 1997. But the logo was in bad taste since it was just a basic design made on Microsoft Word and it failed to impact the viewers. So it was soon replaced with a new version which was designed by Ruth Kedar after much contemplation.

It was a wordmark and used different primary colors in each of the letters. This was the original design of current Google’ logo and it was adapted by Google on September 28, 1998 as the corporate identity of the company. This logo continued to represent the corporate identity of Google for more than a decade and got a little iteration in 2010 when the drop shadow was removed from the wordmark and brighter colors were added in the letters.

The second major change came in 2013 when flat design was added in the wordmark. The current logo is the extension of the 2013’s iteration and it uses ‘Product Sans’ in its typeface instead of the old ‘Catcull’ typeface. It looks more elegant than the earlier versions.

3.    Sony Vaio

One of the most creative brand identities in the business, the logo of Sony Vaio perfectlytranslates the idea behind the logo of this brand which stands for ‘Visual Audo Intelligent Organizer’. The letters ‘V’ and ‘A’ makes a wave which denotes an analogue signal, while the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ represents‘1’ and ‘0’ which isinterpreted as ‘on’ and ‘off’ in digital language.

This logois an apt example of how a creative design can convey the right message to the audience and look fantastic at the same time. This logo is featured on the Sony Vaio products and adds to the overall design of the products which are made under the brand name sony Vaio.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

4.    LG

LG is one of the biggest consumer brands in South Korea. The company began its business in 1947 under the brand name ‘Lak Hui.’ It later formed another company ‘GoldStar’ which produced electronic products. Both the companies were merged in 1983 to form ‘LG-Goldstar’. In 1995, it was renamed ‘LG’ and this is when the story of famous ‘LG’ logo began.

The smiling face in LG logo is too obtrusive to explain. It uses the red color to create a sense of friendliness which is also visible in the letters ‘L’ and ‘G’ that make a smiley face. This logo has been the brand identity of LG since 1995. The 3D glossy effect was added in the emblem in 2011. Today, the company uses both these logos in its business for different purposes.

The plain logo is used in the stationery and promotional products (like mugs and tees with custom made patches of the company, while the 3D logo is used in advertising and marketing collaterals of its brand.

5.    Wikipedia

One of the most searched websites in the world, Wikipedia has a logo design that embodies the idea behind the creation of this website. The logo has a globe that is assembled from glyphs which has the letters from different languages. The top part of the globe has missing glyphs.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the glyphs in this logo signifies the use of wisdom, while the use of letters from different languages symbolizes the diversification of knowledge.

6.    Amazon

Amazon is an online marketplace that sells everything from ‘smartphones’ to ‘drones’ and it is depicted in its logo. The strongest feature of the brand identity of Amazon is the arrow that points from the letter ‘A’ to ‘Z’ in the logo which means that the website has everything that you want to buy.

This is an astute way the company conveys the message through its logo tothe people it intends to sell its products. Very clever!

7.    IBM

IBM is one of the oldest computing businesses that are still in operation and it turned 100 years in 2011. The logo of this global technology business has changed all through these years. However, the most popular logois its wordmark logo that features those three famous letters.

The first wordmark logo of IBM was created in 1947 and it remained part of its corporate identity for a decade with little changes in its typeface. However, it was in 1972 when the famous striped wordmark logo of IBM was created. It was designed by Paul Rand who used 8 bars in each letter. He used ‘Helvetica’ typeface in the logo which graced the design of IBM logo for the next forty years until it was changed in 2017. Today, the IBM logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world.

8.    Yahoo

If you have lived your teenage during the 2000s then you know why I’ve put this company in this list. The brand identity of Yahoogot has a phenomenal liking among its users during its heydays. But that doesn’t mean that it has lost its popularity as it is still one of the most popular websites for searching the web. But all these years, the logo of Yahoo didn’t lose its integrity and it is still the most recognized logo in the technology industry. The famous wordmark with exclamation sign and the purple color still captivates the eyes of the viewers. These are some of the best logos of technology companies. They have that appeal that keep their clientele engaged with their brand.

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