8 Top Rated Menswear Brands That Every Man Want to Own
8 Top Rated Menswear Brands That Every Man Want to Own

Men’s wardrobe is not as elaborate as women’s clothing. But the men are very particular about their looks and what they should wear. Some brands understand the sartorial needs of men’s clothing and launch their product line based on the most recent trends in menswear.

This article lists some of the best brands that every man wants to own. Let’s check them out one by one:

1.    Ralph Lauren

When Ralph Lauren launched his business in 1968 in a single drawer of the showroom in Empire Estate Building, no one would have thought that it would become the top-selling menswear brand in coming years. Today, Ralph Lauren is a multi-billion-dollar business that sells the best men’s clothing including t-shirts, suits, jackets, and shoes.

The staple product of this brand is its line of polo t-shirts that are inspired by the polo sport. But the brand has made its mark with its every product which shows its custom patches. Ralph Lauren is known as the king of menswear which is equally famous for its casual and formal clothing that serve both the elites and laymen. Today, Ralph Lauren is the top brand for men’s clothing.

2.    Armani

Armani has a reputation for designing the finest men’s suiting. In fact, this Italian brand has redefined men’s tailored clothing. Armani became famous for its suits that had a deconstructed shape, unstructured shoulder, and half-lining. The fashion critics called them “Armani Look.”

In 2006, the brand started making made-to-measure suits that fit the specific requirements of the wearer. From the material to the fit, the wearer has the final say in every aspect of the tailoring. Today, it is a globally-recognized brand that makes the best men’s suiting in the world.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

3.    Gucci

This highest-selling Italian brand is equally prevalent in every part of the world. Gucci is known for its luxury fashion products that cater to the style needs of both men and women. For men, the brand offers some of the fabulous dresses that fit into the style choices of today’s men.

Whether it is the denim jacket with custom embroidered patches or the decorative shoes of this brand, Gucci sells some of the most stylish pieces of clothing for men. Gucci has remained top on major fashion runways and continues to dominate the men’s fashion in recent years.

4.    Calvin Klein

Known as the pioneer of casual clothing in America, Calvin Klein has a liking among the boys and men in every corner of the world. The phenomenal success of Calvin Klein is a result of clever marketing of this brand as it hired the top supermodels for its advertising campaigns.

Calvin Klein is a go-to brand for men who want to get the best fit for casual wear. From polos, t-shirts, and jeans to sneakers and leather boots, the brand has the best clothing items for men of any age and size. Calvin Klein also sells the best boxers that men find comfortable.

5.    Prada

It is so ironic that a woman runs one of the world’s biggest menswear brands. Miuccia Bianchi Prada is the brain behind the immense popularity of this top men’s brand. Being the head designer of Prada, she gives the final approval of every design, and we must say that she is a maestro.

Prada was instrumental in introducing a simple and minimal style of clothing during the 1990s. It was different from the loud and racy fashion trend of the 1980s. The Prada did the costumes for the boys in the flick Reservoir Dogs. The black suits wore by the lead characters became an iconic dress after the release of the movie.

Today, Prada is the first choice of many A-lister Hollywood hunks that include the likes of Ansel Elgort, Ethan Hawke and Miles Teller. But this brand does not just serve the celebrities as laymen buy a large number of its elegant clothes. No matter if you need a pair of loafers or a tailored suit, this brand has the most superior quality of apparels that match the needs of every man.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

6.    Burberry

Burberry is one of the oldest fashion brands that initially earned a name in outdoor wear. The gabardine-made trench coat is the staple product of this company that has gained worldwide fame for its design. However, Burberry is not just an outerwear brand, and it has a range of apparels that meet the wardrobe requirements of men.

The brand is credited with making plaid a favorite pattern for men as it is visible in the majority of its men’s products. It produces clothes in wool, cotton, and leather which are primary fabrics for men’s clothing. It has the best t-shirts, pants, casual shirts, suits and jackets that complement any body type and that can grace any occasion.

7.    Levi Strauss & Co.

Any man who is fond of denim can’t miss out on a pair of Levi’s 501 series of men’s jeans. The sturdy look of the clothing piece and durability of its material are what make this product a favorite item in men’s wardrobes. Levi’s has other fantastic apparel that are equally popular among the male gender. Some of the top-rated clothes from this brand are its denim jacket, chinos, sweatshirt, and t-shirts.

8.    Versace

There are very few brands that offer both the elegance of highbrow suiting and the casualness of streetwear. Versace blends both with utmost precision. It introduced eclectic dresses that had bright colors and glitzy prints, and they are still the highlight in its line of products.

Versace has diversified its range of men’s clothing, and it has rolled out several products with time. Today, Versace has everything on sale for the men ranging from Polos and jeans to formal suits and lace-ups. It also has an exclusive range of accessories that include watches, leather belts, and bags to name a few.

Men have a knack for style. Being a man, you have to choose the best brands to build the right persona for yourself. These are some of the best brands that can help you with this job.

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