8 Viable Promo Products You Can Gift On Earth Day
8 Viable Promo Products You Can Gift On Earth Day

April 22 is the day when we all join hands to make the Earth a better place to live. On this day, many businesses show their support to the cause of environmental safety by distributing promo products. But do all businesses follow the best practices to gift promo products on this important day? To get the answer of this question, we will let the stats do the talking.

According to a report published on Quality Logo Products, Americans throw away 35 billion of plastic bottles each year, while they dump 100 million plastic bags in a year. Do we need to say anymore?

But businesses can make this situation better by making use of eco-friendly promo products that have little to no impact on the environment.

Here we are going to discuss some of the best promo products that will help you save the world on this Earth Day:

1.    Recyclable Water Bottle

Water bottles are a favorite promo product of the majority of businesses. According to a report by Beverage Marketing Corporation, the sales of bottled water has increased 7% in 2015 from what it was in the previous year.

However, the water bottles are also among the common items that damage the environment. A survey by National Geographic shares some eye-opening facts about plastic waste. According to the survey, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced since 1950. Of this number, only 9% has been recycled. The remaining 79% bottles are still amassed on the landfills. Now these figures are scary for the future of environmental safety.

To alleviate the negative effects of the plastic water bottles, a recyclable water bottle is a better alternative than a regular plastic bottle. A recycled water bottle is made from biodegradable plastic which can be consumed by the bacteria after you put them in a landfill.

2.    Coffee Mug Made from Corn Plastic

Just like plastic water bottle, a coffee mug is another common promo product that businesses are in love with. But again, it is not the best promotional item when it comes to environmental safety. The coffee mug people use in their homes are either made from ceramic or plastic and they both are killers of environment.

A report by Environmental Audit Committee of the United Kingdom reveals that people in United Kingdom throws 2.5 billion of coffee cups every year and only 1% of the total number of coffee cups are recycled. And a ceramic-made cups have a low ecological value for its consumption of water. According to Tern Goods, a ceramic-made cup takes more than 100 uses before it cancels out the negative effects of the water consumption.

But if you still believe in the promotional viability of a coffee mug, then a corn plastic mug is an environmental-friendly option. A corn plastic mug is made from compostable material which means it gets eaten by bacteria after use.

3.    T-Shirt Made from Recyclable Cotton Material

A tee is the most liked gift people want to get from a business but it can be damaging to the environment. However, there is a type of cotton that can be recycled and made into a new cloth like a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. As a matter of fact, Levi Strauss & Co. has recently collaborated with EVRNU and they have created a recycling facility to repurpose the old cotton t-shirts and produce a pair of jeans that they call Levi’s 511.

This new product by Levi & Strauss is made from virgin cotton which requires 98% less water than what the production of a regular pair of jeans would need. It saves 1 billion liters of water consumption. To spread the message on Earth Day, you can even print custom patches with a slogan or one-liner on the t-shirt in order to encourage more people to contribute to environmental safety.

4.    Products Made from Seed Paper

Seed paper is a handmade paper that is made from old papers and are processed with seeds to create products. Once the people have used the products, they can use it to grow a plant. Products like carrier bag, pencil, notepad and seed kits are some of the things that you can gift your customers as promo product that they can use and then convert them into a plant rather than dumping in the environment.

Custom Patches
Custom Patches

5.    Growables Products

Growables are any promo product that people can use in their garden to grow a plant. Promotional items like seed packet, herb kit and flower pots make excellent promo products on the Earth Day. You can give away these promo products with a customized packaging that feature the logo and name of your company.

People can use these items to grow greenery inside their home or outside in the garden. In both ways, they will be contributing to a greener environment.

6.    Baseball Cap Made from Recycled Cotton

A baseball cap made from recycled cotton is also a viable promo product on the Earth Day. Since it is worn on the head, it will catch attention of large number of onlookers and increase the visibility of your brand. A baseball with custom patches for hats will make a strong impact on the viewers and will let more people know about your brand. To make it even more relevant to the occasion, you give away baseball cap with a thoughtful message.

7.    Wrist Band

Wrist band can be a great promo product to celebrate Earth Day and put across the message of a healthy planet. A wrist band with a message and the brand identity of your company will attract attention of the people and let people know about your commitment with this social cause.

You can gift wrist band in different colors and sizes that your customers can use and present to other people in their family and social circle.

8.    Informational Books On Environmental Safety

A book on Environmental Safety can be a fascinating way you can raise awareness about green Earth. This book can contain information regarding the various aspects of environmental safety, dumping methods, and the current challenges that the planet is facing. This book will be a guide to your customers to learn the environmental issues and the different ways they can be tackled in the future. It can mention the proper methods for utilization of energy, recycling, and water preservation. This list presented the 8 best promo products you can give to your customers. Make a vow to make this world a safer place on this Earth Day.

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