9 Clothing Brands That Every Teenager Loves to Wear
9 Clothing Brands That Every Teenager Loves to Wear

Teenage is the time of life when we want to express ourselves to the world and clothing is one way we do it. Teenagers are very particular about how they look as it speaks for their attitude. For them, it is a way of life and the way to conduct themselves to the outside world.

Just as teenagers are conscious of their looks, they are equally choosy about the brands that they want to trust. However, there are some clothing brands that always say ‘yes.’ Here they are:

1.    American Eagle

A favorite of the majority of teens, American Eagle has trendy apparels and fashion-forward accessories that stylizethe looks of the youth. This clothing brand sells everything from t-shirts and pants to jackets and shoes. It has stores in major countries of every region of the world.

The brand has clothes for every body type though the prices are a bit higher. But then you are getting the best apparels than any other brand on this list.

2.    Hollister Co.

Hollister Co. is a lifestyle brand that sells top-rated apparels that are designed to attract the teenagers. The brand is known for its artistic décor that resembles a beach shack. So it is a visual treat for you when you visit its stores to find the clothes. What you will find on their stores are tank tops, coats, jackets, jeans, shorts, swimwear and shoes.

In a shot span of time, the company has built more than 550 stores in the world which proves the consistent popularity of this brand. Visit its store if you want to buy the best clothes at reasonable price.

custom embroidered patches
custom embroidered patches

3.    Forever 21

This is yet another brand you can fall back on if you want to buy trendy dresses at economical price. Forever 21 was born in 1984 and since then it has evolved into a global brand with more than 700 stores in every continent of the world.

For men, the brand offers eye-popping graphic t-shirts, cozy hoodies and the coolest jeans. For women, the brand has everything from top tanks and dresses to bodysuits and accessories. So both men and women can find some excellent clothing pieces that complement their taste.

4.    Urban Outfitters

One of the top American apparel brands for the young adults, Urban Outfitters has maintained a huge following among the teenagers ever since it launched into clothing industry in 1970. The store of Urban Outfitters sellsstuff like tops, graphic tees, jackets, jeans, sweatpants, dresses, rompers, shorts, shoes, accessories and what not.

Besides, you can buy the best swimwear thatyou can put on during your beach holidays. All these cool items are available at reasonable price.

5.    H&M

When you are a multinational corporation with over 4500 stores in 62 countries and a clientele that number in millions then you are a serious business. H&M has been rocking the apparel industry for more than 70 years and it is still a stronger and bigger contender among its competitors. The reasons are its top-quality products and reasonable prices.

At H&M, you can find cloth that you aspire to wear in any season. Whether you are a girl who likes to wear floralmaxi dresses for spring/summer season or a boy who want to wear leather jacket with custom patches to protect yourself from breeze, you will find every type of clothing at this store.

6.    Lululemon

For men and women who wants to look in the perfect shape, Lululemon is their go-to brand to find the most appropriate athleisure clothing. All the products by this brand is developed from technological advancements and hence theymake the best outfits for the workouts.

From tank tops and hoodies to tights and joggers, you will find a range of active wear on this brand which you can don to enhance your performance in the workouts and look supercool once you leave the gym. The pricing can be a turn-off but that’s what you pay for the quality.

7.    Supreme

When you are a teen, you can’t live without this brand that offers the most outstanding streetwear products that make you look cool and stylish at every moment while you are away. True to its name, the brand doesn’t sell anything short of supreme quality.

The incredible popularity of Supreme has led the other brands to collaborate with this company. The honorable mentions are Levi’s, Hanes, Air Jordan and Vans. Expect to see only the fashion-forward clothing items in the stores of this brand.

The business ofSupreme is based on selling only the limited number of products that are hottest in the market.So don’t get late and be the first one to grab a tee, jeans or sneakers before they run short of stock.

custom iron on patches
custom iron on patches

8.    Adidas

Though there are so many brands who emerged in the activewear industry, Adidas still manages to be the top-seller in the European and American regions. While there are many retailers who sell the duplicate versions of Adidas products with custom made patches of this brand, they fail to match the unmatched quality of this German brand.

Adidas has a wide range of sportswear that fulfills the needs of both men and women. But quality is always the slogan of this brand. Want a pair of sneakers?You can get them in the finest leather and rubber. Need a sweatsuit? You can buy one made from 100% pure cotton. That’s what you can expect from thisglobal brand.

9.    Rue21

Even after filing for bankruptcy in 2017, Rue21 continues to be the leading brand among the teenagers. In fact a surveyby Statista reveals that Rue 21ranks in the top 10 leading brands among the girls in United States of America with a percentage of 2% of American girls who prefer this brand for purchasing clothes.

There is plethora of apparels that this brand manufactures for the boys and girls between the age of 11 and 17 years. The upper wear includes shirts, t-shirts, jersey, sweaters and hoodies, while the bottom wear includes jeans, pants and shots.

Besides, you can buy the outerwear to keep yourself warm during the chilly weather. The staple products are bomber jacket, windbreaker, puffer jacket, parka and coat.In a nutshell, the brand has everything for everyone.

Teenagers have a knack for style and these are the brands that help them dress up or dress down for an occasion. These brands have clothes that are trendy, jazzy and comfortable. The three things that every teenager wants in a clothing.

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