9 Perfect Promo Products You Can Gift On the July 4th
9 Perfect Promo Products You Can Gift On the July 4th

July 4, 2019, will mark the 243rd independence day of the United States of America. Independence day is a holiday in America and people rush to public places to celebrate this significant day in American history. For businesses, this day brings endless opportunities to promote their business and let more people know about their products and services.

If you are a business that wants to get exposure in a quick time, then this independence day can be your chance to give a boost your brand. All you have to do is order some promo products and give away them to your employees, clients, and prospective customers as corporate gifts in a tradeshow or exhibition.

To give you an idea of some of the best promo products to gift your clients on this landmark day, we have presented here some fantastic giveaways that will come in handy to your clients on July 4th and they will serve to promote your business to thousands of people.

1.    T-Shirt

A T-shirt is an evergreen clothing piece that your employees and clients will always want to get from you. To show your patriotism for the country, you can gift a t-shirt with a print of the American flag on the chest and the custom patches of your brand on the back. Rarely do people see a thing that is as patriotic as it is stylish and chic. So while you show your love for the country, you will also be able to get some exposure for your brand.

2.    Baseball Cap

The next in this list is yet another classic promo item to give your clients on the independence day. A baseball cap is a practical gift for your clients on July 4th since they will be wandering around the city to show their patriotism for the country and this is where a baseball cap can save them from the scorching sunlight.

You can order a 6-panel baseball cap where you can show the stars and stripes from the flag of America on the visor and put the custom made patches of your company on the front panel. You can even make a cap in camouflage pattern (with an American flag design on the edge of the visor) to pay tribute to the army men who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of America.

3.    Beach Ball

independence day is the time when thousands of Americans flock to the beach to have a blast. The beach becomes their turf to play, party and get wet. The majority of them indulge in water sports that involve a beach ball. Again, this is a great giveaway to express your love for your country and let more people know the name of your brand.

You can print the beach ball with stars and stripes on one side, while use the second side to place the logo of your company. While people will be throwing the ball, they will be doing free publicity to your brand.

4.    Press-N-Stick Calendar

A Press-N-Stick Calendar can be a great way to infuse patriotism and promote your brand all year round. Besides, you can use this calendar to educate people about the history of America. You can order press-n-stick calendars that feature the different monuments, landmarks, significant days as well as the famous quotes of the national heroes of the country. And with each of these things, you can promote your brand with its name and logo.

5.    Badge and Lanyard

A badge is a perfect giveaway to gift your clients and employees on independence day. You can imprint the American flag on the major part of the badge and use the rest of the part to imprint the brand name and logo of your brand. In addition, you can imprint the lanyards with the same details and incorporate both of these items in a box that you can gift to your target audience.

6.    Magnetic Outdoor Vehicle Signs

According to a survey by Statista, America registered 272.48 million cars in 2017. The figures are impressive for any business that wants to promote its brand through vehicles. Besides, vehicles are mobile carriers which means you can let thousands of people on the roads see the brand name and logo of your business. And as we know, a large population of Americans use cars to barge into public places, monuments, landmarks, and parks on independence day, a magnetic outdoor vehicle sign can really be a good idea to engage more people in your brand.

Since the theme is independence day, you can imprint a magnetic outdoor vehicle sign in the American flag and place the brand identity of your business under or above the flag. Simple and effective!

7.    Busts of American Heroes

The liberation of America and its evolution as the most powerful country owe to the contribution of many heroes who devoted their lives to the progress of this glorious country. On this independence day, you can pay homage to those people who have served to build America. From George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, you can gift busts of these American heroes with the logo and name of your company on the base. The people will place these busts in their drawing rooms and living rooms. Whenever someone will look at these busts, they will know that there is a brand that cares about the national heroes of America and they will certainly want to buy from you.

8.    Umbrella

Since the summer is in full swing and the month of July brings the next wave of heat for the Americans, an umbrella would be an apt promo product to keep people guarded under the sunlight. You can imprint an 8-panel umbrella using the imageries and colors of American flag and the emblem of your company on the alternative panels. So when the people will be having fun in the outdoors and cheering for their country, they will attract couple of onlookers who will notice the patriotism of your brand and might contact you in future.

9.    Miniatures

Just like busts of the American heroes, you can give away the miniatures of historical American landmarks and monuments as a token of love to your country. You can gift miniatures like Statue of Liberty, Capitol Building and White House with a monogram of your company on the base. The Americans will thank you for your gesture and will definitely give a thought to your brand. July 4th is a significant day in history of the Americans. It is the day to celebrate independence and remind us about the significance of freedom. At the same time, it is an opportunity for the businesses to promote their products and services and tell people to buy “Made in America” products.

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