9 Promo Product Ideas to Spread Your Message On International Womens Day
9 Promo Product Ideas to Spread Your Message On International Womens Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March to celebrate womanhood and raise awareness of women’s rights around the world. If you are a business that cares about the rights of the female gender and want to play your role in this cause, then women-centric promo products are the best way to spread the word of this important social issue.

Since International Women’s Day is just around the corner, we list here some of the best promo product ideas to promote your message on this International Women’s Day:

1.    Use Purple Ribbon in Promo Products

United Nations launched purple ribbons to raise awareness about domestic abuse against women. You can attach these ribbons to your promo products like a tote bag or tee to educate people about this social cause.

For example, you can use the ribbons as the loop on a tote bag that the people can hold while carrying the bag. Similarly, you can use the ribbon on either the right or left sides of the chest of a t-shirt to let people know about this event.

2.    Use Slogans in Your Promo Products

A catchy slogan on a promo product can be an excellent way to spread the word of your business. You can imprint the slogans on the merch apparel, household items, desktop accessories, gym set or fashion accessories that you intend to gift your employees or customers on the day.

For example, you can gift a top tank to your employees and customers with a slogan that says something about the role of women in society. Likewise, you can offer them a jacket with custom back patches and a one-liner about women’s empowerment.

A one-liner or phrase on these items will help promote the idea of women empowerment and help build a human chain for this cause.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

3.    Gift Women-Specific Promo Products

Since International Women’s Day is about womanhood, it is best to give promo products that women would love. Products like a cosmetic kit, handbag, and apparels can be excellent giveaways to gift your clientele and show your support for the cause of women empowerment.

Give Away Women’s Day Posters

Just as you can give away promo products with a slogan for women empowerment, you can gift large posters with slogans for women empowerment. People can fix those posters in their home, office or any place where they share a space with a large number of people. In this way, people will be promoting the idea of women empowerment in their daily lives.

4.    Present Awards to Women Employees in Your Company

Women’s day is all about empowering women and what can be a better way to do this than acknowledging the work of hardworking female workers in your company. This will be a good gesture to show your approval of this serious issue and build a culture of gender equality in your workplace.

And while you acknowledge the efforts of your best female workers, you can present a glass plaque or shield as a souvenir to mark this memorable occasion.

5.    Offer Customized Clothing

Women love apparels. With customized clothing, you can not only give them some fancy clothing but can also voice your opinion in favor of this gender of society. A t-shirt with custom-made patches, and slogan of women empowerment will put across the message and make a style statement as well.

6.    Give Your Real Products for Free

If you are a brand that sells products for women, then International Women’s Day can be a great way to show your support for the female gender and demonstrate the issue of gender equality.

So if you are a brand that sells cosmetics, women clothing or maternity stuff, you can use the International Women’s Day as an excuse to make lives easier for the females by giving them free products with a note that says a thoughtful message about women empowerment.

Custom Iron On Patches
Custom Iron On Patches

7.    Organize a Fair

Big businesses conduct marketing campaigns to celebrate important international events and promote their brand to the world. A majority of these marketing campaigns offer giveaways to the people who attend the event.

You too can organize a fair where you can arrange some workshops to educate people about the problems that women are facing in the world and how they can be tackled. At the end of the fair, you can give away free promo products that add weight to the message of women empowerment.

8.    Celebrate Motherhood

Motherhood is an integral part of being a woman and International Women’s Day is a time when you can celebrate this aspect of women personality. As an employer, you can gift a set of baby toys to one of your employees who has just become a mother.

And those who are expecting a baby can get maternity stuff like an apron, exercise outfit, or a stress ball. All these things will make a good combination of promo products on International Women’s Day.

9.    Give Motivational Stuff

On International Women’s Day, you can get a little creative and do something that not only engages women in this cause but also inspires them to become a stronger woman. For example, you can make a photography portfolio of world’s famous women with a short description of their life that you can gift to your female employees and customers.

Similarly, you can create a life-size poster of the world’s most powerful women and give it to women who can place it in their living room or cubicle. So every time they look on to these items, they will feel motivated to achieve something as big as those women did. International Women’s Day is a significant event in the world. Being a business, you can use any of these ideas to give promo products to your target audience and show to the world that you are a socially responsible business. Hope you find these ideas inspiring enough to make promo products that can convey the message of women empowerment to your employees and workers and help you build a big human chain around this serious cause.

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