9 Promo Products You Can Gift to Your Target Audience If You Are a Car Dealer
9 Promo Products You Can Gift to Your Target Audience If You Are a Car Dealer

The automobile industry is one of the most profitable businesses operating in the world. Automobile dealers are also one of the top buyers of promo products who align these promotional items with their branding process to build the right brand image and increase outreach of their business.

Being a car dealer, you can consider these promo products as giveaways that you can offer to your most valued clients and employees:

1.    Key Ring

Keyring is the most common possession of every car owner. Since a key ring constantly remains with the car owner, it is great promo product to catch more eyeballs and itwill continue to promote your brand all through the journey of your clients or employees. And when it rests on a keyring holder, it will catch attention of the onlookers.

You can order keyrings with custom patches of your brand and give them away to your employees and clients who willuse the keyrings in their daily lives and will be promoting your business.

2.    Car Charger

A car charger is a big savior for the people on the road. People have to commute to their office and home and they need their phones to remain connected to the people in their social circles. During all this journey, they can use the car charger to power up their phonebefore it prompts the warning for a low battery.

A car charger with the logo of your company will keep the people in peace while they are going for a long trip. And if there are other passengers in the cars, the car charger will become the center of attraction for everyone who has a cell phone and they will certainly notice the logo and brand name of your company on the device.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

3.    Car Air Purifier

Traveling long distances in a car can be toxic for people’s health since it can contaminate the interiors of their car and make it vulnerable to airborne germs. Even a parked car provides a conducive environment for many airborne germs.

To ensure a healthy journey of your leads and employees, you can gift them an air purifier with fragrance that not only kills the germs but also deodorizes the air.Besides, the aroma of the air purifier will direct the eyes of the passengers to the promo product and they will see the corporate logo and brand name of your company.

4.    Ice Scraper

An ice scraper is an essential tool for people who live in the North American region. Since thesnowfall is a daily occurrence in this region, the car drivers have to own an ice scraper to remove the ice deposits from the body of car. An ice scraper with the imprint of your company’s logo willbe etched in memory of your target audience as well aslure the attention of people in the surrounding.

5.    Trunk Organizer

Everyone is a bit careless when organizing a car. Remember that a car is an extension of your living space. But not all people have the right stuff to keep their car clean and tidy and this is where a car organizer can come into play.

A car organizer is a big bag with many different compartments where people can put the essential items that they carry in a car. With many different pockets, it offers plenty of room to put things like papers, travel kit, cooler and laptop/smartphone accessories etc.

With all these things under one place, you will make it significantly easier for your target audience to find any necessaryitem in a timely manner.In this way, you will save the day for them andthey will feel obligatedto promote your business in their daily conversations.

6.    Car Air Freshener

Sitting in a car with a bad odor can be an awful experience. Being a car dealer, you can offer free giveaways to your clients at the time of purchase. Among the manygiveaways, an air freshener could be an excellent item that your clients will love to have.

An air freshener could an effective marketing tool as you can use the sensory branding technique to invite the attention of the passengers in a car. The aroma should be pleasant enough to attract the people sitting in a car and they must feel compelled to look at the source of smell to find out the brand identity of your business.

7.    Sun Shades

The constant exposure to sunlight can increase the temperature inside the car andaffect the appearance of the interiors.To make the lives easier of your target audience, you can gift them sun shades that they canplace on the windshield of the car so that they can block the sunrays from entering the interiors.

The good thing about sun shades is that they can be put over the windshield. So the passersby have a clear view of the logo and brand name of your company which will increase the visibility of your brand to hundreds of people who use a parking lot on daily basis.

Custom Velcro Patches
Custom Velcro Patches

8.    Travel Safety Kit

Traveling on a car can be bothersome if something goes wrong in the middle of a road. In the worst case scenario, a car can break down or the tires can burst. In such a situation, a travel safety kit is the instant savior for people to help them rescue the ordeal.

A travel safety kit with the custom-made patches of your company can include things like acar repair toolkit,pressure gauge, flashlight, gloves and a rain cloak etc.

9.    Gift Set

A gift set can be an excellent promo product for your most valued clients and employees. It can come as pleasant surprise to your target audience and make them feel special. But what makes good items in a gift set when you are a car dealer? Taking into consideration the target audience, a beach essential gift set is a perfect option.

A beach essential giftcan include items like a towel, water bottle and a blanket. In this way, you will let more people see the logo of your company and they make notice of the brand message imprinted on the promotional items.

If you are a car dealer, then these are some of the most viable promo products that will elevate the promotion of your brand and keep it alive in the memory of your target audience.

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